Sunday, December 10, 2006

The hotel bathroom incident

I storm out of the hotel room, naked apart from a small towel wrapped round my waist to cover the essentials. Luckily the hotel owner is sitting behind his desk.

“There’s yet another problem with the bathroom,” I complain, “now there’s no hot water!”

“What you want me to do?” says the owner calmly, looking me up and down. “Eees not my problem. They stop water from outside.”

The owner returns to his paperwork.

“Come on,” I reply, starting to get angry. “If there’s cold water, it must be a problem with your boiler or something.”

“First it was the toilet flush not working,” I continue, “and when we got back last night there was an insect of some kind crawling out of the bathroom to greet us. That was before we discovered that there was no water at all.”

The manager starts to look uncomfortable.

“And another thing. There’s no plug for the sink, and it’s definitely not the cleanest hotel bathroom I’ve ever used. The shower curtain is filthy. Why did it take more than two days to fix the toilet flush anyway?”

“Why you come out of room no clothes,” says the manager going on the offensive, “Eees not right either!”


“You want I should call THE POLICE?” asks the Manager, starting to get angry too.

Luckily I manage to get control of myself before things turn ugly. Although we’ve got a room booked at this hotel for a single night next week, I doubt that we’ll be welcome back!


MadeInScotland said...

Oh are TOO involved. I'm fatigued at the speed of your movements.

Still, if you would like to enjoy something trditional, email me and I'll work it our with Xmas pressie.




that's a cruel verification to behold

Anonymous said...

Basil Fawlty springs to mind. Without the humour, clearly.