Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another session with the Rich Kid

On the Sunday just over three weeks ago, the day after I got turned down twice (face-to-face!), I spot the Rich Kid online. My ego is a bit bruised given what happened the day before, so a session with a nice friendly guy that I've met before seems a good idea. I decide to start chatting to him:

GB: hi, remember me
RK: sure :-)
GB: so how u been since we met?
RK: been busy working, what about u?
GB: same! planning a holiday now with a friend for early March

Of course the holiday I refer to is the holiday that I was planning to take with boyfriend number 2. The day after this conversation was the day I had the argument with boyfriend number 1 so it all got cancelled. But on that Sunday, I was still looking forward to seeing boyfriend number 2 again. Anyway, the Rich Kid seems happy to hear from me again so I decide to risk asking the key question

GB: would luv to meet u again if ur up for it sometime

After not too much of a pause, I get the response

RK: that is cool with me :-)

Excellent! Now, the secondary key question of course is

GB: would today be convenient for me to visit you? :-)

No Response. Never mind, I remember that the first time we met he took a bit of coaxing to get him to agree to let me visit him. It should be easier the second time.

A short while later, boyfriend number 1 needs me to help him with something, so I tell the Rich Kid that I'm going to be away for a bit


To my surprise, I get an immediate response because he doesn't know what that means!

RK: ?
GB: "Be Right Back", got to go and do a couple of things
RK: ok, I'm working at the moment anyway

That's probably a good sign. Last time he was working too, and eventually I got him to agree to let me visit him to give him a little break from the work he had to do!

About half an hour later I'm back, so I try prodding the guy in the direction I want him to go in

GB: Hi, back now, u going to be working all day
RK: perhaps you should come and give me a quick break

Great it worked!

Within twenty minutes I'm in a cab on my way to visit him. Just like last time, it's a relatively quick session, but very enjoyable. At least now I can put the previous wasted day behind me!


Anonymous said...

GB, your BR number 1 allow u to go holiday with BR number 2????

Have a nice day

GB said...

Hi n70,

I think you mean "bf" not "BR" in your above comment! Anyway if you read this posting carefully, along with my posting about the argument I had with boyfriend number 1 recently, you'll see that bf#1 didn't want to let me go on holiday with bf#2. But I'm hoping he will allow it in the future!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

GB, I am sorry to say something here. Hope you don't mind.

Don't you think that this is very hurt for BF number 1? Will you allow BF number 1 to go travel with his BF number 2? What will you feel?

Please ignore this message if you feel not confortable. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I found myself completely agreed with what n70 said above.

Even if both parties agree to have an open relationship, travelling with some other guy (not ur bf, and not just a ons fling!) seems intorelable to me i guess.

GB said...

Josh, n70, I know where you're both coming from! But I guess from my point of view it goes something like this:

Me and boyfriend number 1 have been together for around 17 years. Every single holiday, until last summer, we've taken together. And this has been one of the major causes of tension between us because I'm intrinsically much more adventurous than boyfriend number 1. So to re-build our relationship, boyfriend number 1 is likely to allow me to be adventurous in many ways, as long as I always return to him. Which I will.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Ok, if BF number 1 agree to let u go with BF number 2, that's the commitment between u both. That's sound a good deal for you. hehheheh...... :))