Sunday, October 23, 2005

A visit to a Canadian guy living in London

I'm a pretty easy going kind of chap. I generally find it very easy to get on with guys of all different shapes and sizes, different ages and ethnic backgrounds. OK, some people might read that and think "Haha I knew it, GB has finally admitted that he's a slut!" but that's not true. It's just that none of us are perfect and whatever our faults, most of us have a few redeeming features. But not everyone.

It's Saturday just over a week ago and I'm logged into when I get contacted by this Canadian guy from Toronto who's recently moved to London. He's interested in getting me to visit him for some fun. Soon he's asking me lots of questions

how tall are you?
what's your cock size m8?
how thick?
cut or uncut?
are you a heavy cummer?

I always think it amazing the amount of deeply personal information like this that people, including me, are willing to divulge to complete strangers on the internet. So I divulge all these intimate details about my body, and then he asks

i've got quite small cock, 4 inches, r u ok with that?

GB: no probs m8, I'd rather have a hard cock than a big one any day!

Which is true, I'm not size-ist! But he still can't decide whether to meet me or not.

how quickly can you get here, I'm busy from 5pm?

Luckily I can get there quickly. So after

are you being honest about ur age?

(of course not(!), this is, although I can't say that), and

will u lick my ears?

(err ... ok), and

are you sure you don't mind about my cock?

I finally get told his address, with strict instructions to arrive as soon as possible. Thank goodness - after the lengthy interrogation I'm very curious to meet the guy face to face.

He greets me at his front door when I arrive, and I can immediately see that he's put on some weight since the photo he showed me was taken. He was a bit chubby in his photo so now he's, well a bit too fat to be honest. No wonder he's got a small cock - I've heard that when fat guys lose a lot of weight the length of their erect cock can grow by over an inch. Ahh well, I think, if he wasn't worth having fun with he couldn't afford to be so choosy, so I decide to go though with it.

He takes me upstairs to his bedroom. It's a bit of a mess.

"Leave your clothes anywhere mate", he says as he starts stripping off.

OK, but I need to be able to find my clothes again afterwards! On the bed he's very focussed on what I should do to him

"Lick my left nipple"

What about saying 'Please' I find myself thinking?

"Now my ear"

Well I knew he'd want me to do that. I try cuddling him. But soon it's

"Rub your hand over this organ"


"Put your finger in that orifice"

He seems to be having a good time. I wish I was. Before too long we both cum, but I feel distinctly unsatisfied.

I normally like to cuddle and chat with guys after we've had a bit of fun but with this guy I just want to get out as quickly as possible. If this guy has any redeeming features, I didn't find them.

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