Monday, February 06, 2006

Why are guys with big penises so ugly?

I'm not the only gay blogger to spot that Channel 4 was screening some programmes about penises last week. Reluctant Nomad posted a brief comment about the programmes, saying he was going to watch the third and final one titled "The World's Biggest Penis". Actually, until I read Reluctant Nomad's posting I wasn't aware that three programmes about penises were screened last week. But funnily enough, a programme titled "The World's Biggest Penis" attracted the attention of both myself and boyfriend number 1 so we sat down to watch it together.

Thinking back quite a few years, I can remember seeing another TV program about a club for guys with big dicks. The club was called The Hung Jury. To join the club one needed to have a cock length of 8 inches or more, and there was a woman called the mistress of measurement who went around checking size. I can't find much about it on the internet so I guess it's defunct now, but the following google searches did produce a few results:

Google search: "Hung Jury" "Mistress of Measurement"
Google search: "Hung Jury" "Sam Frank"

The "Mistress of Measurement" search produces a link to an interview with Erica Jong where she says that she was invited to be a mistress of measurement. She didn't accept, but she does go on to describe how on one occasion she met "a creepy little man hovering in the doorway with zits all over his face--awful looking, like a pervert". Apparently this was the well endowed guy who ran the Hung Jury.

The recent Channel 4 program showed quite a few guys who had big cocks, however the focus of the program was Jonah falcon who's erect cock measures a whopping 13.5 inches. Sorry to say that I got bored with the programme so I didn't watch to the end. I guess I enjoy looking at gorgeous guys as much as the next gay man, but the sad fact is that none of the guys shown on the program looked remotely attractive to me.

I'm trying hard not to be size-ist, but coupled with Erica Jong's comments about the guy who ran the Hung Jury, I'm left with the impression that guys with big penises tend to be ugly. As I've said before, I’d rather have a hard penis to play with than a big one any day!


Anonymous said...

You are dead right. Although they can be physiologically impressive from a curiosity point of view, bigger cocks are not better!

Smaller dicks usually have a more beautiful shape and are always much harder. Big cocks are often unattractive and disappointingly soft.

I think the 'big is best' line of thought is an urban myth similar to the way straight guys are supposed to like girls with big tits. In reality they don't.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it safe to generalise. The biggest penis I have ever seen belonged to a Lebanese friend and he was certainly not ugly - quite the reverse in fact - and his penis certainly could not be called soft. Unfortunatley it would have killed me (possibly quite literally!) if I had allowed him to use it on me - I don't think it was the first time he had the same reaction. A 'happy medium', as in many things, is much better :)

Anonymous said...

jesus christ.. i think I would pass out if a guy flagged that around!! 13.5 inches? NO WAY.

Anonymous said...

An exception is my guy who is not only hung like a mastodon--and I'm not using hyperbole here--but also extremely handsome. As with Bill, there would be no possibility of his ever fucking me with it but we have a great deal of fun doing a lot of other things with it.

Anonymous said...

The guys on that program were definitely not too hot in the looks department! But, as large cocks go, I certainly do like them but HUGE tends to be very scary even if rather fascinating. As regards them being ugly, not all are. You need to vist - huge dicks on some very gorgeous men

GB said...

I guess I agree with some of these comments. See my follow up posting Jonah Falcon.