Saturday, February 28, 2009

Offline meetings with established bloggers

It was back in 2007 when I first devised my policy about offline meetings with people who know that I'm GB. For all the reasons that I gave in that posting, I don't meet people who just email me to request a meeting, whatever reason they give. However, as I said in that posting, I decided that it would be all right to make exceptions for established bloggers. I reckon it's worked well, so it's been a good policy :-).

Perhaps I should have taken more note of SilverRRCloud's comment to my recent Living Dangerously post, because that was the first hint I got that the policy needs revision. However it was only when I then got an email from my good friend HBH on the same subject that I decided to look into it. Indeed, back in 2007, in connection with meeting established bloggers I said:
... I still don't think that activities with people who know that I'm GB are a good idea, but in principle I am prepared to have purely social meetings if there's sufficient trust, and if and there's some sort of equality in terms of what we know about each other before the first meeting.
The problem is that in the Living Dangerously post, I expressed my intention to share a bed with a fellow blogger. Is sharing a bed with someone a "purely social meeting"? I suppose it just about could be, however I also expressed my intention to "feel the warmth of his body" and cuddle him! I don't think anyone could realistically argue that cuddling constitutes a purely social meeting, so I'm not going to try. Indeed, I think cuddling should be classed as a minor activity, because cuddles can easily lead to less minor activities :-). So I owe all my readers an apology for my confusing and inconsistent behaviour. If I hadn't split up with ex-boyfriend P this change in my approach probably wouldn't have happened!

I guess this means that the "no activities with fellow bloggers" part of my policy is officially dead! Which also means that any bloggers that I meet in future need to be careful. They may get more than they've bargained for :-).


czechOUT said...

Now, as for fellow bloggers that you have met in the past, might we have to worry-looking forward-about whether your revisionist policy might mean there's no more GB for dinner. Whether as starter or dessert?

ahoj, GB

GB said...

LOL czechOUT, all I really mean is that I'm open to the idea of finding a boyfriend from the blogger community, as well as friends like your good self!

Love and kisses, GB xxx

stuckforideas said...

Hi GB - I'm a newbie when it comes to blogging (you've been the inspiration to get going) and I think your latest policy change is certainly a good one!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I was goofing around a bit.

Just like GB, I live, and mostly breathe corporate ways. Life is a simple sum of various policy meetings, adopted standard procedures, boring manuals and some of us, who are goofing around with all of that.

I was taking it all with a big pinch of salt and was hoping that GB would override his own policy whenever he felt like it. (Of course, only on the condition that all of the readers here are promptly and fully informed as to the actual proceedings at hand.)

It is really your life. You are calling the shots and you do as you find fit, each and every time.


Anonymous said...

All policies need to be looked at and changed with's what is known as progression!!!!! but it begs the question GB, who out of the 'bloggers i've met' would you have 'activities with' hehe

GB said...

Thanks for the support stuckforideas and good luck with your new blog :-).

Thanks for your support too, SilverRRCloud :-). And on the subject of promptly informing my readers about stuff, I think I owe everyone a post about my recent trip to Paris so I'd better go and sort one out!

Thanks an interesting question, first anonymous commenter (whoever you are), but I’m not going to answer it! hehe

GB xxx

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

I had this premonition that the next bf would be a blogger :-)