Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Update on the situation with boyfriend number 3

One Friday last month I met boyfriend number 3 (aka R) for a drink after work. Since then, I’d chatted to him a few times on gaydar but we had been unable to arrange another get-together for a bit of fun. Previously I had visited him a couple of times at his flat in Greenwich.

About three weeks ago, I spot him on gaydar and he tells me that he’s living at home with his mother most of the time at the moment:

bf#3: since I was mugged near my flat, I just don’t want to risk travelling in the area. So I get a friend to drop me off and pick me up occasionally, but the rest of the time I’m back living with my mother :-(

GB: I don’t suppose she’d be too happy if I visited you at her place?

bf#3: cheeky! Best if we use my place in Greenwich, but we’ll have to travel there and back together

A couple of days after the conversation I have an idea that might help in relation to his flat, so I send him an e-mail. A few days pass with no response so I send him a txt msg

GB: How’s you? Was the idea I emailed u any good? A cab to Greenwich and back might be fun sometime? GB xxx

I get a reply quite quickly:

bf#3: Your email idea will not work but cab rides are good ;-)

The trouble with txt msg of course is that it can take hours to have a conversation that face-to-face (or in the gaydar chat rooms) would happen within a few minutes.

GB: :-)) so when do you fancy a cab ride with me?

bf#3: Whenever you can with notice...or later today after you get off work? x

GB: Might be poss this eve but I would prob need to be back home by 8pm ish? Otherwise are any lunchtimes next week any good? xxx

bf#3: Can be at ur office 1730hrs at the earliest x

I decide to check with boyfriend number 1. If he’s got nothing planned for the evening then I could tell him I’m working late and go and have a bit of fun with boyfriend number 3. But a quick phone call home and I find out that he’s arranged something so I’m going to have to be home even earlier that I thought.

GB: Turns out I have to be back home 7.30pm latest. Perhaps best to postpone cab ride but could meet you for a drinkie early eve if you like? xxx

bf#3: Can meet you outside ur office for 1800hrs ok? x

GB: Gr8, c u 6pm ish xx

A trip to his flat for a bit of fun would have been very nice, but since I haven’t seen him for a few weeks I’ll settle for a drink instead! We meet up as planned and head off to the same pub we went to last time. It’s good to see him. Once inside the pub I buy him a pint of Guinness and get myself a pint of Fuller’s London Pride.

We’re about half way through our drinks when he looks me up and down lustfully.

“Why don’t we finish up here and grab a cab over to my place?” he says mischievously.

“I’d like to but I really can’t, I’m promised boyfriend number 1 that I’ll be back by 7:30pm at the latest.”

“What would happen if you don’t turn up?”

Although I’m always keen on a bit of fun, even I couldn’t just not turn up at home when I said that I would. Being run over by a bus would be a valid excuse not to turn up, but that’s about it!

“No, I couldn’t. You’re a very naughty man, you know that don’t you! Let’s do it one lunchtime next week. Any preference for the day?”

We settle on Wednesday lunchtime and finish our drinks. We agree to confirm by txt msg the day before.

Tuesday arrives so I send him a txt in the morning

GB: Hi :-) shall we take a cab ride to Greenwich together 2moz? I’ll need to be back for a 3pm meeting but that still gives us loads of time! GB xxx

I don't a reply until the afternoon

bf#3: Yes..sorry for the delay...been trying to work out what i am doing tomorrow. 1130hrs outside ur office ok? x

So it’s all confirmed. But on the day I get an unexpected txt msg from him

bf#3: Would friday be possible for you-anytime? Asking as that would suit me better but if not then see you later

Although I’d been looking forward to a bit of fun at lunchtime, if it’s more convenient for him on Friday then so be it.

GB: Sure, I am OK for Friday. See you Friday lunchtime? GB xxx

But it’s not to be. When I send him a txt on Friday morning to confirm

GB: Fancy a cab ride with me at lunchtime? GB xxx

the reply is a problem

bf#3: Sure...to meet you around 1400hrs would suit me..is that do-able?x

No! I’ve got an important meeting mid afternoon which I’ll miss if we don’t meet up until 2pm. I thought we’d agreed lunchtime? So we postpone again. Damn, why is this proving so difficult? We chat on gaydar at the weekend and he apologises for messing me around. He also tells me that he’s going to be staying at his flat for part of the following week:

bf#3: I’m going to be in Greenwich from Tuesday to Thursday next week - I’m getting a friend to drop me off and pick me up. So why don’t you come over Wednesday lunchtime?

This time everything works. We confirm by txt msg and I visit him as planned. We have a lovely session together. He’s got a gorgeous well-toned body, and he adores cuddling. An ideal lunchtime activity!

Afterwards I tell him off again for suggesting the taxi ride when were were having a drink, when he knew that I had arranged to meet boyfriend number 1.

“I wasn’t being serious”, he says defensively, “I just wondered how far you’d go.”

Hmmm. You sounded serious at the time but I’ll let you off!


Anonymous said...

you should have seen the way my mouth dropped when i read boyfriend number THREE!?! you're so busy three boyfriends are a chore

GB said...

Well Rio, maybe calling this guy boyfriend number 3 is a bit premature because I've only met him six times, although I don't think boyfriends are a chore. Perhaps that's my problem, if I didn't fall in love with gorgeous guys so easily my life would be much simpler!

Anonymous said...

boyfriends in their singularity are quite choreless i'll agree but balancing them all, i commend you for that, with much difficulty i have pulled off three "boyfriends" as it were but it did keep me busy, never a dull moment there.