Friday, July 02, 2010

Time Out

A few weeks ago, I received a request from London's Time Out Magazine for an interview. They wanted a face to face meeting with blogger GB, and a photoshoot too, but I'm far too shy to go along with those ideas! However, Time Out is a well respected publication, so I found the concept of doing an interview for them hard to resist. Following an exchange of emails, I eventually agree to talk to one of their editors anonymously on the telephone. And a couple of weeks later, this blog ends up being one of five blogs featured in an article titled "The London Sex Diaries" :-).

In the article, they call me "The anonymous sexed-up city worker", and print an excerpt from my post about visiting a guy for fun wearing Black Tie. After that comes the interview:
Tell us a little about yourself ...
I've been working in banking since the late 1980's. I had a long term boyfriend from 1989 to 2007. Since then I've had three boyfriends.

Why did you start the blog?
I thought that I had a few stories that I could tell. I liked the concept that someone could write about all this naughty stuff and remain anonymous. It's very cathartic.

As well as writing about your sex life, you've branched out into relationship advice. Why?
The sex stuff became repetitive so I was getting bored of it. People started to write to me for advice and that seemed to get quite popular.

Have any former partners realised it's you?
My ex-boyfriend had no idea. But another boyfriend I had briefly did. We were on holiday and he saw the words "Gay Banker" on my computer. He ended up finding it online before I was able to explain.

What won't you write about?
A lot of people put a lot more detail in about who did what to whom. I shy away from that. For me, it's more about the conversations. There's a bit of soft stuff about kissing and touching but I don't go any further than that, rather than including all that "I put my cock in his arse" sort of stuff.
I'm always a bit wary of any contact with the media, because some journalists and publications seem to make a living out of writing nasty things about people and wrecking their lives! However Time Out doesn't seem to be like that, and indeed, from my point of view they wrote a good article :-).

If any London based readers are interested in seeing the full article, it's in the current Time Out magazine (July 1-7 2010). However, readers elsewhere won't be able to get a copy, so in case anyone's interested the other four featured bloggers are:
  • Girl with a One Track Mind: she's the famous blogger who was outed just as the book about her sex life was published. A perfect example of the media wrecking someone's life!
  • Men I wish I hadn't slept with: what a great title :-). But it's by a straight woman rather than a gay man!
  • Naïve London Girl: A kinky American woman on the loose in London.
  • MonMouth: The bondage-loving guy who likes to try anything. Although as far as I can tell from glancing briefly at his blog, he's straight!
Did any readers of this blog see this article in print?


Caspar @ So So Gay said...

Ahh, this has been sitting on my dining table waiting to be read for a few days, I hadn't realised you were featured! Now I know why you didn't want to be interviewed by me! :-p

Anonymous said...

great job GB! you deserve this. your blog has been a real pleasure to read :-)

badabing said...

I read it in Smith's but thought it was one of TO's typically misleading covers, promising much but delivering a lot less.

Anonymous said...

A friend picked up a copy of TO for me, purely for the gentleman on the cover. Little did I know that you were going to be adorning its pages. Having followed your blog for quite a few years, it was a real delight to see you in TO, and, I feel like you're a celebrity now. Fab little interview. ITV will be calling you up regarding a pilot series next ;)

MadeInScotland said...

But what was all that about, being offered something to drink and NOT asking for a glass of water?

Not my GB, GB.

ahoj (or rather shalom)

(ps Aha, I realise what happened, the window I got in hebrew told me comment saved for moderator approval. But I thought it was a signing in issue...)

MadeInScotland said...

oh, it was a signing in issue, in which case my earlier comment makes no sense to you!!!

ahoj, rather shalom