Friday, February 17, 2006

Sunday fun with a Singaporean guy

The day after I met T, I find myself online again. Sunday afternoon often seems to be a popular time on gaydar so there are lots of people to talk to. In an effort to take away the winter blues, I set about trying to find myself a bit of fun for the afternoon.

After a few failed attempts, I end up chatting to a lovely looking Asian guy who seems quite receptive to a bit of afternoon fun.

GB: so where are you in London?
guy: W1

As London postcodes go, W1 is very central, but also quite a large area. If he's serious about meeting me this afternoon, he's going to have to be a bit more specific than that!

GB: gr8, W1 not too far from me, but where exactly in W1 are you?

He gives me the name of a road, which I look up on Wow, it's in a very smart area of London, he must be a rich kid. Still, rich kids need sex too, and they may as well have it with me as with anyone else :-). We chat a bit more, then we exchange mobile phone numbers. I send him a short txt msg to check I've got the number down correctly, everything's looking good.

GB: ok m8, wud luv to visit you this pm, so what's the house and flat number?
guy: I'm very near the police station

What's he playing at? The only reason not to tell me is if he's having second thoughts, or perhaps he's chatting to a few other guys who he'd prefer to meet instead if they're up for it.

GB: is it convenient to visit now?

There's a bit of a pause, and then

guy: not at mom, sry

Damm! he seemed quite keen at the start, what a pity.

GB: no probs, when mite be convenient?

After another pause,

guy: not sure

Well if he's not chatting to other guys on gaydar, perhaps he's expecting a visitor?

While looking for other possibilities myself, I carry on chatting to him, in case he can be persuaded. A good approach for these situations is to make a few explicit suggestions about what we could do if I do visit. Then given how far the negotiations have gone, other possibilities he may have will start to seem less real. If he's horny, it'll be me who clinches the deal, so to speak!

GB: pity. would luv to visit you and do XXX while you do YYY. I really need a good session at mom

For a while there's no response. But it suddenly it works,

guy: ok, just a quick visit, right?
GB: yeh def

He gives me the house and flat number and it's all agreed. Great, judging from his photos I'm sure it's going to be worth the trip.

On the street, I grab a taxi and within half an hour I've arrived. It certainly is a smart part of town. He buzzes me in. Once on his floor, initially I go the wrong way so it takes me a bit of time to find him, but eventually I'm knocking on the right door.

"Come in", he says quitely. Face to face he's looks even hunkier than in the photos he sent me. He leads me along the corridor into the bedroom. Turning to look at me, he doesn't seem to know exactly what to do next, so I kiss him gently on the lips, and try to find one of his nipples to rub under his t-shirt. Wow, his chest feels incredibly firm. I start taking my kit off.

"Do you meet many guys like this?" I ask casually, while dropping my trousers.

"Oh a few", he says gently, "when I have the time".

Sitting on the side of the bed, he's taken his shirt off, revealing almost perfect pec muscles.

"You must go to the gym a lot", I say smiling. By now I'm just wearing my undershorts.

As I wander over to the bed, it's clear that the pants he's wearing are having difficulty restraining him. Once next to him I rub my hand over his crotch. "Hmmm", he murmurs. I kiss him gently on the lips. Although it doesn't last very long, we have a wonderful time.

"Have you got a towel or something I could use?" I ask.


"So where are you from originally?" I ask as I start getting dressed again.

"I grew up in Singapore actually, but I've been over here for a few years now."

Of course there are so many ethnic types in Singapore it wouldn't have been impossible to guess that. Somehow though, I'm not surprised to find that it's a Singaporean guy living in such a smart part of London, because I have the impression that Singapore is a very 1st-world country these days.

"Actually I've been to Singapore a few times, on business", I tell him, "the gay guys over there really seem to like meeting westerners".

"Yeah I know, you're a novelty to them!"

And I like meeting oriental guys of course :-).

Indeed, it was a good session with this particular oriental guy. If an opportunity arises to meet this guy again, I'd love a repeat performance!

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