Sunday, August 07, 2005

A cruisey steam room in West London

Thanks to one of my readers for providing me with a suitable icon for a gay banker, which now appears on my profile.

The same guy also told me about the steam room in the men's changing rooms at his gym in West London, where full anal penetration has been seen. I've never seen anything close to that in the sauna in the men's changing rooms at my gym. Although I'm upset that the sauna at my gym is perhaps permanently out of action (Gym sauna "Closed for renovation"), the information I received today suggests that if I want really saucy gym stories I need to change gyms anyway!


Anonymous said...

Anybody care to help an attractive, late 20s, visiting young professional from NYC. I'm in town every few weeks and haven't found good and cruisy gym with similar masculine discreet types. I usually stay around Marylebone and Mayfair. Would really appreciate good advice ;-)



Anonymous said...

go to the fitness first in covent garden.... the sauna in the men's changing room is full of action

SW11 Lads said...

What day / time would you say best, for the action