Sunday, March 26, 2006

An accidental second meeting

Three weeks ago on Sunday morning I’m logged into gaydar when a guy contacts me through the chat system.

guy: hi there, nice profile
GB: thx m8 :-)
guy: so u busy this morning
GB: plan to go to the gym, but free apart from that
guy: so u might have time for a bit of fun then, im horny as hell here mate

We work out quite quickly that we’re not that far from each other so meeting up is very feasible. But his profile doesn’t have a pic on it, so I don’t know what he looks like.

GB: got any pics m8?
guy: yyy what’s your email address?

While I send him a pic of me using the gaydar message system, he uses e-mail to send me his pic. When it arrives, the pic shows him sitting in a pub drinking a beer with a female friend. But because he’s seated behind a table I can’t tell how trim he is, which probably means he’s more cuddly than he’d like to be! Never mind, he’s got a cute friendly face. So we exchange mobile phone numbers, but as I’m entering his number into my phone I get a surprise – it’s already there! I must have met him before, but when? I certainly haven’t visited anyone at his address before. Luckily it doesn’t take me long to work out who it is

GB: I’ve just realised that I visited you in your office last december :-)

While I’m waiting for his reply I can’t help wondering why I didn’t recognise him from his pic. Perhaps I was more focussed on other parts of his anatomy instead of his face! After a brief pause he acknowledges the situation

guy: yes I remember

Although it was fun meeting him surreptitiously in his office, it was a satisfactory session rather than a great one. I guess I’m OK with a repeat performance but does he have the same opinion?

guy: how quickly can you get here mate, I’ve got to go out around noon

It would appear that he does!

GB: no probs, I’ll take a taxi, so should be with you within half an hour, plenty of time :-)
guy: great
GB: OK see you soon

I decide to visit him before heading to the gym as previously planned, but it takes me a bit of time to find some clean kit to take with me. Eventually I’m ready to go. Once outside I send him a txt msg

GB: Looking for cab now :-)

Luckily there are a few cabs around so it doesn’t take long to find one. Seated in the back of the taxi I get his reply

guy: OK but if u can’t get cab soon may need to cancel

To set his mind at rest I send him a quick reply

GB: In a cab now

The cab driver has a bit of trouble finding his apartment, but none the less I arrive around 11:15am, plenty of time if he doesn’t have to go out until noon. I ring his doorbell and he buzzes me in. When I reach his door he’s left it ajar so I walk straight in.

“Hi it’s GB”

“Hi come in”

I head into the room where the voice came from. We smile at each other.

“So how’ve you been since I saw you in December?” I say, trying to break the ice.

“Oh fine”

He’s sitting down watching TV and he seems to be at a bit of a loss, so I make a suggestion.

“Is there anything more exciting you could put on the TV?”

“Err, oh yes, actually I’ve got a DVD if I can find it.”

While he’s out of the room I shed most of my clothes and by the time he returns I’m standing there naked except for my undershorts. He looks me up and down and smiles before heading over to the TV to insert his DVD. While he’s fiddling with the DVD remote control I go behind him and reach round and rub his nipples through his shirt. He murmurs appreciatively, so I start unbuttoning his shirt. He doesn’t resist. We end up paying very little attention to what the athletic young guys are doing to each other on the TV and have an enjoyable time with our own activities.

“You’re not going into work now are you?” I ask afterwards.

“Errr no, why do you ask?”

“Well you were working at a weekend the last time I met you!”

“True, but I do try to avoid working at weekends”

It was fun, but in future I must try and pay more attention in case I’m chatting to guys that I’ve met before. I can definitely think of some guys that I don’t want to meet again!

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