Thursday, May 06, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, myself and boyfriend T are having dinner with Close Encounters in a smart restaurant when the subject of ejaculation arises.

"There's a guy that I've seen a couple of times who produces enormous porn star quality cum shots!" says Close Encounters, with a real sense of admiration in his voice.

"Wow, really?" I reply, "But do you mean that he's a heavy cummer, or does he just shoot it a long way?"

Of course, the answer to that question is none of my business really, but I can't help myself from wanting to know all the details!

"Both :-)," laughs Close Encounters, and a distant smile gradually creeps across his face as he presumably starts remembering some of the details of his last session with this guy.

"I don't think I've ever been with a guy who's capable of one of those huge cum loads that you sometimes get in porn clips," I say, feeling as though I'm missing out.

"Actually, the guy himself hates it," replies Close Encounters, still smiling, "because there's so much mess!"

Both me and boyfriend T laugh at this, and briefly I wonder what it would be like if I produced a cupful every time I came.

"Incidentally," continues Close Encounters, "what do you think of guys who want to clean up immediately after a session?"

"I think it can mean that a guy isn't completely comfortable begin gay," I answer, after thinking about it briefly. "They want to clean up because they feel guilty that they've just had sex with another guy, so they want to pretend that it didn't happen."

"Yes, I suppose that could sometimes be the reason."

We chat about it a bit more, but gradually the conversation drifts onto other subjects.

Later, I remember that I did once witness a huge load, about seven years ago. I visited a guy who was working backstage in a London theatre on a Sunday afternoon. We had a session in an office there, at the end of which he came all over my chest! Luckily he had a big towel that I was able to clean myself up with. So perhaps the guy that Close Encounters has been seeing is right after all. Big loads can be inconveniently messy!


Anonymous said...

Lots of things affect volume. One is diet. Certain foodstuffs and supplements (google for a list) can make a massive difference. With me it's also really important HOW I reach orgasm, ie the level and length of stimulation. If you give me a long, slow blow job I'm likely to take your eye out (or my own). If I'm just at home jacking off for the sake of it I'll be lucky to get a dribble.

Anonymous said...

"I think it can mean that a guy isn't completely comfortable begin gay," I answer, after thinking about it briefly. "They want to clean up because they feel guilty that they've just had sex with another guy, so they want to pretend that it didn't happen."

Maybe in an older generation, where encounters were mostly furtive and almost wholly frowned upon! I am not sure that analysis stands up to scrutiny now though. I am in my early twenties, fully and happily out (yada yada), and I want to clean up the spunk (wherever it may have landed!) as soon as possible after sex. To suggest that this is because I am somehow repressed or guilty is ridiculous to me, cum is just not that erotic after the sexual act has finished!

Anyway, the logical way to approach it is to have a roll of toilet paper next to the bed, wipe down asap, and go straight back to cuddling. :)


Will said...

I quite agree with Anonymous. The cum shot is highly erotic and can trigger my own immediately even if I've been slow to climax; but after a very short while what was hot and vibrant becomes cold and runny and just needs to be wiped up.

I'm completely out, a proud 6 on the Kinsey scale, but after a minute or two at most I want to clean up and get on with some serious post-coital cuddling without dripping all over the place.

close encounters said...

cum is great - we should enjoy it, not try to hide it away !

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

My ex used to get mad at me for not wanting to wallow around in our combined sperm after we'd had sex. He felt offended like he thought I was saying his sperm with dirty and I wanted it off my body, pronto. That totally wasn't the case, I'm just efficient. The sex was over and now it was time to clean up... so, I did.

Jos said...

I think it is best to clean up. It goes cold and sticky and drips on to the bedding so its best to clean it up. Possibly if you like to lick it up then it is a further part of your love making.

Jake said...

Having a big load and shooting far is definitely NOT all it's cracked up to be - getting it all over the pillows for example, is not a good thing! Plus sometimes I've produced more than could easily be swallowed which gets messy too.

I must admit I do like to clean up pretty soon after the ejaculation, it swiftly loses its appeal.

Anonymous said...

is that coccoon restaurant?

Antony said...

I am in my mid-twenties and like to clean up after. Love the gay sex and totally comfortable with my sexuality, it's just about hygiene for me. :D

Perhaps a perfectionist, clean and tidy sort-of OCD gay streak? Dunno - just a thought. According to many of my friends gay men are cleaner than the average man. Although saying that - I personally think that's a stereotype and after all aren't we all individuals? I certainly don't fit most stereotypes of boxes I could fit in.

A x

A x

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. You are funy, GB. So, are you saying that there are no straight guys (or girls) that like to clean up right after sex?

Anonymous said...

Bit of an ejaculation expert myself, and from my extensive observations, there are between five to seven strong contractions in an ejaculation, with the third being the strongest. Doesn't matter if it a small leak or a six-foot streaming rocket, - still five to seven. Some porn shows up to 21 spasms, and I am not a video expert but I believe that there might be some technical gimmikry involved. Volume varies as does transparency and tint.