Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fun and cuddles on a Saturday afternoon

It's lunchtime on the last Saturday in July. Having already been to the gym in the morning, I fix a snack lunch for myself and boyfriend number 1, and retire to the room I use as a kind of 'home office' to eat it. To while away the time, I decide to log into gaydar and gay.com to see who’s around.

I'm in the middle of a couple of conversations on gaydar when a guy contacts me on gay.com

guy: hello
GB: hi
guy: are u into Chinese guys with thick nice cock?

I guess that’s called the direct approach! There are good things and bad things about guys like this. Getting right down to basics early keeps the conversation focused, and avoids wasting time with guys who aren't interested. But when one is on the receiving end of this approach, the impression can be that the other guy is only after one thing! Now, when have I ever been interested in guys who just want me for my body?

GB: yes def, I luv Asian guys
guy: I am slim smooth n very sexy body
GB: :-)
GB: r u in london?

It turns out that the guy is quite a long way away, on the opposite side of town in fact. Even for a nice guy with all the attributes that he claims, I’d usually lose interest at this point, but in fact I need to go to buy a couple of things in central London today. So if I can combine my shopping trip with a visit to meet this guy it might make sense. We exchange pics and as far as I can tell, he’s everything he claims to be.

GB: I think u look great :-)
guy: :-)
GB: I luv asian guys like you :-))
guy: u look very nice too
GB: :-)
guy: what do u like doing in bed?

Another direct question! So we discuss what’s on the menu. In spite of the direct approach, gradually I start to get a good feeling about this guy.

guy: do u like kissing?
GB: yes I love kissing and cuddling
guy: same here
GB: great. Kiss, cuddle, *fun*, cuddle afterwards :-))
guy: are u genuine?
GB: yes of course

To prove that I’m genuine, I give him my mobile phone number and ask for his, which he’s happy to give me. I then send him a txt msg to check that I’ve got his number down right.

guy: thanx for text
guy: how recent is your pic?
guy: mine is about 8 months now
GB: pic last year - I have a more recent one, shall I send first?
guy: please
GB: ok, hang on
guy: but I have not any more pic cos I am not out
GB: no probs

I’m not sure why not being ‘out’ has anything to do with not having any more pics but I send him a more recent pic of me anyway.

guy: u look very sexy in your shorts :-)
GB: I'm actually wearing those shorts at the moment!
guy: ok lets meet or else we been here chatting all day
GB: True!!
GB: can you give me the exact address and I'll set off

But he doesn’t want to tell me yet. He’s given me the area, the road name, the full postcode, but he doesn’t want to tell me the house number! None the less, I feel that it won’t be a wasted journey. His recent line about "…or else we been here chatting all day" has a very genuine feel it, and in any case he was happy to give me his mobile phone number. As long as it really is his phone number?

GB: ok, I'll phone you in 5 minutes or so, when I'm walking to the tube station this end!
guy: ok
GB: talk to you soon x
guy: xxx

The two original gaydar conversations which I’d been having when this guy first contacted me hadn’t gone anywhere, so everything had worked out well. Putting my dirty plate from the snack lunch in the dishwasher on my way out, I tell boyfriend number 1 that I’m going to do some shopping in central London and head off. But with the prospect of a bit of fun, the shopping can wait, I’ll visit the guy first!

"Hi this is GB", I say, phoning the guy as I’m walking towards my local tube station.

"Hi", he says, although he sounds a bit awkward. But this is the first time we've actually spoken, so it's a natural reaction.

"I’m going to come and visit you now, if you're still on for it?"

"OK, how long do you think you will be?"

"Probably about 45 minutes, maybe less, is that OK?"

"Yes, I’ll wait for you."

With a couple of delays on the tube it takes the full 45 minutes to reach him. As I'm leaving the tube I get a txt msg from him with some detailed instructions on how find him, although still no house number. None the less, the good feelings that I was getting about this guy when chatting to him on gay.com are growing, it definitely feels like it's going to have been a worthwhile journey.

As I'm getting close to the road he lives in, I phone him again:

"Hi, I'm almost there", I say, "what house number are you?"

"Let me come out into the street", he replies, "see you in a sec".

And indeed, as I turn the corner into the short, leafy suburban street, I can see the guy waving at me from his front door.

"Come in", he says once I reach him, "but can you leave your shoes in the porch here?"

I duly oblige and follow him into the house. He's got a lovely cute smile, and even though he said his photo was 8 months old, it’s still a good likeness. The only noticeable difference is that he didn’t have his glasses on in the photo. Actually I always enjoy getting the kit off guys who wears glasses, because glasses somehow lend an air of respectability which makes activities seem taboo and hence more exciting!

"I'm looking after the house at the moment for a cousin, so we've got the place to ourselves :-). Can I get you a drink of anything?"

"Yes, a glass of water would be great".

He fetches me a glass of water and we head upstairs to one of the bedrooms. Laying his glasses on the bedside table, he strips down to his undershorts while I do the same. It’s another hot day of course and so before climbing onto the bed, he turns on a big fan to make it more comfortable.

“Are you in a hurry?” he asks anxiously.

“Not at all”, I say, climbing onto the bed to join him. “Let’s take it slowly eh?” and I lean forward to kiss him.

Gradually we get more involved with each other, and soon we’re both naked. It turns out that he likes having his nipples pinched or bitten very hard. Indeed his nipples are very pronounced, no doubt as a result of all the attention that they’ve received in the past. Surely that hurts him, I find myself worrying. I enjoy mild nipple play, but I’ve never seen the attraction of being hurt!

“Talk dirty to me”, he says at the finale, and soon afterwards we’re cuddling up on the bed together.

Being with him is somehow very comfortable. It’s as though we’ve known each other for ages, even though we only made contact for the first time a couple of hours ago. We end up dozing together for about 20 minutes or more, with him lying peacefully in my arms. I wake up first, and slowly run my hands up and down his naked body, just to enjoy the situation.

“Hmmm”, I whisper to him, “that’s not completely flaccid!”

“Errr what?” he says waking up, “well what do you expect when I’m lying in the arms of a nice man like you!”

Soon it’s definitely not flaccid at all, and indeed, it turns into a double cum session!

“Oh dear, look at the time”, he says afterwards. “Are you going back into town?”

“Yes, I’ve got some shopping to do.”

“Me too”, he says, “lets take the tube together. There’s quite a bit that I meant to try and get done today and if we don’t leave soon I’ll have no chance!”

While he’s getting ready to leave, I grab another glass of water from the kitchen. On the journey, we chat to each other quite a bit.

“So how come a nice guy like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?” I find myself asking.

“Well I’m not out to many people so it would be quite hard”, he replies, “and anyway, I’m very independent. Having a boyfriend would be far too much commitment!”

He’s a lovely guy, although in some ways he seems a bit cold. For example, he tells me that he always takes his holidays alone because he doesn’t like waiting around for other people too much. That’s opposite to me because I always prefer to have company on holiday! But it probably means he’s well suited to his job because he has to do a lot of travelling, all over the world in fact, and that definitely suits his independent nature.

“When can we meet again?” he asks, shortly before we go our separate ways.

“Soon I hope, although there’ll be a week in August when I’m on holiday so we’ll have to work around that.”

“Actually I’m away a bit too”, he admits, “but I’d like to see you again sometime :-)”.

“Yes definitely, me too!”

As he gets up to leave me on the crowded tube he gives me a peck on the lips. Lovely. In spite of what he says, he can’t be that closeted if he kisses men on their lips in public!


Anonymous said...

hello GB,

i am a regular reader and love your blog. just a bit suprised to see you are no longer the first result on google when you search "gay banker". don't worry i bet you'll get back on top soon

keep up the good work!


Jinx said...

A new contender for the title of BF#4 perhaps?

Single Guy said...

hey GB. Great blog...very interesting to read your tales. I wish I was just in a relationship..I cannot imagine juggling!