Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jonah Falcon

Last week, Reluctant Nomad wrote that You can't hide from Google. He'd posted some pics on his blog and because of google, someone noticed that he'd taken them from another web site without authorisation.

Co-incidently, on the same day that Reluctant Nomad posted his google story, I posted a piece with the title Why are guys with big penises so ugly? I'd been watching a Channel 4 program about big penises featuring, among others, an American guy called Jonah Falcon. I'd forgotten about the posting until I got an e-mail a couple of nights ago - from Jonah Falcon himself:

Jonah FalconJF: I don't know why these people shot me badly. When I have a GOOD photographer, I look like this. [see pic right] Hope a certain UK women's magazine does a more flattering job.

I had no thought when I published the post last week that I'd actually get an e-mail comment from someone involved in the program. He's clearly not ugly. I think of this blog as my own private diary, but of course with well over a 100 visitors a day I guess it's not so private any more. Perhaps I should be more careful. One of the comments to my posting about guys with big cocks warned against generalising, and other comments mentioned guys who are both good looking and well-endowed.

So I replied to Jonah with due humility, but given I was corresponding with the guy with the biggest in the world, there was one question I had to ask:

GB: ... do huge cocks really get that hard?

The answer the next morning was entirely believable:

JF: I get fully hard IF I'm really turned on. :)
Here's a webcam pic of me now.
[see pic left]

I guess I shouldn't really be surprised about this incident. However the make-or-break event for this blog will be when someone who knows me, or when someone I meet through gaydar, connects me to this blog. I'm not sure what'll happen in that situation, but then I never did want a quiet life.


Anonymous said...

How interesting that he should contact you!

After my post which was done before I saw the program, I got a comment from one Steed Holt saying the following:

I noticed that you were going to watch the documentary that I was interviewed for late last year. Since they have not sent me a copy yet as promised, I'm curious to know your thoughts on the program and if they should be commended for the effort.

I don't remember the name from the program and a cursory google doesn't show much. He has a blogger identity with a blogname that doesn't seem to exist. All I can assume is that he was one of the big-dicked guys on the program. One of them, a well-known pornstar from straight porn actually lives in Nottingham. A friend says that he sometimes has gay sex where he prefers to take it up the bum but that could just be some wishful thinking doing the rounds of the Nottingham gay scene.

Anonymous said...

you look so shy and innocent! Way off huh??

Anonymous said...

Who looks shy and innocent? Me? Gaybanker? Jonah?

Anonymous said...

Of the four most stunning chaps I've personally been involved with, two were huge, one was frighteningly enormous, and the last was tiny (but skilled with it). Since I've never used a website to hook up with someone for sex, I certainly wasn't aware of their size prior to going on a couple of dates. From my meagre experience, seems to be fairly hit and miss on the whole.

Anonymous said...

I am a simple canadian.. I thought the bottom pic was of Gb... but nomad I have seen pics of you, you do not look shy or innocent!! cute, but not the other two.

Na, the pictures now that I am reading clearly, do not look like one another so I figured Gb came out of his 'no pictures on the net' closet ;)

GB said...

Both pics in the post are in fact from JF. I think the first one is last September (judging from the name of the original file), and the second this week from his webcam.

So I haven't come out of my "no pics" closet! But of course, if I did I'm sure everyone would agree that I look exceptionally shy, cute and innocent :-)

Luv + kisses, GB xxx

Anonymous said...

oh, exceptionally.

Anonymous said...

when someone links you to your naughty blog its terrifying but at the same time so addicting you'll probably just start another one on a different site with a new name. thats what i did anyway.

Anonymous said...

The file name should say jonah_02_09_06, not 05. And that means Feb 9, 2006. I'm still signing checkes 2005, too.