Thursday, May 07, 2009

Nighttime fun with a cute Arabic guy

One night last weekend I find it hard to get to sleep. I'd spent the day with my friend T, but unfortunately on this occasion he can't stay with me overnight. Lying alone in bed, I start thinking about wholesome activities with other guys, which can often act as a natural sedative. So in the small hours of the morning, I decide to log onto gaydar to see if I can find any guys who'd be interested in helping me cure my insomnia!

Soon I'm chatting to a nice Arabic guy and things seem to be going well. He'd prefer me to visit him, which works fine for me because I usually travel around London in taxis and at this time of night taxis are easy to find.

GB: ok, so I'll visit you m8 :-), what's your postcode?
guy: actually im staying at friends place so cant give it out
GB: ahhh, so you don't know it, pity, it makes it much easier to work out where you are
guy: i do know it but not comfortable giving it out
guy: ill give u directions when u get here
guy: dont worry
guy: trust me

How disappointing :-(. In principal I am prepared to travel to meet this guy, even though it's the middle of the night, but I much prefer knowing exactly where I'm going before setting off. After all, I've got no idea who this guy is, and whether he's genuine or not. But thinking about this guy's point of view, I'm not sure that it makes sense.

GB: well m8, how can I visit you if you won't tell me the address
GB: even if you don't tell me the address now, if I visit you I'll end up knowing it anyway!
guy: lol
GB: so now it's my turn to say ...
GB: don't worry
GB: trust me
guy: lol

So at least this guy understands the lunacy of his position!

guy: if u visit me what will u wear
GB: clothes I guess! Until I get there anyway hehe
GB: what would you like me to wear?
guy: im really into guys in suits, or wearing sports kit
GB: I suppose I could wear my gym kit for you, would you like that?
guy: yeah would be good
guy: but wear something over ur shorts so u dont stand out

Gradually, I find myself being talked into dressing up in my gym kit and jumping into a taxi in the middle of the night to visit a guy who won't even tell me his exact address! But I have a good feeling about this guy, so I decide to trust him after all :-). Of course, he does give me a very good idea of where he lives, and he is prepared to give me his mobile phone number too. So shortly after 1:30am I set off to find a taxi, dressed in my gym kit with trousers on top of my shorts and a light summer coat.

It takes me about 15 minutes by taxi to reach the location from where the guy wants me to phone him.

"Hi, I'm here :-)," I say into my mobile phone, relieved that he's answered. On more than one occasion in the past in similar situations I've been left stranded! "So where do I go?"

"OK great, now let me see ... turn around."

"Um ok ..."

"Not that far, turn back a bit!"

"Can you see me then?" I say, asking the obvious.

"Yes of course, you're very close to me now! So if you come up to the door of that apartment block in front of you I'll let you in :-)."

It turns out to be a very smart apartment block, so no wonder he was a bit cautious about who he invites inside. Looking at the numbers of the apartments listed on the wall of the lift, each floor seems to be a single apartment! Soon I'm knocking on his door, which opens almost immediately.

"Hi, come in," he says quietly, beaming a very relaxed smile at me.

Face to face he looks just as cute as he did in his online pics. He beckons me into the main room, but I pause in the entrance area to take off my coat, my shoes and my trousers!

"Do you want a drink of something?"

"Sure, what are you having?"

"Red wine?"

"Great :-)!"

When I enter the room, I'm just wearing my gym shorts, with a white singlet and white socks. As I approach him he's in the middle of pouring a couple of glasses of wine, so I walk up to him and just give him a quick peck on his lips.

"Hmmm, nice," he says looking me up and down before leaning forwards to kiss me properly. Gently, he rubs the back of my upper left arm with his free hand.

Breaking away from the kiss, he finishes pouring the wine, before handing me one of the glasses. I sit down in the middle of the sofa, expecting him to sit next to me, but he takes a seat on a chair at one end. That's no good, I think, so quickly I move myself up to the end of the sofa so that I'm sitting right next to him. Looking around the room, it's very elegant, and furnished with lots of expensive looking items.

It turns out that he's very easy to talk to. He tells me that he works for an Arabic company based in the Gulf, and as a result he spends some of his time in Bahrain and some in London.

"What about you?" he asks.

"Oh, nothing as glamorous as that," I reply coyly, looking deep into his eyes, "I've got what seems to be regarded as an evil job these days, because I work for a bank!"

Wondering how long it will be before we get down to business, I rub him lightly on his forearm, which is within easy reaching distance. He looks me and smiles, and no doubt sees the desire in my eyes because he suddenly jumps out of his chair and onto the sofa. Straddling my knees by putting his knees either side of mine, he places his hands on my shoulders and pins me down. Wow, I think, these Arabic guys are real animals :-). But I willingly succumb, and soon he's kissing me deeply.

"Mmmm," I murmur coming up for breath, "that's very nice :-)."

I can see something hard flopping around in his undershorts, but I don't want to be too obvious so I move my hands round and rub him up and down his back underneath his T-shirt.

Gradually we start getting to know each other a bit better. Before too long I lift his T-shirt over his head. Soon I start feeling him, first on the outside, and then rubbing his leg gently I manage to manoeuvre my hand up inside his undershorts. After a about a minute he feels the need to remove his undershorts completely, and looking down, I see that he's a reasonable size. A bit later, as he gets even more excited, it's clear that he's actually quite big. By this time I'm naked too, but before things can go any further, he has a suggestion to make.

"Come this way," he murmurs quietly, getting up and heading towards a door.

I follow him through the door and along a long corridor and soon we find ourselves in a huge bedroom, at the centre of which is a big double bed. We both jump on, and immediately continue where we left off.

"I hope you don't have to go," he says urgently, when things are quite far advanced, "because I always like to cum twice!"

Soon after that everything reaches its natural conclusion, and we both lie back on the bed feeling exhausted and satisfied.

"Can you pass me some tissues?" he says quietly, "they're on the bedside cabinet next to you."

I pass him the box, grabbing a few for myself first, before asking him a question.

"Do you like cuddling?"

"Yes sure," he nods, so I move over to lie next to him.

He's lying face upwards, so I lie my head on his near shoulder and stretch my arm across his chest to hold him on his far shoulder, while he reaches his near hand round my back.

"I could cuddle all night," I say, "so just throw me out when you want me to leave!"

For a few minutes we just like there, naked in each other's arms.

"This kind of intimacy is so relaxing," I say to him, "it reminds me of when I'm with some of my oldest friends. I find that the longer you've known someone, the easier it is to relax with them!"

"Yes sometimes I guess," he replies. "Although actually, there's a friend of mine that I've known since I was 10 who I've recently stopped speaking to."

"How come?" I ask. "It sounds like you're both still in the school playground if you go around making and breaking friendships like that!"

"Well, he's just a very confused guy. He's got a girlfriend. But I think he may be gay."

"Is he a lover of yours?"

"No! Although I kissed him once."

"Hmmm, so would you like him to be a lover?"

"Well, he's got to sort himself out. He's had this girlfriend for 6 years now. She's very attractive too."

"It could be bad news for the girl if he is gay and he doesn’t admit the truth," I remark. "Ultimately it would mean that he's misleading her, even if he's misleading himself too!"

"Yes I guess so," he replies, "Anyway, I've decided to stop seeing him. He says these things when we get drunk together, but he always takes it all back the next day. It was when we were both drunk a few weeks ago that we kissed. Actually, the kiss was his idea!"

"The way you're talking about this guy," I say, "it sounds to me as though you'd quite like to be boyfriends with him!"

"You're very perceptive GB!" he replies. "Actually, when we were both sober I told him how I feel, that I wouldn't mind being boyfriends with him. I'm not sure how he took it. I'm happy just to be friends though."

"Are you? Really?? If want to be boyfriends with him, it might be hard just being good friends instead."

"Maybe. Recently we had dinner together and I just let him talk about everything. But I asked him a few questions and with all the drink inside him I think he answered truthfully. But I'm not sure he liked his answers. It's like, he's now admitted a few things to himself that he hadn't formulated properly before. A few days afterwards he phoned me to say that we should just be friends. But a few days after that he phoned again to say that he thought it would be very difficult to be friends, so we've stopped contacting each other completely now."

"Wow," I say, after listing to his story, "Difficult! Perhaps you could suggest a therapist to him, telling him that it's in his girlfriend's best interests for him to sort this out one way or another. He must care for her."

"Actually I think he's already told her that he thinks he might be gay! I guess it's quite an unusual situation."

"Trust me, it's not!" I say, speaking authoritatively now. "I know loads of similarly 'unusual' situations, all this kind of stuff is quite normal!"

Indeed, apart from all the Dear GB emails that I get, I generally find that whenever I get talking to gay guys about this kind of stuff there's usually at least one interesting story!

We chat a bit more but soon it seems like time to go, so I get up off the bed and he follows me back into the main reception room. I locate my gym shorts and singlet near the sofa, and having put them back on, I get up to kiss him goodbye.

"Well mate, it was really great meeting you," I say, looking him in the eyes.

I lean forward to kiss him, but when our lips touch, the kiss lasts longer than I was expecting. Next I feel him raising both his hands under my singlet and rubbing my nipples again.

"Mmmm, nice :-)," I murmur, and looking at him again I can tell what's going to happen!

This time we just play with each other on the sofa. With a bit more focus second time around, it doesn't take too long and soon we're cleaning up.

"Right," I say putting my gym kit back on again, "I really MUST be going now, it's almost 3:30am!"

"Yeah sure," he replies, still naked, "I need some sleep too!"

Outside his apartment, almost immediately I find a cab to take me back home, and within half an hour I'm falling asleep in my own bed. However, although I sleep well, the next day I find myself feeling quite tired. None the less, throughout the day whenever I remember why I'm feeling tired, the thoughts of the horny double-cum session always make me smile :-).


Shawn LI said...

Hmmmmm~~~ Nice story!

Anonymous said...



Godfrey said...

great story. what a good life you do lead sir. ;)

Anonymous said...

Strangely, with hookups where I knew I wasn't going to stay the night I was never interested in snuggling. I felt that was too intimate. With 3somes, it's actually in my comfort zone so snuggle, either in the middle or sandwiching the switch-hitter.

It's actually lovely to wake up between two guys, both holding and squeezing you.

Having said that, making lattes for everyone after an orgy is a pain in the butt when you can only do one espresso at a time :-)

Thank god for tea drinkers, that's all I can say!

close encounters said...

always good to read about your encounters ! although you seemed to get close to a Dear GB there too !!

was it a school night - not sure i could make it through work on 3 hours sleep ?!

MadeInScotland said...

3 times-surely! ahoj

GB said...

Thanks Shawn :-).

Is that your name 'Meelin'?

Doesn't everyone try to lead a good life, Godfrey?

Please don't take this personally Nine, but sometimes you come over as just a teensy-weensy bit slutty! LOL :-).

No Close Encounters, thankfully I didn't have to get up for work the next day!

Actually MadeInScotland, I've never blogged a triple cum session! Anyway, hope you're surviving the economic downturn :-).

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Hm, this sounds a bit like a tale from 1001 night's.....fact mets fiction......