Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lunch with a collegue

Last month, a colleague who I don't know sent me an email as follows:

Hi GB,

I went out for a drink after work with P recently, and he told me that you're gay. I'm gay too, but I sometimes find it hard to be myself because my immediate colleagues here on the trading floor all seem so straight. Perhaps we could go out for lunch or drinks sometime? We could share our experiences about being gay in the banking world.

Best wishes,


I immediately ask my colleague P about H, and when he tells me that H is a nice guy, I reply to his email offering to go out for lunch with him the following week.

On the day, we end up meeting in the restaurant shortly after midday. We get on well together, and we end up talking about a huge variety of topics. We talk about the bank that we both work for, gay life, our boyfriends of course, as well as many other things.

Towards the end of the meal, I ask him a question that had been on my mind since I got his email.

"So why did you want to meet me for lunch? It's always nice to meet new guys, but it was a bit of a surprise to get your email."

"Do you want the direct answer, the official answer, the simple answer, or ..." replies H with a cheeky glint in his eye.

"Oh I think we'd better have the direct answer!" I say bluntly, "I always prefer the truth :-)."

"Well, there were two reasons actually :-)," he replies. "Firstly it's because I've seen you on the trading floor, and you don't seem to have any problem being gay and interacting with all your straight colleagues, so I thought that it would be interesting to meet you."

"Sure, and it's been interesting to meet you too :-)."

"And secondly," he continues, looking me directly in the eye now, "I think you're a very attractive guy."

I start smiling now, but inside I'm completely taken aback by what he's just said.

"Wow, thanks for the compliment :-)," I answer, trying not to disclose my surprise, "but I bet you say that to all the boys!"

Is this guy trying to chat me up? We continue talking, and when its time to get the bill, he insists on paying. We walk back to the bank together, and when it's time to say goodbye, he squeezes my arm slightly in a very friendly way.

"Let's see each other again, perhaps for drinks after work or something :-)," he says, again looking me directly in the eye.

"Um, yes sure :-)," I answer, "it's been fun!"

Walking back to my desk however, I can't help thinking that if we do meet up for a drink after work, I'll need to be careful. Judging from his behaviour, he's definitely the kind of guy that likes to get a girl drunk so that he can have his wicked way with her!


close encounters said...

GB, I have confidence that you won't be taken advantage of !!

Anonymous said...

If I were you I would casually mention your boyfriend in conversation! Unless you want him aswell that is!
And what is with the "get a GIRL drunk"? Don't be one of those gay guys please GB!

Unknown said...

ehhh am I the only one here thinking that maybe GB is reading too much? Maybe he is just complimenting ur look? I say that to my friends as well, both gay and straight....

GB said...

Well indeed, close encounters, I'll try my hardest not to be taken advantage of!

We did chat about our boyfriends, first anonymous commenter, whoever you are. And indeed, I was only pretending for dramatic effect, I'm certainly not one of those gay guys.

If you'd been there Shawn, I doubt that you'd be saying that!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

GB: Be careful about "getting involved" with someone you work with. Those things rarely work out for all involved. Further news tends to get out to the co-workers thus raising the general workplace uncomfort level.

Scouser said...

GB- you never said if he was hot or not?
But I agree with Anonymous....don't get involved with a work me..been there done that!
Love the blog BTW

Anonymous said...

A bit awkward I would think to receive such compliments from a colleague, unless I suppose he is particularly attractive which means it's at least a nice bit of eye candy for the dull hours in the office.