Thursday, November 05, 2009

Black tie

Man in black tieEarlier this year, I'm chatting to a guy on gaydar, and I'm thinking about visiting him for some fun. We've exchanged pics and he said that he thought that I was very handsome :-). From my point of view, I think that he's got a great profile too. We've also agreed the potential activities! It should now just be a question of getting his address and exchanging contact details.

GB: so would you like me to visit you mate?
Guy: yes, but can I ask u a question
GB: sure
Guy: do u mind dressing smart for me
GB: I suppose not, how smart?
Guy: as smart as u can go please. Shirt and tie, or suit, or dinner jacket and black tie?

In the past I've been asked to visit guys while wearing my gym kit, and I can also recall being asked to wear a baseball cap. I've been asked to do role play, I been invited round for fun by a rock star, and I've been paid to wank off in front of another guy. But until now, I've never been asked to wear a dinner jacket!

GB: actually I do have a dinner jacket
Guy: WOW, do u mind wearing it for me
GB: I suppose not
GB: but I do like to get naked!
Guy: OK but u don't have to get naked immediately
GB: true

Actually, I've always thought that black tie makes all men look completely desirable :-). Well, most men anyway! None the less, I'd never think of asking a guy from gaydar to wear black tie for me.

We agree all the important details, so I tell the guy that it'll take me about 40 minutes to get to him. Upstairs it doesn’t take me long to find my wing collar shirt, change into my dinner jacket, and tie my bow tie. Outside I find a taxi quite quickly, and although I sit back and try to look like I want to mind my own business, the taxi driver starts chatting to me.

"Going anywhere special?" asks the cabbie making idle conversation, noticing that I'm looking smart and gorgeous.

"Just going to visit a friend," I reply casually.

I usually enjoy chatting to taxi drivers, but on this occasion I hope that he doesn't pursue the subject. Telling him that I've dressed up to have a shag with a dinner jacket fetishist that I've never met before seems somewhat inappropriate, and lying would take more effort that I feel like devoting to the conversation.

"So is it going to be a late night then?"

"Depends ..." I answer truthfully, "and you?"

"Oh, I've just started. You're only my second job!"

"That's a 'Yes' then!"

We don't talk much more and after about a quarter of an hour, I'm in a lift in a smart apartment block in an expensive central area of London. Soon I'm knocking on the door and almost immediately it's opened by a smart looking guy who's also dressed in a dinner jacket.

"Hey, come in :-)," he says, with a broad grin on his face. Face to face I think he looks even better than he did in his profile pics :-).

"Thanks," I say smiling back, walking past him while he closes the door, "where do you want me?"

"First door on the right!"

I enter the room first and turn round to face him. Straight away, he puts his arms round my waist and leans forward to give me a slow kiss.

"Mmmm, that's a nice welcome :-)."

"Well you're a nice guy," he says, with a huge smile on his face, "can I fix you a drink?"

"Errrr," I hesitate. I'm not sure. It would be nice to have a drink with this guy, but then I feel the need to get to know him better and having a drink first would delay that!

"Are you having one?" I ask, putting my arms round his waist too.

He looks at me, kisses me again, and smiles.

"I know what we'll do," he says decisively, leaning back to take a good look at me, "let's have sex first!"

It's great to meet a guy like me who knows what he wants! We kiss each other a bit more and soon we're reaching down to see whether we can find anything interesting in each other's trousers.

"Come on," he says while I'm rubbing him gently downstairs, "let's go into the bedroom next door!"

Inside the bedroom, I take off my shoes, and I'm about to take off my trousers too when he interrupts me.

"Can you leave those on for now?"

"OK I guess :-)."

"But open your flies and make your dick accessible!"

More plain talking :-). He closes the curtains, and when he walks back to face me, I can see that his dick is poking straight up out of his trousers too!

We kiss a bit more but soon he pulls me down to lie on the bed with him.

"Have you ever done this before wearing a dinner jacket?" he asks.


"Everyone has to have their first time!"

After a bit more kissing and fondling, he finally lets me take off my trousers.

"Here, let me wrap this round you," he says putting a pleated cummerbund round my waist. "Now I can tuck your shirt tails up out of the way! See?"

Incredible! Above the cummerbund I've got my dinner jacket on and it's still looking good, with white shirt unruffled and with my bow tie still tied. But below the cummerbund I'm completely nude. I'll never be able to think of a cummerbund in the same way again!

He takes his trousers off too, and quickly we get back to business. But we're not in any hurry so gradually things take their natural course, and eventually we're cleaning ourselves up.

"Would you like that drink now?" he asks.

"Actually just a glass of water would be great!"

"Or I could make some fresh fruit juice, would you like that?"

"OK sure, that would be great too :-)." Fresh fruit juice sounds nice so I figure that I can do without my customary glass of water!

"So do you have a boyfriend?" he asks while he's making the fruit juice.

"No, but there's a couple of guys that I'm dating," I answer, "what about you?"

"Actually I do have a boyfriend, but he's away on business at the moment."

"Does he know what you get up to while he's away?"

"No! But we've been together for over ten years."

"Wow," I answer, not at all surprised by his carefree attitude to infidelity. "Actually until a couple of years ago I'd been with my boyfriend for eighteen years, but unfortunately we ended up splitting up :-(."

"So do you have regulars?" he asks me, changing the subject.

"Yes, a few! You?"

"Yeah, I've got a few fuckbuddies :-). Actually, the reason that I was online this evening was that two of my regulars let me down today. I like to have a bit of entertainment lined up when my boyfriend is away! But one guy's got flu or something, and the other's suddenly got too much work :-(."

I don't mind being third choice for the evening. It was certainly interesting dressing up.

"Actually," he continues, "I think you might like one of my fuckbuddies. Let's go over to my laptop and I'll show you!"

Over on his laptop, he's still logged into a web site that I don't recognise. He brings up a couple of profiles of other guys, and in their profile pics they're both wearing suits.

"What web site is that?" I ask.

"It's Recon, haven't you ever heard of it?"

"Errr no, actually, is it any good?"

"Yeah, it's very good if you've got a particular fetish :-)," he replies, "because that's how everyone gets categorised."

He clicks a few buttons, and brings a list of all the guys based in London who're currently logged on.

"See, I'm a suit fetishist, but there's a leather guy, that guy is into bondage, and so on. It really helps you meet guys who're into the same thing as you. I was lucky tonight meeting you on gaydar. For a guy like me, gaydar is a bit hit and miss."

"So do you always do it in a suit?" I ask, fascinated by what I'm hearing.

"No, not always. For example, there's a guy who lives near you that I visit sometimes. We're not really compatible, but he's really huge. So every now and then, I just can't resist going round to play with his massive cock!"

We chat a bit more about various things, but eventually it seems like time to go. It's interesting talking to guys like that, but I don't think I'll ever be so exclusively into any one particular fetish. Instead of fantasising about suits or rubber or leather or being tied up or feet or whatever, I'm more into the guys themselves!


Unknown said...

I guess I am really learning new things every day.....

Anonymous said...

I like this post.

In your experience do the guys you hook up with look better in their profiles or in person?

MadeInScotland said...

The number of times (BC - before Xfe) I was asked to put on my kilt!


MadeInScotland said...

oh, I wondered where my first word verification effort went.


A-Philosophical said...

I had the fetish of tie and formal attire about 5 years ago but now it is gone. I fancy uniforms like firelighter or police officer only!

Was Once said...

Fetishes develop out of mental boredom I feel. Nothing wrong with them, they seem to come out of not being happy with the way things are. There is a whole lot of internal dialogue going on at the same time in the subjects mind. One begins to love the fetish(and the perfection of it) than an actual person with all their quirks and flaws.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! u hav had sex with George Michael???? damn....lucky bitch!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What happen between you and bf T?

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Each to their own I suppose.. it is always refreshing when people know what they want :)

close encounters said...

GB, always good to read of your sexual exploits! in my continuous quest to test new websites, i tried using Recon but wasn't very impressed ... i understand all sites limit free access, and then charge for unlimited access ... but Recon's limited free access to truly miserly!!

Rex D said...

I really like the dialogue between you and this this fellow... so natural in an "unnatural" way