Sunday, May 02, 2010

Does your blood type affect your personality?

A few days ago while I'm on my way to work, I'm idly browsing through the BBC news web site on my smartphone when I spot an article titled Dating by blood type in Japan. I've never heard of this before, so when I get to work, I immediately send boyfriend T an email to ask him what he knows about it. Later that morning I get his reply:
Actually, I once saw a movie called "My blood B type boyfriend" which was quite a success in Asia. This blood type thing seems more important for women, especially teen girls. I have never been into this. I think it is a very silly thing!

But just for fun, have a look at this website and guess what my blood type is. Any thoughts?
When I open the web site I immediately look for my own blood type (type O), and see that it describes me as "Outgoing, energetic and social, ... extremely self-confident". I've been called all those things in the past, so I start wondering whether there's some truth in the concept :-). However, although I think I know boyfriend T quite well I guess his blood type wrongly 3 times, so maybe it doesn't stand up to scrutiny after all!

Do any readers have any views on this subject?


Phunk Factor said...

Blood Type, Horoscope, your color preferences are all really random bordered grounds....everybody who's blood type O SHOULD be sharing some common characteristics, it's not like they're exclusively bound to them!

I agree with T that it really doesn't matter who you date!

Thumbs down!!

Mind Of Mine said...

Have you have read one of those,'whats your favourite colour' or 'day of the week' and whatever one you pick means you have certain personality traits?

They can obviously be applied to each and everyone of us. Who hasnt at one point been described as Outgoing, Energetic and Social at one point in their life or by some other person.

We read into these as much as we want too. Like some dodgy horoscopes. So vague they can be applied to almost any situation.

Bill said...

I'm a bit sceptical about this whole idea. Bizarrely I was recently loaned a book called "Eat Right for Your Type" which posits that your ideal diet is dependent upon your blood-type. If I were to follow its suggestions (I am AB+) I would cease to eat red meat and various other things including wheat and pulses and instead survive mainly on tofu, seafood and green veggies, plus some other things.

I'd never heard of this blood group food specificity before, but I must admit some of the things it says do seem to make some kind of sense - but I ain't ready to give up steak just yet ;)

Sir Wobin said...

About 45% of the UK population have blood group O and a further 42% have blood group A. Saying that 87% of the UK population are have just 2 sets of personality traits stretches credibility.

Why don't we talk about correlation of shoe size and endowment. I haven't heard of any proper scientific study on this subject. Doesn't really matter whether there is a correlation or not, it would be great fun collecting evidence. =)

Anonymous said...

Could well be. After all, its all the outcome of chemical reactions.

Was Once said...

...Only if i drink it!

Z said...

Sounds like a big load of bollocks