Monday, February 13, 2006

Saturday fun with a Turkish guy

About three weeks ago I'm casually trawling through gaydar when I spot a lovely looking guy who's put several xxx-rated pictures of himself on his profile. Although I don't have any xxx-rated pics of me on my profile, I do sometimes enjoy looking at these kind of pics on other guy's profiles. And looking at this guy's pics makes me quite excited. I contact him to see if I can arrange to meet him.

GB: hi m8, nice pics :-)
guy: ta, glad u like them
GB: so where r u in london?

We establish that he's less than a couple of miles from me so it would be easy for me to visit him. So after a bit of chatting about preferences I pop the question

GB: would be gr8 to visit u sometime?
guy: yeah wud be gud, can't do now but available later, lets chat again on here mid afternoon

Damm, I can do 'now' but mid-afternoon I'm going to be out with boyfriend number 1. So we agree to keep a look-out for each other in the coming weeks.

The weekend after the original contact the same kind of thing happens. But this time he wants to do 'now' but I can only manage later. Finally, on Saturday morning just over a week ago, we manage to arrange a meeting.

GB: hi m8, we chatted last weekend, would it be ok to visit you today?
guy: yeah could do, can you visit before noon?

I can! I still don't know exactly where he is so I get the exact address from him, and following my guidelines I manage to get a mobile phone number from him too in case of any problems.

GB: btw, my name is GB, u?
guy: Hi GB, pleased to meet u, my name is T

It's an unusual name. From his pics I thought he looked quite English, but I guess he can't be with a name like that. The reason for asking his name of course is so that if I phone him, I'll be able to check I've got the right number by asking for him by name.

GB: is it OK to phone you now?

Another recommendation in my guidelines is to talk to guys before meeting them face to face. But for some reason he's not keen. Perhaps he is foreign, and his spoken English isn't very good?

guy: why do you need to phone? Prefer not to talk, but ok to call me if you can't find my apartment
GB: OK gr8, I'll prob go by cab so I'll txt u when I'm on my way?

Even if his spoken English is a but ropey I'm sure we'll be able to communicate OK, after all we both want the same thing! Once I'm in a cab I send him a txt msg:

GB: hi m8 I'm in a cab now

and he txts me back within a minute or so

guy: ok i'm ready and waiting

It turns out that the cab driver knows the area where T lives very well because he grew up in the area, but he doesn't know the particular road.

"It must be a new road they've created for some apartment blocks they've built recently", says the cabbie, "because I've been driving round here for years and I've never heard of it!"

"Yeah could be", I say, "I'm visiting a friend but I've never been there before".

I don't tell the cabbie that it's a friend that I've never even met before! Hopefully the cabbie's right about T living in a new apartment block. I prefer having fun with guys who live in nice, clean, new apartments, because it gives me the impression that the guys themselves are nice, clean, and not so 'used'.

The cabbie gets his map out and manages to locate the road. It does turn out to be a new apartment block, and as I'm making my way up to the second floor where T's apartment is there's still some building work going on in some of the first floor apartments.

Once I've knocked on the door it doesn't take T long to answer. "Hi come on in", he says beaming a huge smile at me. Face to face he looks slightly rougher than he did in his xxx-rated pictures, but he still looks great.

"T is an unusual name", I say once I'm inside.

"It's Turkish", he says, "that's where I grew up, but I've been over here for around 20 years now".

In fact he can speak perfect English. "Well I wouldn't be able to tell from your accent that you're not a born and bred Brit!" I tell him. He beams another huge smile at me. This is going to be a good session.

Even though we're still in the hall he drops his shorts, confirming what he said in his txt msg - that he's 100% 'ready'. I rush to strip. Soon I've naked except for my white undershorts. We have a very enjoyable time.

Afterwards he shows me round his apartment a bit. While we're at the window, he points out the best route back to the main route back to the main road, then he leans forward to kiss me again. I back smile at him and put my arm on his shoulder.

"It's been great meeting you T", I say, "I'll look out for you online".

"Yes do", he says still smiling.

T's definitely another guy who I'd like to see again.

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