Sunday, December 03, 2006

On holiday with boyfriend number 2

But I'll be spending Christmas with boyfriend number 1 in London. So posting will be erratic while I'm away, or perhaps I won't post anything at all! Take care everyone, GB xxx

Update [15-Dec-2006]: I'm still on holiday with boyfriend number 2, but internet access has been readily available on this trip. Coupled with my strong urge to blog, my posting frequency has been much the same as usual, so I guess I needn't have worried about erratic posting!


Anonymous said...

What on earth makes you think anyone would be interested in your life?

GB said...

Some people like to read my blog butch, and sometimes they even say nice things about me :-). Most recently it was -eve-, I didn't pay her to write the last paragraph of this post, honest!

GB xxx

Gay boy comes to London said...

Happy holidays GB.

Will said...

Butch, I just checked out your blog which is all about football, a sport and a topic that bores me to tears. I could easily go on your blog and make a comment about your life like the one you made above. But I wouldn't think of doing so--what's important to you works for you and you have every right to blog about it for those who are interested. I will choose not to stop back to your blog again, an option I suggest you exercise in respect to Gay Banker and those of us who appreciate his writing.

GB, enjoy your men and your life. Thanks for your wit (eve said it right) and for taking the time to write back when I leave a comment or send an email. I wish you delightful holidays.

Perry Neeham said...

He calls himself 'Butch'? Perhaps he doth protest too much. Happy holidays GB.