Sunday, November 20, 2005

An long-awaited and unusual liaison

Back in August, a guy contacted me on gaydar who was interested in meeting me for a bit of fun. He couldn’t meet me at the time so he suggested the following week. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible for me because I was due to go on holiday with my sister and her family, so we agreed to get together in September.

There was a day in September when I was due to visit him after work but it didn’t happen. I was feeling upset about the situation with boyfriend number 1 so I sent him a txt msg in the morning to postpone, giving the excuse of a cold. Occasionally throughout October and into November we chatted to each other when we were both on gaydar at the same time, but somehow we never managed to sort out a meeting. Until last Saturday.

Even though we’d never met, after three months of chatting on gaydar I feel I know him quite well. So last Saturday when I spot him in the chat rooms, I’ve got something to ask him

GB: Hi F, how was your holiday a couple of weeks ago?
F: Hi GB, hols were fab, wish I woz still there
GB: strange to have been chatting to u here for so long without meeting
F: I’m free early pm, any good?
GB: Actually yes! Can I visit you? Perhaps we’ll finally meet :-)) ?
F: gr8. BTW I’ve got a bf now so don’t really want to get too involved. Perhaps we can just strip off and do something in my hallway?

Hmmm, that sounds less than ideal. But after all this time, I want to meet the guy.

GB: OK, but it might be nicer if we can go somewhere more comfortable! Do you have anywhere else we could go other than your hallway?
F: of course! why don’ t you come round and let’s see what happens

We agree that I’ll send him a txt msg just after 2pm to check it’s still possible.

Just before 2pm I send F a txt msg and tell boyfriend number 1 that I’m going out to do a bit of shopping. Once outside the house I turn my mobile back on expecting to get his reply telling me that I can visit. But no reply – damm – what’s gone wrong? 2.05pm no reply; 2:10pm no reply. I try phoning his mobile but no answer.

There is some shopping that I’ve got to do but I’d much rather visit F first. I need to buy a bottle of Champagne so I head for Oddbins. While chatting to the shop's manager about the relative merits of Bollinger Grande Année and Moët’s Dom Perignon, I get a txt msg from F. Champagne shopping can wait, I make my excuses and head for the street to grab a taxi.

I arrive at his apartment block and he buzzes me in. But when I get to his door and ring the doorbell, there’s no answer. How strange. I wait for several minutes before I think I hear something behind the door

“F”, I ask quietly, “are you there?”

I can just about make out his reply. “Yes, yes, come in”.

To my surprise the door is unlocked. I push it open and it’s completely dark inside. I can hear him much more clearly now, but I can’t see him.

“Come in, come in”, he whispers, “and close the door”.

I walk in and close the door behind me. It really is virtually pitch black now! In the darkness I can just about make out a guy coming towards me. He comes up to me without saying anything so I reach out and touch him. He’s bare-chested. His pecs feel very firm and smooth. Lovely. Is he completely naked? In the darkness I run my finger slowly down his body but I reach a waistband. So he's almost completely naked, he’s just wearing some undershorts.

This is really weird, I think. I’m in the hallway of an apartment of a guy I don’t really know, it’s pitch black, the guy is virtually naked and he’s unbuttoning my shirt. Ahhh well, let’s go for it!! I let him remove my shirt, then I bend down and take my shoes off and let him remove my trousers too. He hasn't said another word to me since I came in.

Standing up, we wrap our arms round each other and kiss. His body feels lovely. He must go to the gym a lot, he’s got a lot of muscle tone. Is he much much older than he admitted to on gaydar? I can’t think of any other reason for him to hide in the darkness like this. Still, the anonymity of the situation is very horny. I kneel down and drag down his undershorts. Shortly afterwards he does the same for me.

Gradually I get somewhat used to the darkness, but still I can hardly see him. Do I need to see him? After all, I do know the male anatomy, I know where to find everything, and it’s clear that he does too! None the less, after a few minutes of touching, kissing, fondling, things seem to be going quite well so I decide to say something. “It would be nice to have a bit more light so I can see you?” I whisper, “Is there somewhere more comfortable we can go?”

He pauses then decides. Without saying anything he leads me slowly down the hallway and opens a door. The light dazzles me. I look at him and he looks exactly the age he told me on gaydar. In front of us there’s a double bed made up with just a sheet. It looks ideal so I go and lay down on it and smile back at him. We have a wonderful time.

After we’ve shot our loads we just naked lay on the bed in each other’s arms. We don’t say a word. I always enjoy cuddling, especially after mutual orgasm. After a few minutes, I get a surprise. Has he fallen asleep? It certainly sounds like it. I move slightly to get a better look at his face and sure enough, his eyes are closed and he’s asleep. This just gets weirder and weirder! In all my years of meeting guys for fun this has never happened before, not in this “quickie” kind of situation. Still, it’s nice that he feels so relaxed and comfortable with me that he can fall asleep. It makes me feel very comfortable too.

After about 10 minutes I nudge him a bit. “F, are you OK?”

“Hmmm, what?” he murmurs, “Err yes, just dozed off, sorry.”

“No problem, but I need to go soon, I’ve got some shopping to do!”

We get up and clean ourselves up. He gets me a glass of water while I retrieve my clothes from the hallway. We chat a bit, and then I make my excuses.

“See you again perhaps?” he says as I’m leaving.

“Yes that would be nice”, I reply, “I’ve had a lovely time.”

Outside I find another taxi and head back to Oddbins. A little later I’m chatting to the same manager when another txt msg arrives. It’s from F.

F: great meeting you

Swiftly I send him a reply

GB: U 2 :-)

Indeed, it would be very nice to meet him again.


Anonymous said...

Despite spending quite a bit of time on gaydar, I almost never have gaydar sex. Not because it doesn't get offered to me :-) but because I normally can't go through with it. As slutty as I am, I prefer picking up men in bars and clubs to off the net. Earlier a really cute guy who sounds really nice was virtually pleading (ok, slight exagerration) to come round and I was keen but, in the end, called off.

I wish I were more like you in being prepared to meet gaydar blokes.

GB said...

I reckon internet cruising, like bar/club cruising, is skill which has to be learned. They're definitely not the same skill though! You get used to when a guy is being honest online, when they're likely to let you down, what the sex will be like. As an internet oriented person, I much prefer internet cruising to cruising guys in smokey bars and clubs.