Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Some ‘no-strings’ fun on Saturday morning

Last Saturday I’m logged into gaydar as usual when I get a very brief online message:

cum over
i'll suck you off

I consult the sender’s profile. Nice pics, quite a hunk. He lists his body type as ‘muscled’ and he claims he “likes to eat cock and arse” – what a nice way to say it! Conveniently I can tell he’s only half a mile away from me, no doubt that’s part of the reason he sent the message to me rather than anyone else. The idea of getting a blow job from a gorgeous muscled hunk is quite appealing so I reply,

Would love to cum over :-)
Where exactly r u, can you give me ur postcode so I can look it up on

He replies quite quickly with another very brief message, just his address and postcode. I work out where he is, and reply

ok great, we’re quite close :-)
I could get there in about 30 mins, is that any good? If you give me your mobile phone number I’ll phone you when I set off. By the way, my name is GB, u?”

It takes him a while to reply to this. Perhaps he doesn’t want to give me his mobile phone number, or perhaps the wank-factor is at work? His reply, when it comes, is very concise as usual

yeah cum over
lookin for straight forward suck off session, you cum i let you in, no conv, enjoy it
looking for no strings

No doubt he was working out how to phrase this message so as to convey everything with the minimum number of words, and with the right tone. I'd obviously been a bit too friendly asking for his name. Never mind, I don't need to know. I’m curious to see how this turns out if I actually manage to meet him so I accept his terms

but before I visit anyone I always phone the guy - i'll phone as I leave is that ok?
No need for conv when I arrive though

and I get his response quite quickly this time,


What did I expect, war and peace? I phone him when I'm on my way, "Hi, its GB, I think it'll take me about 10 minutes to get to you".

"OK sure". Silence.

"See you soon then", I say, "I'll phone if I get lost."

"Great", he says, pausing, "bye then".

I always like to phone before meeting a guy I've only ever 'typed' to on the internet. It helps to establish a rapport with the other guy, which I reckon is quite useful given that we're usually planning to do some quite intimate things with each other.

When I arrive, I buzz the apartment number. He doesn't ask who it is, I just get told "Come in, and take the lift to the fourth floor".

When I get up to the fourth floor I step out of the lift and there's a guy standing in a doorway along the corridor, beckoning me with his eyes. I walk towards him and I'm amazed. He's much more of a hunk that he was in the photos. All muscles, wearing shorts but no shirt. People normally put their best photos on their profile, perhaps he just hasn't bothered to update recently?

I walk into the tiny hallway and I can see a lounge and bedroom, both of which are nice and light, lovely views through lots of floor to ceiling glass. There's also a dark bathroom with no outside windows. "Where do you want me?" I ask.

He points into the dark bathroom. "Lets go in here". Although he's always seemed a bit distant with short messages on gaydar and an uneasy phone conversation, he's smiling at me. I'm wearing my gym kit so I whip my t-shirt and shorts off and I'm rearing to go.

Within three minutes it's all over. At the end, he was on his knees. Once he gets my deposit in his mouth he makes a mess all over his abdomen. Nice. I rinse my hands under his tap, wipe my hands on the towel he's offered me, and then pass it to him saying "I think you need this more than me mate". He laughs.

"Have a good day" he says as I'm leaving. I think he's got an Australian accent, although I can't be sure.

"Yeah, you too", I reply as I let myself out. Five minutes maximum inside his flat, I think that's probably some kind of record for me. You can't get much more 'no-strings' than that!

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