Sunday, August 21, 2005

A lunchtime visit to R in Greenwich

A week ago, I spotted R logged into gaydar at the same time as me. When I met him before (An encounter with a nervous guy in Spitalfields) he was too nervous to tell me his real name, but will he tell me his real name now? I open up a chat window with him and pop the question. It takes a bit of coaxing but finally he comes up with a plausible name. I decide that I’ll carry on calling him R anyway, but it’s nice to know that he now trusts me enough to tell me his name! And he seems happy that I contacted him.

R: So will you visit me at my apartment in Greenwich sometime?

That’s nice, he’d like to see me again.

Me: Could do, when would be convenient?

R: Either Monday or Thursday?

Me: Is Thursday lunchtime convenient? I might be able to take a long lunch break from work.

We agree that I’ll send him a txt msg on Thursday morning to confirm whether it’s possible or not.

R: Have you met many guys since I saw you?

What a cheeky question! Now I don’t have the sauna at the gym there are fewer opportunities for hooking up with other guys. In fact I’ve only met two guys since R (Some ‘no-strings’ fun on Saturday morning, Internet cruising and the wank-factor), so I decide it’s safe to tell the truth and not appear too slutty.

Me: Just a couple actually, u?

R: Three! But all of them were lousy lays so I won’t be seeing any of them again

That's nice too, I think. Since we've provisionally agreed to meet on Thursday he obviously doesn’t think I’m a ‘lousy lay’.

Thursday comes and it seems that I will be able to take a long lunch so I send him a txt msg. I get the response quite quickly.

R: Sure thing…what time did we say again?

Recalling the last time I saw him when he suspected (correctly!) that I hadn’t taken a shower, I txt him back

Me: OK great, I should be with u around 12:30 is that OK? GB xx PS I had a thorough shower this morning after the gym!

Again I get the response quite quickly

R: 12.30 is good and regarding your PS - that’ll do nicely :-) x

On my way to his apartment, I start to wonder whether I’m getting too involved with him. We get on very well with each other, but as I’m currently trying to patch up my relationship with boyfriend number 1 (Things are still difficult with boyfriend number 1), I don’t need more complications.

When I arrive, he offers me a drink so I take some orange juice and we settle down on his sofa. He shows me some of his art work on his computer, and I spot his name as the licence owner of one of his software packages, so presumably he was telling the truth last weekend.

Soon we move into the bedroom and strip down to our underwear. We kiss and cuddle for a while, but while we're kissing he says

“Hmmm, you kiss with your eyes open!”

“Err, yes, sometimes :-)”

“You know, you can’t trust anyone who kisses with their eyes open.”

“I’ve never heard that”, I say, “and anyway, you must have your eyes open too to know that I’ve got my eyes open.”

“Yes, but that doesn’t count”, he says with a big grin, “I’ve only got my eyes open to check whether you’ve got your eyes open.”

He’s got a lovely firm body, and a lovely cock too. His body smells lovely. It’s quite a hot day so we get quite sweaty together. Afterwards I need a shower.

“You can have a bath”, he says, “unfortunately this flat doesn’t have a shower.”

He runs me a bath. It seems weird having a bath mid-day in a stranger’s flat. I can’t even remember the last time I had a bath, these days it’s almost all showers in the gym after workouts that keep me clean. As I get out of the bath he asks, "Can you pull back your foreskin so I can see your helmet?"

I duly oblige, "What’s the point of this", I ask, "I feel like I’m an exhibit in a zoo, or like a horse having it’s teeth inspected!"

"Oh I just like to know that my guys are clean". Although I’m confused, I don’t dig further. What can you tell by looking at a guy’s helmet?

While I’m waiting for my taxi to take me back to the office, he tells me a bit more about himself. It turns out that his first sexual experience was with one of his teachers at school. He used to visit the teacher’s home for some project work, and one day when the teacher’s wife was picking up the kids from school they took a break from the work, sat down to watch some TV, and the teacher put his hand on R’s knee.

“I couldn’t resist him”, he says, “he was a really hot guy, and in truth I’d fancied him for ages”.

“But he was your teacher”, I protest, “it’s a bit improper”.

“Yeah, but we both enjoyed it, nothing heavy anyway.”

Eventually my cab comes so I kiss him goodbye. “Perhaps we can do this again”, I say.

“Yes definitely”, he says, “Take care”.

Oh dear, I’m definitely getting too involved. I don’t seem to be learning any lessons from the boyfriend number 1 versus boyfriend number 2 situation!

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