Saturday, February 11, 2006

Choosing pics for gaydar profiles

There are three classifications of pictures on gaydar, which I guess can be characterised as
  • Harmless, i.e. pics you could show your grandmother
  • Mostly harmless, i.e. pics which might make your grandmother blush, but then she's no doubt seen a bit of nudity in her lifetime so what's the harm really
  • xxx-rated, i.e. pics you definitely would NOT want to show your grandmother under any circumstances whatsoever!
Some gaydar users have strong views on what's appropriate. Guys who are more interested in relationships tend to think that cock pics are crude and vulgar, whereas guys more interested in no-strings sex tend to think that a profile isn't complete without some visible hard evidence of one's manhood.

Myself, I keep my profile quite harmless, even though I'm only there for the no-strings sex. Although I'm happy with nudity, for example I don't feel any need to be shy in the gym changing room, I'm always worried in case my profile gets identified as mine by people who know me. As I've discussed before, it wouldn't do my career any good to have my profile associated with me!

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Anonymous said...

And that's really a shame. I think gay men have made a huge breakthrough by integrating their sexuality so fully into the rest of their lives. It's extemely healthy and would benefit society at large to follow suit.

You're out, you're honest, but a vital part of your life still has to remain closeted. It's so sad.