Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Erect penis length of men from different ethnic groups

Looking back over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to have had fun with guys from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds, and an e-mail I received recently prompted me to think about this a bit. My conclusion is that there are some anatomical differences between men from different ethnic groups, for example in the average length of their erect penises.

I am definitely not a racist, or a size queen. Anyone who looks at this blog in detail will see that I’ve enjoyed fun with many different types of guys, and guys of all sizes and ages too. For example, boyfriend number 2 has an oriental background, R (aka boyfriend number 3) is Indian, and D in New York is Latin-American. If there’s a gap in my experiences though, the truth is that I haven’t been with many black guys. Perhaps black guys don’t use gaydar as much as the rest of us because I certainly haven’t been avoiding them?

So what conclusions do I have? Well, on average I reckon oriental guys (from Japan, China, and South East Asia including Indonesia) have smaller erect penises than Caucasians, on average perhaps an inch (2½cm) smaller. But the flip-side of this is that on average, oriental guys seem to end up with much harder erections. I would guess that these two observations are connected – less blood is required to sustain a good quality erection in a smaller penis. This probably explains why I’m fond of oriental guys – I’d rather have a hard penis to play with than a big one any day!

Regarding guys with South Asian backgrounds (i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), I reckon they're much the same as Caucasians. If anything, I reckon that South Asian guys are slightly better endowed than Caucasians, although statistically speaking my sample size is quite small so it’s probably not a valid conclusion.

Similarly with Latin Americans and Brazilians, I reckon they’re much the same as Caucasians too, although if there’s a difference here my experience suggests that they’re slightly less well endowed than Caucasians. Again, it’s not really a statistically significant sample.

One thing that I am convinved of though is that there’s a strong correlation between a guy’s height and his erect penis length. Of course, oriental guys tend to be a bit shorter than Caucasians, but I reckon that even taking this into account, the oriental erect penis is shorter than the corresponding Caucasian one. Another consequence of this is that I reckon Dutch guys probably have the biggest average erect penis size on the planet! Has anyone ever worked out why the Dutch are so tall?

The people with the best perspective on this subject are obviously straight women and gay men. But even straight men might have a bit more information on this than just their own personal dimensions. After all, gyms, schools, army barracks, can all put guys in situations where they see other guys naked. And although a naked guy will often have a flaccid penis, we all know that erections can occur in the most unsuitable and embarrassing situations!


Anonymous said...

I've had my fair share of dick from various ethnic backgrounds and I tend to agree with the stereotype of Orientals being smaller and blacks being largest although I've experienced exceptions to those rules. I'd definitely not agree with the taller guys have bigger dicks though - there seems to be no correlation between dick size and height in my experience.

But, having said that, the few Dutch guys I've been (not particularly tall!) were big down there. Some people say that Afrikaaners tend to be rather well-endowed. And, since they are largely descended from the Dutch (with bit of German, French, English and more in them) perhaps there is something to the Dutch and big dicks! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am originally from south Texas. So I've had quite a bit of experience with Hispanic men and Caucasian men. From my experience, there are more Hispanic men with small dicks than Caucasian men. However there are a tremendous number of Hispanic men that are significantly larger than Caucasian me. I know and have been in bed with numerous Hispanic men who are significantly thicker and longer than any Caucasian men I have seen or been in bed with. On the flip side, I have experience with several Hispanic men who are smaller in both dimensions than any Caucasian men I've been with. I've only been with 1 black man who happens to be about the same size as the average Caucasian man. However, from the gym room, it appears that black men, at least in the flacid state, are consistently larger in both dimensions that Caucasian me. Bottom line, I truly believe that there are many more Hispanic and black men with very large dicks. I'm a Caucasian man, so I'd prefer to say that Caucasian men rank at the top with Hispanic and black men on penis size, but we don't. Most of the south Texas girls I've dated and known in high school and college openly share their thoughts about the subject. Most of them say that Hispanic men are with out a doubt thicker and longer. There is a saying that Caucasian men shared with each other in high school and college. It is, "Once your girl goes Hispanic, you had better panic". Once someone does a study on the subject with a significant number of Hispanic men, I think we won't be able to deny the fact that the biggest of the biggest Caucasian men do not measure up the the biggest of the biggest Hispanic men. Rich

close encounters said...

i love the idea of you getting out a tape measure each time you meet a guy, and noting down the details in your PDA, like a latter day Kinsey ... do you keep the data in Excel spreadsheets for ease of analysis ??

btw, isn't there another phrase along the lines of "Once you've had black, you'll never go back" ...

Anonymous said...

I'm "oriental" and I think the worst part of having to live with the small dick stereotype ends once your friends grow up and stop throwing racial teases at you.

I don't attract size queens (to me that's a good thing), and my partners don't expect a large one so they are always pleasantly surprised once I get hard. I guess if I were much less well endowed I would still have lived up to their expectations.

One thing I've definitely noticed is that black men tend to be show-ers and orientals grow-ers. White men have a mix of both. You agree with me on this, GB? Or are the men always hard when they're with you so you can't tell?

GB said...

LOL PC, of course guys are both flaccid and hard when I see them naked :-). Actually I haven't been with many black guys so I'm not sure about your classification, but I do agree that flaccid length doesn't necessarily bear any resemblance to erect length!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting topic, and one that I have studied for a while. I am a black man, and on average, I find that white men are smaller than black men. I have met small black men as well…let me tell you, but it seams like the average size for a black man is about an inch above what the experts say average is. I have seen a lot of penises from both black and white men. Italians are up there with black men. One of the ways that I have been able to tell size without first seeing the penis is by the size of a man’s hands. The size of the hand, and the length of the fingers, except when the man is over weight.

Anonymous said...

Hispanic men have bigger dicks than Caucasian men!

Growing up in Texas and living many years in the Austin / San Antonio area, I came to realize at an early age, probably 12 or 13 that on average, Hispanic men are longer and without a trace of doubt, significantly thicker. My father, uncles, older brothers, and many male and "female" friends have at one time or anther mentioned the fact that Hispanic men have bigger dicks than Caucasian men. Hey, over the years, I have lost quite a few girl friends to Hispanic men that I personally know, and have seen in the showers in either in high school or college. Most of these Hispanic guys in the flaccid state are obviously longer and thicker than me in the fully erect state. Erect, I am 5 1/2" thick and 6 3/8" long, which, according to most studies, is above average for Caucasian men.

Men, do your own study in the gym shower. Even many shorter Hispanic men in the shower are significanly larger in the flaccid state that Caucasian men over 6 feet tall.

Do any other men out there have similar observations from locker room observations?

Do any ladies out there have any experiences and facts to share?


Anonymous said...


I'm a Black girl of Jamaican decent living in the UK, so I can't speak strictly about Hispanic's or Mexicans whom have mixed native Indian blood in an intelligent sense.

However since I live in London you do see a wide variety of people. One thing I have assessed after being with a number of cute guys is it's not as simple to refer Caucasian as a group since I believe nationality play's a part.

In my personal experience white English, Dutch and Germans have the longest penis, with polish slightly smaller. On different race's my friend is presently dating a Japanese guy who is 6 and a half inches so not hung like a horse so to speak, however I here he does make more of an all round effort rather then just ramming it in.

I know alot of girls who have dated Spanish guys and they did not mention anything about them having huge cocks more often the opposite so that would make me question the Hispanic notion.

Oh and on the favourite stereotype I have been with three black guys all seemed a reasonable size when flaccid however when erect they were not that much bigger. The biggest of the three was 7 inches
which is not freakish by any means.

Therefore I'm starting to doubt the myth; the biggest guy I have been with is German at 8.75 inches.

Draw whatever conclusions you wish from that..........either way there are other things I look for in guy and it's just penis size so I think whatever the case confidence and treating the girl good will get you a long way.


Anonymous said...

Big flaccid can't get any smaller, small flaccid is like a box of pre-food labelling law chocolates, it's hard to know what you're going to get.

It's not the hands or the fingers, it's the thumb. There are 4 combinations of long/short palms and long/short fingers so it's not reliable.

The thumb has been a consistently reliable indicator for me, both thumb length and width. Don't know about overweight (haven't bedded chubby men) but if the man was cut or had penis surgery to correct deformitites before puberty, then that tends to shorten things a bit. But these men tend to compensate by growing wider.

Anonymous said...

The subject of penis size seems to come up every time I go drinking with my buddies. It's obvious that even us white guys think that latino men have bigger dicks and the latino guys say they know that they have bigger dicks than white guys ... because the girls say so. I've got to admit, I sure see a lot of white guys checking out latino dick in the locker room. Hey, I am the first to admit that after seeing many, many latino men standing in the shower beside many, many white men, latino men have significantly larger dicks. If I was a female, I would definitely be checking out the bigger latin dicks.

So what do you latino men think?


Anonymous said...

I'm asian, 5' 8" and 150 lbs, and one a good day I've got about five inches. On less endowed days it's about four and a half. My own length is somewhat shorter than what my other asian friends have, who typically have about a five and a half or six inches.

christianpierre said...

From my experience i have to say the biggest dick ive seen was ablack jamaican/cuban man who was at 11 1/2 inches but it did not get very hard

my boyfriend currently is german and has a 8 1/2-9 inch penis(personally the best size) and on average i found european men to have penis sizes ranging from 7 inches to 9 inches

ive only hooked up with one japanese guy who was like 6 inches maybe

latino isnt a race, its a mixture of races .which means its a bunch of countries made up of mixed people of various backgrounds or pure europeans,native americans,africans, and asians etc. so i would think the penis size would vary and cant really be used in this survey, but if i had to assume
the dominican men and other latin americans with black heritage probably have a bigger penis on average while those with large native american populations have a smaller one on average
im puerto rican of mostly european background and one black grandparent and my penis is 7.5 inches

Eddie said...

I am a gay Hispanic male. My boyfriend is a redheaded guy
who is 6 feet tall. He has a very hairy chest. His legs are also very hairy but his leg hair is blond. He has lots of red hair on his arms. He has a nice red goatee
and very nice big red sideburns.
He has a 29 inch waist and very
thick calves and thighs. He could be a Ralph Lauren cover model.
He has tons of freckles. What amazed me was when we first had sex,
after 2 months of dating. I wasn't
expecting to see a penis that enormously large. After some time
I asked him if he would be embarrased or shy if I measured his penis. Since we had been together now for 1 year he said he wouldn't mind. It measured a good
10 inches. I was not surprised. It is as thick as my wrist. We have been together now for 10 years and
plan on having a gay wedding.
His background is Irish American.
I dated a redheaded guy before Kevin. I have come to the conclusion that tall Irish American
guys have bigger than just BIG
penis's. One last thing. Kevin has very large testicles to go along
with his enormous penis. What a

Anonymous said...

The biggest men that I've ever personally seen have been Caucasians, with the largest having an 11" shwantz. You'd be surprized at how many 9" and up white guys there are. So I do think that, in general, the perception of black men having larger penises may be more a biproduct of their darker color than reality. Black men with the same sized penises as white men just look bigger.

I have to admit though, that I've seen some porn films, that haven't been doctored, in which the black studs had wieners that had to be a foot around, judging from the amount of it that they're able to get in the poor girl's mouth (yes Virginia, it was straight porn), and I've never seen a white penis that thick, including my own which measures 7" around. In fact, it looked twice as thick as mine.

Despite this anomaly, I've come to the conclusion that most black guys are in the same mediocre range of 61/2" to 8" in length that an awful lot of white guys are in, but that there may be more super-endowed black studs than whites.

As far as Mexicans are concerned, I think most of the White guys that I know can match up very well against them or any other racial subspecies.

But then, I haven't taken a ruler to a million of men of any race and until someone does measure that many, we're not going to get an accurate count from a bunch of constipated pseudo-scientists with white coats, cold hands, questionable mathematical models, and less than flawlessly excecuted studies to find out.

Anonymous said...

Been going to gym in Madrid for a while, where the showers are open. I am constantly amazed to see that most (almost all) of the Spanish men are big, even when soft. I have been Caucasians before, and they were never that big soft.

Never got it on with a Spanish man, so I don't know whether they are just show-ers or they grow much more. (Actually was researching this phenomenon, which led me to this entry.)

Anonymous said...

i find black men- specifically Africans and Caribbeans- tend to be largest length and girth wise. those 2 groups specifically i have seen and heard run from 9 to 12 inches.

after would be Hispanics
then Caucasians
then orientals

Anonymous said...

My experience is primarily among latinos. I've found that many from the Mexico / Central America corridor are a bit smaller than the average caucasian, while the Puerto Rican & Cuban mix tends to be much larger than the average caucasian. South America is a true mix, but overall average.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've been having sex with a man in his '50s of Pacific Islander heritage. He has a nice large thick veiny penis that's circumcised.He let me measure it, and it's 7.5 inches long and 6-3/4ths inches around. The head is nice and bulbous with a beautiful ridge flare. He spurts heavily too. What a sexy penis!

Anonymous said...

All I know is that Im hispanic. My cock is about 10 inches and about 2.5 or 3 inches wide. MAny women compliment me on my grith.

Tony said...


Anonymous said...

I am straight Arabic female living in Toronto Ontario. Toronto is VERY culturally diverse. Only been with one white guy and he was deal-breaker small, he was scottish background, but tiny erect. I would estimate shorter than my pinky. So maaaybe 2 inches. I've been with 3 black guys and none were smaller than 8 (one was 10). Persian guys are known around here to be large as well, my ex was 8. Not a significant Latin community but my gf lives in Texas, and she tried three Mexicans, and they were all 4ish. One Chinese guy was 5ish, which personally for me was too small.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is pretty interesting. Ok here's my experience...I've been with 3 black guys....2 of them Nigerian, one was incredibly large...almost like those penis adds and he could lastt forverrr...the other was tiny...like a 4 and the third is an east african man who also happens to be small...ive dated a mixed asian...he was the best soo im not sure how it works. b ut i hear Germans have got it going on !

Anonymous said...

I have to say that i have seen a lot of dicks in the shower or locker room, and it always seemed like the flaccid sizes I saw were much larger than what some of the surveys indicate. The average penises always looked to me to be from 4-6 in length, and considering that most guys always gain at least 2 or 3 inches, this would seem to put the average at somewhere around 7 1/2 or 8 inches. I talked to a urologist one time who confirmed what I felt was correct. 6 inches or so is certainly below average for most men.

Anonymous said...

I am a Black Latin man living in Holland!
Indeed, with exceptions, Dutch and Black men can have small cocks as well. But in general they are much larger than the rest. Many Dutch men have very large and thick cock while black men can have less thicker but still bigger. The difference I see is in the shape of these cocks and the black cock is much harder than the caucasian cock. Different skin, different look.Big or small caucasian cocks can be quite soft during the erection comparing with black cocks.I caught several caucasions gays and heteros staring my cock while I'm naked in a dressroom. Masseurs always do something to touch my cock, it's purely obsession, curiosity which make specially heteros very confuse about their sexuality because they want to see it, touch but not seen as homossexuals.

Anonymous said...

Out of probably 50 guys I've seen erect, here's what I've been able to observe: I'm about 6 1/2" hard and Caucasian. 3 black guys: 1 definitely larger-about 10", one shorter than me but thicker, one almost an exact copy of mine, just darker ( fairly thick, pretty big head). Most Hispanic/Latino guys had what I've heard called "torpedo dicks", kind of thick near the body, then tapered smaller at the end. A few (25% maybe) were larger than me and/or thicker. Rest I've seen we're Asian or Native American, all of which were my size or smaller, except one Native Amer. who was about an inch longer and thicker. Big hard penis, head was tapered almost down to a point just a couple inches around. He was also the only circumcised Native Amer. I have seen.

Anonymous said...

I'm Puerto rican from nyc. I'm 5'7 160 and packing about 8" hard really really thick. Been with one black, he was bigger and thicker than me. I was with 1 Dominican and his dick was longer but much thinner then mine. My best friend is half cuban and half Puerto Rican and his cock is about 9ins and I thicker than mine. Hes uncut and im cut. His nuts are hella big too. Mine are averaged i guess.

Anonymous said...

I am a female player and have been with a lot of races trying to find that perfect person for me. So, what I have found...oriental men are small but have great frequency rate of return. Asian men (India) are thinner with average length. Spanish (Carribean) are thick, oh yes.....with an average length. Jewish men, very very very long. Italian sort of like Indian. Caucasian sort of like Indian but a little more thickness. African, true African, very thick, slightly longer than average. African American....thick and long...what do I do with all of that?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I can attest on Latin-Caribean men being larger than Continental Latins on the basis that I'm Puertorican and have a really thick 8 incher and after gym class at my school I saw a fair deal of larger than the Caucasian average dick

Anonymous said...

I am a black woman and have been with black caucasian and hispanic men. Blacks are typically longer but don't get totally hard, hispanic men are very average and caucasian men have a wide range. I prefer western european men cause they tend to be much thicker than anyon else... German, Belgium, French, Italian, Austrian and Swiss. The largest I came across was Scandinavian and he knew way more about sex then any black man on this planet. God bless the blonde haired blue eyed studs!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

funny how americans ASSume that mexicans represent make part of an imaginary race/ethnic group called hispanic and that just about every single person in latin america looks exactly like a mexican!!!

for startters Argentinians are caucasian
dominicans are black
puerto ricans are mixed
and mexicans are indigenous of the americas

how is that an ethnic group?

I fucked colombian men who were black with massive cocks and indigenous colombian guys with tiny pewees, while I also fucked white colombians with european size dicks

americans = morons

Anonymous said...

im a woman who just wants a nice sized cock on a nice man. i have seen an Irish dude large built with an 8 inch cock and a scrawny white man who was 9thick wonderful inches. slept with a white 5'8 man who was only 6 inches.

Anonymous said...

I am a white female in the American South; I have been with many men but only recently have I had sex with someone who is Chinese/Honduran and good god he hits the spot! I havent measured his penis, but I think i have a pretty decent idea of his size, approx. 7 inches, but thick! And it stays hard a LONG time and feels like heaven~ Best sex, hands down, I have ever had. Plus he revs up for round two real quick.
The largest size penis I have had was 9" and 3" that was with a tall, Irish-American descent man. He was very good in bed but he was also bisexual and had a lot of experience! The man I was married to was also white, but of German-Irish heritage. He was stocky, height wise as a person. He had a relatively large dick at about 7 1/2 inches but it didnt stay hard long and wasnt very thick.
I also slept with a mexican-american guy in college and his penis was short, but it was the widest i have ever seen. He was good in bed but sometimes it was uncomfortable (for my body).

I personally, would sleep with the Chinese/honduran man over ANY of those other men again. His penis is the right "fit" in length and girth, plus he is pretty physically fit and knows how to work it! Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i white hispanic (cuban)

my trouser snake is 6 inches in length but as thick as a red bull can and hard as a brick. i get about 5-6 good spurts and maybe2-3 little jizz squirts after. my first 3-4 being just huge sticky man yogurt blasts. i can shoot my sperm pretty far pretty fast. i love blasting my load into a woman's mouth and seeing the look on her face when she realizes she is in over her head with my cum bombs. i need to upload a video of me stroking one out for all of you to see.

Anonymous said...

Nope and as well Hispanic means you just speak Spanish not your race us different I call your cow poo!

Anonymous said...

Study shows that that they are small and as well te guy with the biggest dick is a white guy called Jonah falcon in ny

Anonymous said...

90% of these comments are from trolls.

Anonymous said...

Biggest are French,Italian,Dutch in that order from my experience.And guys with the sexiest feet are French,Swiss,Danish,Dutch, Australian.

Anonymous said...

The TONGUE is better than those big dicks. Ask the ladies.

Logan said...

Lol at the black stereotype still existing even after we have studies of non self reported results. Nigeria came out at 5.2 inches, no bigger and even smaller than many European nations. There is no such thing as "One caucasian group". The British are not the same as Italians, the Italians aren't even the same as the Spanish, and neither anything like the Russians who are also nothing like the Swedes. This whole White Americans = White people size is ridiculous and retarded. Europe is not a country, it is a continent filled with many different groups of people.

And about Hispanic men, i highly doubt that. The ones who are large are probably the ones with substantial Southern European ancestry (Italy alone has an average of about 6.2 inches) I can't see any of the more mongoloid Latinos like the Mestizos who average at around 5'5 in height have big dongs, get real.

Anonymous said...

Here's two tumblr's full of many massive Caucasians. I doubt the average Hispanic or even the average non pornstar black compete with these guys. These are some HUGE white boys.



Anonymous said...

Scientifically, a guy with big ears and a large nose (cartilage-the spongey stuff,not taking the nose bone into account.That's the best indicator you can get on how much a dude's packing.Hence why blacks,some hispanics,and Greeks tend to top the chart of size from what I've heard.Whites are hit in miss,depedning on what climate their racial background hails from and of course nose and ear cartilage size (since it's made of the same spongey material as your cock.A wider nose tends to mean a wider cock and/or a bigger tip.Long ears tend to correlate with longer length. Not everybody black or brown is super hung,and not every asian is on the smaller size.Depends on genetics a lot and even cardiovascular health.I am a 1/2 Mexican 1/4 greek, 1/4 Jamaican (unusal miz I know) and I'm sitting happy at abt 8.25", even 9" on a gooday and the chick is rly something.I've also heard from a study on South asian indian men actually be smaller,but with oriental asian being not too far off.However an average size cock can still work wonders if you have good sexual rhythm and stamina.
Personally my list would go blacks-largest (but not all), some jewish males, Middle eastern/meddetarian (Italian,Greek,Sicialian,etc.)-also large,usually more consistently large.
Latinos/hispanics- Also varies due to genetics,climate,and cardiovascular health. From what I hear from feedback,Latins tend to be very passionate with their lovemaking and are usually eager to please.
Caucasians-Vary wildly,some irish are below average,some are very well hung (usually the darker skinned irish) again this comes down to the cartillage makeup of a person's ears,nose;heritage,cardio health and not having an alcohol or drug problem can definitely do some good.
Eastern asians (Chinese,vietnames,Japanes,Korean,Filipino)- Kinda hit and miss.Could have a Ken Jeong thing going on or could just be average.Usually not too many well hung asians.However,they seem to make up for inadequacies with being very unselfish lovers.Asian females are also teriific in bed but that's kind of just a personal side note.
Fianlly:Sorry South Asian Indians,according to a study by Durex the condom company,Indian men have to be supplied with special smaller size condoms to suit 4 to 5 inch which is the average for a south asian Indian male.Of course there are always exceptions;also they did invent the Kama sutra so hey.
Bottom line is:being too well-endowed can have it's drawbacks,it can lead you away from truly commiting and for those who tie up their self esteem in their penis size it can wreak havoc on a person's self counciousness.However,if you keep it as more like a lucky surprise for the girl when things finally get hot and havy,having a spicy perpperoni between your legs is definitely an added bonus and a blessing.
For those still worried that they feel under average or not good enough.The female vagina is only abt 4 maybe 5 in.'s at the most deep.Girth and technique and stamina can totally make a girl's mind blown even if you're not pornstar material.
Be happy with who you are and how you made.Hope this helped ppl out.

Anonymous said...

No you are very wrong white men have the biggest penis size hispanic and black dont even come close to the size of whites and no im not racist!!!

Anonymous said...

i think there's some exaggerating going on here.

are you measuring properly?

i know my size and comparing to porn actors it's smaller usually, but an inch more and it would be BIG, but not even close to 10" long or 7" around at midshaft. that's crazy. the ONLY porn actors like that i've seen are ALL black.

all of the, "i can't believe how big that is" dicks i've seen in porn are black. and in the locker room it looks that way too.

something worth pondering:

human males have ENORMOUS penises compared to gorillas and chimps, ENORMOUS! one theory is that this much more than necessary size is due to sexual selection, that it's like the peacock's tail. since europeans have been wearing clothes forever this selective pressure would be less than for africans, i suppose.

Anonymous said...

Maybe i do not know the complete ethnic background of 'HISPANICS' but i live near the Washington DC area and all i can say is i do not know what hispanic males the posters on here know or engage with, but those i know of a spanish background have some of the most dreadful embarrassing sizes i have ever seen! It is a major turn off! I mean small! I mean so small that when its hard, if it is 2.5 inches then we are pushing it. So, someone please tell me how does spanish branch off, and maybe its the country, i don't know. Like Honduras vs some other country. I don't know. I just know what i see. It's horrendous. I am turned off to the spanish as far as anything physical or intimate.

Anonymous said...

It seems that blacks guys in general are "showers" while white guys in general are "growers." Growers are guys who when flaccid have a small penis but when they get erect it grows a decent amount which is why they are called growers. Showers have longer flaccid penises and when they get erect there penis doesn't grow much it just hardens up. It seems like showers are basically just semi-erect constantly. There called showers because there penises are bigger when they are considered flaccid. For example there are two guys who are both 6" when erect but when flaccid they are different. One guy is a grower he is 2.5" when soft so he is small soft and it grows a pretty good amount when he gets erect. The other guy is a shower he is 5" when flaccid so he is on the longer side when flaccid and when he gets erect his penis doesn't grow much only 1" it basically just hardens up.

Anonymous said...

Many of you I think have distorted perceptions of penis size. This is a very common thing. Many people instead of using a measuring tape estimate penis size based on sight and always overestimate. Many people think these guys in porn are double digits which is so false. Many penises that are considered endowed in porn are actually around 7" and 8".

Look at studies that have been done. There are studies that show average erect penis size of most countries. Blacks in Africa on average have erect penis sizes of around 6.5-7". Whites are more diverse spanning around 5.5-6.5". Whites on average are 6.00" which is the average erect penis size for the human race. Asians are around 5". An extremely small minority of the human race are 8" and bigger. Most men are basically somewhere between 5-7" erect. Blacks lean more towards 7" while Asians lean more towards 5" and whites are in the middle. Now 7" erect to many people would be considered small but it is actually a very good size. Many people looking at what is a 7" erect penis would likely estimate it to be around 8-10". Like I said many people are so distorted when it comes to penis sizes they always overestimate when not using a measuring tape.

The guy with the largest reordered penis size is Jonah Falcon. He is a white guy and 13.5" erect. Like I said white guys are diverse. Black guys on average are larger than whites but whites are more diverse.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great predictor of penis size - a sharp, well defined jawline, especially on the sides. 100% accurate.

Anonymous said...

He is Puerto Rican. Most Puerto Rican are naturally well endowed. Read his Bibliography in Wikipedia. He looks "Caucasian" but his biological parents are Puerto Rican.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I made a grammar mistake. Instead of (Bibliography), I meant Biography. I apologize for the mistake.

Prius Dweller said...

Yes it's true he is Puerto Rican, read his personal life background in Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

My partner is from the Mauritian islands. He circumcised and well hung! Most Mauritian men are cut (80% rate-due to high Sunni Muslim population) and well hung. My partner is actually Creole Catholic, but even men from the well-off Mauritian Catholic minority are cut.
Many Jewish men "are small in the game". Many Jewish can't hold on to their Jewish girlfriends, once they discover a well-hung Lebanese man (also circumcized like the Jews), once a Jewish girl has had a well-hung Arab, she'll never go back!
I wonder if any of you guys had an Arab or Middle-Eastern guy?
I heard they're well-hung.
Can you confirm that for me.

Anonymous said...

I am Chinese, stop following stereotypes, I have 14.9" long and 9" circumference and my wife always asking me if it is in when I have already rammed in to the hilt.

Anonymous said...

Height and weight is also a factor in the judgement of penis size. I am 5'5" 125 pounds. But I am sitting right around 7.25" erect and nearly 7.5" or 8" when rock hard. Past two girls I slept with told me I am huge.

Ethnicity wise, I am of German descent blond hair, blue eyes.

Anonymous said...

I have only been with one Dutch guy. While he was pretty tall (6'2"), his dick was smaller than an Indonesian guy's I've been with (who was 6'0"). And this Dutch guy's dick was one of the smallest dicks I've ever had. But I noticed that blonde guys tend to have bigger dicks despite the height. I've never been with any black guy (not that I'm racist or anything but it just hasn't happened) so I can't compare.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

My partner is from the Mauritian islands. He circumcised and well hung! Most Mauritian men are cut (80% rate-due to high Sunni Muslim population) and well hung. My partner is actually Creole Catholic, but even men from the well-off Mauritian Catholic minority are cut.
Many Jewish men "are small in the game". Many Jewish can't hold on to their Jewish girlfriends, once they discover a well-hung Lebanese man (also circumcized like the Jews), once a Jewish girl has had a well-hung Arab, she'll never go back!
I wonder if any of you guys had an Arab or Middle-Eastern guy?
I heard they're well-hung.
Can you confirm that for me."

Yes, being a straight female I dated two ME guys. One was about 6.9" and other about the same but thicker. What stood out was that both had a fixation to prove how big they were and their egos got a bit hard to handle. One of my friends dated a jewish man in California and he was about 8". I once dated a Puerto Rican and he was by far the biggest at around 9". One of my friends dated a Punjabi Indian in the UK and I was told that he was well hung. Also, I guess that Mauritius is a Hindu nation which is a correction to your post.

Unknown said...

This is my ranking as a women:
1. Black men
2. Middle Eastern men
3. Pacific islanders and abos
4. White men && South Asian men
5. Hispanic men
6. East Asian men
7. South East Asian men

Trini said...

I am Mexican just from one country and I am 7 inches long