Saturday, September 14, 2013

A small consolation prize

A few months ago I met a gorgeous guy called K via mutual friends. When I first met him I still had a boyfriend, but after I split up with ex-boyfriend T, I started to wonder about the possibility of dating K. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and it's now my third date with K :-). The two of us seem to get on very well together in a social context, and I can feel myself falling in love with him. But in spite of my best efforts, I haven't been able to get him into bed, not even for a cuddle :-|. So far the two of us have been out for dinner in my favourite restaurant in the area where I live, and we also spent a particularly hilarious evening together at aquashard.

It's now early evening on our third date, and we're drinking in one of Soho's gay bars, waiting for K's friend C to arrive. We've spent almost the entire day shopping for clothes and the conversation is still easy, even though we've now been well over 7 hours in each other's company. K is on the phone to his friend C, trying to work out when C will arrive.

"Ask C want he wants to drink," I say, interrupting K mid conversation, "I'm going to the bar to get us another pitcher of Pimm's, so I could get C something too."

"Captain Morgan on the rocks, ..." answers K after a short discussion with C, "… thanks!"

"Single or double?" asks the hunky bartender when I order C's drink. I hadn't thought to ask, but I decide to opt for a double measure so as not to appear stingy.

When I return with the drinks C still hasn't arrived, but shortly afterwards I spot a guy looking around as though he's expecting to see someone that he knows. I'm about to ask K whether the guy is his friend C, but before I get the chance K spots him too and eagerly beckons him over to join us.

"Hey C :-)," says K with a big smile on his face, "this is GB."

"Nice to meet you :-)," I say, eyeing him up and down and smiling too. Without doubt, C is a very attractive guy!

"Nice to meet you too :-)," answers C, and soon we're sitting down chatting and laughing with each other.

"So how do you two know each other?" I ask.

"C used to be a barman in one of the other gay bars near here," answers K, "and I was a regular customer there so we got to know each other."

I find myself wondering how well they know each other, and in particular, whether they've ever indulged in any activities together. But of course it's impossible to ask that question. However, as the evening progresses, it seems more and more likely that they're acquaintances rather than friends.

While we're chatting away, I notice a couple of guys who're sitting right next to us. My best guess is that they're on a date with each other, because at one point I see them giving each other long, deep kisses. If they were boyfriends then they probably wouldn't feel the need to do that in public, and similarly if they're only friends then they wouldn't be kissing like that at all.

"Excuse me," says one of these guys who're next to us, "can you look after our bags while we go outside for a cigarette?"

"Sure, that's fine :-)," I reply, and looking down on the floor I spot a couple of rucksacks. Briefly I find myself remembering the nearby Adminal Duncan pub bombing, and I wonder whether two guys that kiss each other so sensually could possibly be up to no good. However, the conversation with K and his friend C soon takes all my attention, and ten minutes later when I think to look around again I see that the guys are already back from their cigarettes.

Shortly afterwards I catch the eye of one of these guys who're next to us, and with a lull in the conversation with K and C, I decide to start talking to them.

"So where are you both from?" I ask.

"I'm originally from Brazil," replies the guy who actually asked me to look after the bags, "and my name is M, you?"

"I'm GB :-)", I reply smiling at him, "and I'm one of the few guys left in this city who were actually born here!"

Indeed, these days it seems almost impossible to find people in London who were born and raised here.

Eventually I find out that M's friend or date or whatever he is originally comes from Eastern Europe. However, he seems quite shy, and in spite of the kissing earlier my best guess is that their date hasn't been a success.

"You know," says M looking me straight in the eye and smiling, "you're an attractive guy :-)."

Wow, I didn't expect that compliment, especially in the company of K and C who I feel are both better looking than me. I can't help wondering whether being admired by M will improve my chances with K, by helping to show him that I'm a good catch.

"You're a good looking guy yourself :-)," I reply, repaying the compliment. Indeed, comparing M to his Eastern European friend, M is much more attractive.

For a few minutes we carry on chatting, but before too long I've reverted to talking to K and C, with M talking again to his Eastern European friend. Shortly afterwards it turns out that K's friend C has to leave because he's got some prior commitments, and then shortly after that I spot that M and his Eastern European friend are about to leave too because I see them picking up their bags. But again I catch M's eye.

"So why don't we all exchange phone numbers?" asks M on his way out, addressing both me and K.

"Sure why not!" I answer, although I'm not sure that there's really any point. It seems very much like the kind of friends that you make on holiday. At the end of the holiday one always agrees to keep in touch with each other, but then one always fails to do so!

"If you tell me your number I'll send you a txt msg :-)," I offer. Within a minute it's all done.

"OK great, so have a good evening," says M as he puts his phone back in his pocket, "and let your friend there have my number too :-)".

"Sure, and you guys have a good evening as well", I reply, and then with a cheeky tone in my voice "Call me maybe!"

"Do you want his number?" I ask K once M has left.

"Not really," says K casually, and it's clear that he's got the exactly the same 'holiday friend' view about the situation as me, "Anyway, let's have another drink :-)."

It's K's turn to buy the drinks, but the bar seems half empty now and he manages to get served quite quickly.

"It would be nice to see where you live?" I tell him, wondering whether it'll be possible to get to know him better at his place rather than mine. Our previous dates had ended up at my place, and although he almost stayed overnight with me on both occasions, in the end it never quite happened.

"Errr OK," says K nervously, "but next week! My place is such a mess, I can't let you see it like it is at the moment!!"

We carry on talking, but I know from what had been said earlier in the day that K's got a lot of commitments tomorrow, so when we've finished our drinks I suggest that we go home. We both live in the same area, so we find a taxi to share together.

"Do you want to come in for a while?" I ask hopefully, when the taxi gets near my house.

"I don't think I can," answers K, "I've got so much to do tomorrow :-(. But let's see each other again at the weekend :-)."

"OK great :-)," I reply, but again I'm feeling slightly heart-broken that he doesn't want to get into bed with me. However, tonight I'm not surprised because I know that K is indeed going to be very busy tomorrow.

"See you soon then :-)," I say, and there's just time to give him a quick kiss on the lips just before getting out of the taxi.

It's clear from K's behaviour and also from some of the discussions that we've had that he is interested in me as a potential boyfriend. But at present, it seems beyond me to take that potential interest any further :-(.

I fix myself a snack before bedtime, and a little later I'm casually looking at a few web sites when suddenly a txt msg arrives.

M: Hi GB, M here
M: Are u having a great time?

Wow, this guy has surprised me again, because I never expected to hear from him! Of course, I'm not having a great time because after a wonderful day out shopping with K, I find myself missing him terribly.

GB: At home now. The friend who I was with had to go home, because he is busy tomorrow. What are you doing now?
M: At home chilling u?

Without K to keep me company, I start wondering whether it might be possible to console myself by hooking up with M. There's only one way to find out …

GB: Same! Might be nice to get together? GB xxx
M: Would be for sure
M: U are very hot man
M: U made me feel horny

Suddenly my phone rings, and it's M, wondering whether it would be possible to get together tonight. It turns out that he lives about 5 miles from me in quite a smart area of London, but of course, at this time of night it won't take too long in a taxi. Within ten minutes I'm in a taxi again, wondering whether I'm dreaming or whether this is all actually happening!

When I arrive, M answers the door wearing just a dressing gown, and immediately he takes me into his little bedroom. It turns out that he shares the apartment with two other gay guys, but obviously I'm not here to meet them!

"You're wearing far too many clothes :-)," he jokes soon after I've arrived, and before too long we're both under the duvet in his bed and enjoying each other's naked male bodies!

Empty comfortable double bedNature takes its course, and afterwards we just lie there, cuddling and dozing and feeling very comfortable in each other's company. Half of me wants to sleep the night with him, because I always enjoy sleeping in the same bed as a gorgeous man :-). But for various reasons, eventually I decide that it would be better to make my way home. With M almost asleep, I try to get out of the bed without disturbing him.

"Where are you going?" says M very slowly and quietly, with a very very sleepy voice.

"Maybe see you again sometime," I say, and once I've got my clothes on I give him a quick kiss on his lips, turn off the light, kiss him again, and leave.

Outside it's trying to rain and I didn't bother to bring a coat with me, but the damp air feels very fresh so I don't mind too much. Wandering the quiet streets of this smart, leafy, residential area, I feel surprising optimistic, in spite of my failure to make much progress with K. Tonight has been the first time in many years that I've hooked up with a guy who I met face to face rather than online, and that's certainly a big boost for my confidence :-). Even if I never manage to make any headway with K, I can't help thinking that I won't be single forever!


Bruce said...

Pimm's! Been ages since ive had some. Pimm's and lemonade...

I usually find that if you show the confidence to overcome the huge hurdle to casually engage a guy, then it all works out naturally. But it's like inertia. That huge effort to say those first few sentences to a stranger it what makes it seem so rare.

Anonymous said...

What are the various reasons for not wanting to stay the night, GB?

GB said...

Well, recent anonymous commenter (whoever you are), one reason was that even while I was lying there with M, I was still thinking about K.

GB xxx