Thursday, March 02, 2006

A bit of fun near home on Saturday morning

On Saturday, almost three weeks ago now, I log into gaydar to check messages while I'm eating my breakfast. As usual I intend to go to the gym, but the gym can wait if I can find any more interesting propositions.

I'm a big fan of the Gaydar Positioning Service feature (GPS!) which tells users who enter their postcode how far they are from other users who've also entered their postcode. While browsing, I spot a nice looking guy who's less than a mile away according to GPS, so I start chatting to him.

GB: Hi m8, nice pics :-)

He doesn't reply immediately, but after a couple of minutes I get a response

guy: thanks

Not very communicative! I guess I'll have to do all the work

GB: looks like we're quite close to each other
guy: really, where are you?

Ahhh, so that got his attention. We work out that we are indeed less than a mile apart, as promised by GPS. One thing leads to another and soon it's been agreed that I'll visit him on my way to the gym.

guy: see you soon then. when you arrive take the lift to the second floor, turn right out the lift, through the fire door, up a short flight of steps, past several unmarked doors, through another fire door, and then I'm the next door on the left.

I find myself wondering why he needs to give such precise directions. Anyway, we've exchanged mobile phone numbers, I can always phone or txt him if I get lost.

GB: ok gr8, I'll be about half an hour
guy: i'm ready and waiting :-)

It takes me about 15 minutes to get ready and leave the house. Once outside I send him a txt msg to make sure he's still up for it

GB: Hi, on my way, still ready?

Encouragingly, he sends a reply quite quickly

guy: Sure am

It's a pleasant enough walk, and after about 15 minutes I'm outside his apartment building. He buzzes me into the foyer saying "Hi, come right up".

I head over to the lift. But when I push the button to summon the lift, nothing happens. It seems to be stuck on the first floor. So I look for the stairs, but where are they? Now that I'm paying attention to my surroundings a bit more, it's clear that the apartment building hasn't been 100% finished yet, it's still a bit of a building site.

Eventually behind an unmarked door I find some stairs and head up to the first floor. But the door is locked, so I head back downstairs. I try the lift again but it's definitely not budging! This is silly, the guy's in the building because he buzzed me in, and I can't get to him. So I phone his mobile, but I get his voicemail message. What's going on?

Thinking back to his precise directions, I suddenly realise that he told me to go to the second floor, not the first. Climbing the stairs again, past the locked door and up another fight, I find that I can gain entrance to the second floor. Phew!

Although I know his apartment number, none of the apartments have their numbers on their doors. So that's why he needed to give me such precise directions! I wish I'd paid more attention. I'm pretty sure he said he'd got the apartment just after the second fire door so I take a gamble and knock.

"You took your time", he says with a smile on his face as he lets me in, "wasn't the lift working?"

"No! It seemed to be stuck on the first floor. And none of the doors are marked, so it's taken me a while to figure it all out!"

He's just wearing his dressing gown, loosely wrapped round his masculine frame. We head into his living area, a very light space which is virtually all glass on the street side. However the building on the other side of the street is boarded up, so there’s no one to look in.

“Make yourself at home”, he says, fetching himself a glass of water. I sit down on one of the sofas and start to get my kit off. I’ve removed my shirt, and am starting to get my training shoes off when I turn round to see that he’s completely naked. He’s slipped his dressing gown off, revealing a rampant erection.

“Wow mate, you look great”, I say slightly in awe, “but hang on, let me catch up!”

He walks over proudly to where I’m sitting and I can’t take my eyes off him - he’s quite a big boy. He lets me get down to my undershorts, then he pins me down on the sofa and kisses me. Hmmm, nice, but slightly aggressive. Sometimes I like it like that though :-). We end up staying in the living area and have a lovely time.

“Do you meet many guys from gaydar?” I ask him afterwards.

“A few I guess. I quite like gaydar actually because I can shop from home so to speak!”


“Actually I need to get out more”, he continues. “Both my office and the gym I go to are all only a short walk away. My whole life is within a 10 minute walk of this building. It wouldn’t hurt for me to venture a bit further afield sometimes!”

After a bit more polite conversation I make my excuses and head for the gym. En route I find myself thinking about weight training. What a pity that one can do exercise to build up the muscles in ones arms, legs, chest, but that one can’t build oneself up in the trouser department!

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Anonymous said...

seem to have quite a few big boys mentioned in the last month or so, eh? lucky thing.