Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's day 2009

Since I started blogging back at the start of February 2005, I've always done a post about Valentine's day. On all those previous Valentine's days there've been boyfriends in my life to care for, so having split up with ex-boyfriend P last month, this year things were bound to be a bit different. None the less, as luck would have it, Valentine's day turned out to be quite enjoyable :-).

I hadn't held a party for any of my friends for ages, so after much debate, I invite a whole load of gay and straight friends round for the evening on the day before Valentine's day. As far as I can tell everyone has a good time, and although it's not very late when everyone leaves, it's around 2am on Valentine's day before I've finished clearing up.

On my way to bed, I wander through the house turning off all the lights, and when I get to my study I hesitate before switching off my computer. With a few drinks still inside me from earlier, I can't help myself from sitting down and logging onto gaydar instead! Different kinds of guys have different habits, so in fact it's interesting to go cruising online at different times of day, because if one always logs on at similar times of day there are lots of guys that one will never meet.

Before too long, a cute looking Asian guy who turns out to be called V starts chatting to me. The GPS (i.e. the "Gaydar Positioning System" which works using postcodes) tells me that he's less than a mile away, which at this time of night could be important!

V: hi
GB: hi mate :-)
V: what you doing on gaydar this late ...
GB: well, I guess I'm looking for a nice guy to visit me and help me keep my bed warm :-))
V: sweet
GB: looks like you're quite close to me?
V: actually I'm just outside London, staying with a friend for a week or so
GB: pity!
V: but I come into London every day
V: where are you ...

I tell him my rough location.

V: you're close to where I live when I'm in London

So he's clearly still got his London postcode in the GPS system!

V: So I might be able to visit you tomorrow
GB: cool
V: what do you suggest
GB: well I guess we could have lunch together if you like?
V: later in afternoon might be better for me
GB: OK you could visit me in my house then :-)
V: do you live alone
GB: yeah
V: what would we do if I visit you
V: hehe
GB: it'll be after lunchtime, so I guess we could have a cup of tea together :-), how does that sound?
V: that sounds very nice
V: but is that all?
GB: I suppose if we get on OK with each other then we could get to know each other a bit better :-)
GB: hehe

We chat like this for a while and he seems like a nice, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I send him some extra pics of me, but since he's got several good photos of himself on his profile I don't need to ask for any in return.

V: by the way, how tall are you?

Although I think there's a correlation between the height of a guy and the size of his equipment, this is gaydar so if a guy wants to know those kind of details he'll usually just ask for measurements! But it's a harmless enough question so I tell him my height.

GB: but why do you want to know?
V: when guys are physically bigger than me I tend to take a more submissive role
GB: interesting ...
V: but with twinks, I'm in charge!

We chat a bit about what might happen if we meet up and he seems like a lovely guy. So before logging off, we exchange contact details, and he promises to contact me in the morning to let me know if he'll be able to visit me or not.

The next day, he contacts me late morning and confirms that he can't meet me for lunch. In fact I often go to the gym on Saturday lunchtimes, so I tell him that although meeting for a spot of lunch would have been nice, at least I'll get to do my usual gym workout. However the good news is that he's free early afternoon, so we agree that he'll visit me at my house shortly after the time when I'm due back from the gym.

Which is exactly what happens :-). I've only been back from the gym for about ten minutes when I get a txt msg saying "I'm here", followed soon afterwards by a knock at the door. When I open the door, there's a huge smile waiting for me too.

"Come in," I say beaming back at him. He looks exactly like he did in his pics on gaydar, if not even more cute in real life.

"Shall I take off my shoes inside the house?" he asks me, once he's inside the door.

"Yes, sure :-)". You may as well take them off now, I think, and then there's less to remove if I manage to get you into bed!

"So would you like a cup of tea?" I ask, grinning at him.

"Yes please :-)".

"I've got peppermint, camomile, or ordinary Kenyan?"

"Kenyan sounds good!"

We continue chatting while we head into my kitchen to make the tea.

"So have you lived over here for very long?" I ask him, while waiting for the kettle to boil.

"I went to university here a few years ago, and then managed to find a firm to sponsor my work visa so I was able to stay on. Finding a firm to do that was quite hard actually!"

"But I guess you qualify easily now under the new points based system for work visas?"

"Yeah I've now got one of those:-)."

We carry on talking while I make the tea, and although I occasionally make friendly gestures such as giving him a quick rub on his shoulder, his body language sends me mixed signals. He'll often end up further away from me that seems good, with arms folded across his chest too.

We head up to the piano nobile and he follows me into the drawing room where we sit down on the sofa.

"Will you be moving back into London at any point?" I ask.

"I'm actually heading back home for a few weeks soon," he says, "I haven't seen my folks for ages so I'm looking forward to it."

"Let me guess, I bet they don't know that you meet strange men like me online, and then visit them in their homes, do they!"

"Well no!!" he laughs, and he's got a wonderfully carefree, happy laugh.

We chat for quite a while, drinking our tea, and chatting about our lives. He seems like a genuinely lovely guy, so I'd really like to get to know him better. Occasionally I'll reach out to touch him, and he doesn't seem to mind which must be a good sign :-). But he talks a lot, indeed, it's hard to stop him talking! Perhaps he's nervous for some reason?

Gradually we drink our tea and because of the way that we're sitting next to each other on the sofa, facing each other, I find my foot occasionally touching his shin. So I start using my foot to rub his shin gently, and again he doesn't seem to mind.

"And blah ... blah ... blah ...," he says, looking me straight in the eye with his beautiful big brown eyes, " ... do you know what I mean?"

"Um, sorry," I reply a bit sheepishly, "I was miles away, just looking into your gorgeous eyes! What did you say?"

"Oh, um, well ..." he says, with a big smile on his face, but clearly unprepared for the compliment. Rather than repeating his last sentence he leans forward and puts his empty mug on the table.

"You can stay a bit longer if you like?" I say quickly, seizing the opportunity to try and move things forward. I lean forward and give his knee a friendly rub.

"No problem if you have to go either," I continue, "It's up to you :-)."

"I guess I can stay for a while :-)," he says coyly, and looking at me with such a cute smile on his face.

"Well, why don't we go upstairs and make ourselves more comfortable then :-)."

He looks at me with a cheeky grin on his face and nods his head, so I get up and he follows me out of the room and up the stairs.

I'm wearing a sweatshirt so once inside my bedroom I'm able to take it off quickly, and seeing me bare-chested he starts unbuttoning his shirt. Before I take off any more clothes though, I walk over to him and give him a slow kiss on the lips which he clearly enjoys. He's wearing a t-shirt under his shirt, and raising my hand I start rubbing his chest with the back of my fingers, around where left nipple should be. He smiles back at me expectantly, so since he's finished undoing all his shirt buttons, I lift his shirt off his shoulders before pulling his t-shirt up and over his head too. Now that we're both bare-chested, I put my arms round him and hold him close for a few seconds, to feel the warmth of his body. He puts his arms round me and hugs me too.

"Why don't we get under the duvet?" I say quietly, leaning back slightly so I can look at his face, "then we'll be much more comfortable :-)."

"OK sure :-)."

Quickly I take my socks and trousers off, and leaving my undershorts on, I jump under the duvet from one side of the bed. He's equally fast, and climbing into the bed from the other side, he meets me in the middle. Immediately I wrap my arms around him and he relaxes his head down into all the pillows, so that I'm leaning slightly over him. I give him a long, slow, deep kiss, before lifting my head up to look at his gorgeous happy face. Leaving one hand underneath him holding his far shoulder, I move my other hand up and down his body, rubbing one of his nipples slightly and further down rubbing him through his undershorts. I move my hands further down to feel his hairy legs, and returning to his undershorts, again I rub his shaft up and down through the fabric. I feel very happy lying there with him in the warm comfort of my double bed, and gradually we get to know each other a bit more. We have a fantastic, unhurried time with each other :-).

Afterwards, we clean ourselves up, and then we lie back down on the bed and start cuddling again. We both start dozing, but after about fifteen minutes he starts talking to me.

"I'll may have to go soon," he says lazily.

"Awww, can't you stay for a few more minutes?" I ask, wanting the moment to last.

"I suppose I can stay for a while :-)".

"So why hasn't a nice guy like you got a boyfriend?" I ask after a short pause.

"I don't want one at the moment," he replies, "I'm want to keep flexibility. I'm currently working freelance so it'd be hard to commit to a relationship."

"But a good boyfriend could help and support you, especially if you're going through a period of uncertainty with freelance work."

"Yeah I know," he replies, "and I've had boyfriends in the past, but when I fall in love with a guy I just can't control myself."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, I'll put my boyfriend first all the time," he explains. "I've had two boyfriends in the past, and each time, I become very submissive. I'll want my boyfriend to make all the decisions in our lives. I'll only be happy if he's happy. I know that I should be a bit stronger, but I also know that if I get another boyfriend it just won't happen. Love does funny things to me!"

We lie there chatting for ages, and just like before when we were drinking tea together, he talks a lot. I decide that he must just naturally talk a lot, because it doesn't seem very likely that he can be nervous with me now, given that we've recently been very intimate together!

Eventually he needs to go, so we get up. He accepts my offer of a shower, but within fifteen minutes I'm giving him a goodbye kiss just inside my front door, and shortly after that he's gone. He was a great guy, and hopefully I'll be able to meet him again at some point. But in any case, even though I didn't have any boyfriends to care for this Valentine's day, it was a very enjoyable day none the less :-).


Anonymous said...

what a nice selection of teas you have to offer day, who knows, I may even get to have a cup with you..hahahaha..
glad you had a good valentines day.

Anonymous said...

well gb darling, life is a road you have to travel, and your past will not be your future, as good old diana vreeland used to say
happyy valentine, your are the best

Anonymous said...

this guy remind me of myself about when falling in love i loose myself and it become all about my BF..THOUGH the submissive part usually can be read as sexual role.. which is not the case but emotional submission is the worst!... good that you had a good non traditional V day!

Anonymous said...

Hey GB:

Look, playing the field has its charms, too. To each one his own, as they say, but frankly, I'd always try to make the best of what I have at hand... So, you have had a cool afternoon and that's all you can hope for, when you come to think of it. One step at a time...


close encounters said...

good to see another Encounters post !

and i'm sure that they're more descriptive/revealing than they used to be - which is great too !

btw, what would you think of an emotionally submissive bf ?!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

cool post :)

GB said...

A guy left a comment yesterday which said:

hey, love your blog mate and i know you have a strict policy of not meeting people...however, i remember you mentioning previously a guy giving you his gaydar name..i'm going to follow this and hopefully i'll receive an anonymous message from you :) - 'XXXXXXXXXXX' - and for some reason i cant e-mail you so i have to leave a comment, might be best if this isnt published!

He's a great looking guy :-). But I didn't think it was right to leave his gaydar profile name visible so I've deleted the original comment!

GB xxx