Wednesday, October 26, 2005 still had adverts in it's chat rooms :-(

A couple of weeks ago I spotted that had stopped charging for premium services. I also noticed the disappearance of the annoying adverts which contact you in the chat rooms as though they’re real people. So I was optimistic that was in the process of reviewing and improving it’s service. Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to be disappointed.

As an existing user, I couldn’t work out how to access the premium services for free. It might have been possible, but one of my complaints in the past has been how difficult it is to navigate around compared to gaydar. In the end I deleted my existing profile and set up a new one, and then I was able to register for free premium services. But then there seem to be some gremlins in ths system. Sometimes you try and do something and it presents you with a login page, which doesn’t let you through however many times you enter the correct profile-name and password.

Worse though, is that the adverts are back. Perhaps they were there all along, and I was just lucky that for a couple of weeks they didn’t contact me when I had been logged in. There are the old simple ones:

browdis: helllo
GB: hi m8
browdis: i'm on my webcam now -


mancerone: hello
GB: hi m8
mancerone: i like virtual sex;) my page

but now there are more sophisticated ones too that try and have a conversation with you before advertising a porn website, for example:

SK8erBoiSN: hello? pvt cool?
GB: sure
SK8erBoiSN: dunno if you are into twinks or not....
SK8erBoiSN: where you from?
GB: why u ask?
SK8erBoiSN: my fav twinx are at this fucking dude dupes these twinks into all sorts of shit


newdude97: hey, you there man?
GB: sure
newdude97: how is it goin
GB: ok
newdude97: no profile here yet but I have one at,
newdude97: got my pics and stats on there and my cam is coming on

The above examples are all 100% authentic, and 100% annoying. What a fool I was to think that anything had really changed :-(

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