Monday, October 03, 2005

Another lunchtime visit to R in Greenwich

I’ve said before that when I meet a guy from gaydar, it’s rare for me to meet him more than once. But I’ve now met R three times, most recently last week, and there’s every chance that I’ll meet him again.

Having enjoyed the first two sessions with R (An encounter with a nervous guy in Spitalfields, A lunchtime visit to R in Greenwich ), I couldn’t resist trying to arrange a third visit when I saw him logged in to gaydar recently. R must have enjoyed meeting me too because he seemed equally keen for another visit.

R: What day next week suits you for a lunchtime visit then?

GB: All days are good for me at the moment

R: Monday it is then!

On the day, I arrive just after 12:30pm. He seems slightly nervous when I enter and he makes us both a cup of coffee without asking whether I’d prefer anything else. Coffee is fine of course, and we settle down on his sofa.

“So have you met many guys from gaydar since I saw you last?” I ask him.

“Well, one or two I suppose”, he says with a big grin on his face.

“Hmmm, let me guess – about half a dozen?”

“Oh come on”, he says. I feel sure he’s about to chastise me for thinking he’s been so sluttly. “It’s been over five weeks since I saw you last, I’ve met more than six!”

“Well then, you’re a bit of a slut aren’t you!”

“But I don’t have sex with all of them”, he protests. Looking thoughtful, he adds “In fact I probably only topped about half of them”.

I laugh. “I’ve never heard that expression before – ‘topped’ – nice one!”

Soon we go to the bedroom and strip off. Most guys will just strip down to undershorts at this stage but R always likes to get completely naked right from the start. I lie down face up and he just lies on top of me, kissing me briefly on the lips before wrapping his arms round me and nestling his head into my chest. I love guys who like cuddling and R is definitely a keen cuddler.

“You’d be a great guy to have staying overnight”, he says.

“I really enjoy sleeping all night with other guys”, I say honestly, “but I don’t see how I can with boyfriend number 1 at home waiting for me!”

“Yes of course, I mustn’t encourage you”, he says with a grin on his face, “but it proves that it’s not me who’s the real slut!”

We have a lovely time together. Half way through, he asks me how old I am.

“You asked me that the first time we met”, I say. “I just told the age on my gaydar profile”.

“Well that’s obviously not going to be the truthful answer is it, coming from someone who cheats on his boyfriend!”

“When I told you before, you just looked at me carefully and said ‘Yes, you could be’. So how old do you think I am then?”

He guesses a few years older than my internet age and I end up telling him the truth. He seems happy with my answer.

Afterwards I call a taxi to take me back to work. “I’m going to be busy for the next week or so”, he says as I’m leaving, “but I should be around in a couple of weeks or so”.

We definitely click with each other somehow. Oh dear! Why are there so many gorgeous men in the world for me to fall in love with?

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