Thursday, May 17, 2007

A quick session with an Asian guy in London on business

A reader pointed out in a comment recently that I haven't been blogging about my encounters. What I said in reply to that comment is quite true, namely that to some extent I've got bored with playing the field online at the moment, and that I'm trying to focus on a small number of boyfriends instead. None the less, I do find myself logging in to gaydar and sometimes, and occasionally I do still find a bit of fun.

For example, a couple of months ago, it's the last Sunday in February and I get back home around lunchtime after my usual run along the river the with the guys from the gym. I log into the gay chat rooms to amuse myself while I'm eating the snack lunch I bought from the local supermarket, and while I'm looking around a guy starts chatting to me

guy: hi there
GB: hi mate :-)

While he's working out what to say next, I go and look at his profile pics. He's a great looking south-east Asian guy, probably in his early 30's.

Hmmmm, what's going on in those bushes at the back?GB: nice pics
guy: thanks, i am staying at a hotel near Regent's Park, wanna meet?
GB: sounds good, can I visit you in your hotel?
guy: how fast can u get here?
GB: about half an hour I guess, I'll take a cab
guy: i have to check out at 2:00 PM

The time is now 12:45pm, so there's only an hour and a quarter before he has to check out. This is going to have to be a very efficient operation to succeed! Working almost on auto-pilot I send him my pics, tell him my name, ask him for his name, ask him for his hotel name and room number, and give him my mobile phone number too to show him that I'm serious!

GB: do you have a mobile phone number?
guy: i don't
GB: ok, np
guy: pls be quick :-)
GB: ok I'll be there as soon as I can
guy: can u bring a couple of condoms?
GB: ahhhh OK, so what do u want to do, we can still enjoy each other's company and be safe without condoms?

We have a quick discussion about who'll do what to whom and everything makes sense.

GB: OK, but I think I've run out so I'll need to go and buy some, it'll take about 5 mins extra
guy: if possible yes
guy: but my check out time is at 2:00 PM
GB: ok no probs, see you soon

I sign off and already it's 12:55pm, it's definitely going to be a rush! At least I had a shower at the gym less than an hour ago so that's one aspect that I don't need to worry about. Grabbing my coat, I head out to the high street to try and find some condoms and then a cab. Ten minutes later, having visited the family planning section of my local Boots Chemists, I'm in a cab on my way to the hotel.

Using the Internet access on my PDA, I manage to work out the phone number of his hotel, so I give him a call to let him have an update on the situation.

"Hi it's GB :-)," I say once the switchboard has put the through to his room, "I'm in a cab now, is everything OK at your end?"

"Yes, but when do you think you'll get here," asks the guy anxiously.

"I should be with your around 1:30pm, so although it'll have to be a quick session, I think there'll be enough time :-)."

"And did you manage to get some condoms?"

"Yes mate I did," I reply, "so don't worry!"

"OK great, see you soon :-)."

I arrive in the hotel lobby just before 1:30pm, and soon I'm knocking on his bedroom door. He opens the door looking visibly relieved that I've made it on time.

"Thanks for coming quickly and at short notice," he says smiling at me.

Face to face he looks just as good as he did in his pics online, so I walk in and take my coat off. I go to sit down to take my shoes off, but he wraps his arms round me and gives me a big hug. Mmmmm, nice :-).

"You like Asian guys?" he asks.

"Yes very much!" I reply honestly.

"Hmmmm great, I like British :-)."

"It's such a pity we have to rush," I say, "I do like to cuddle up with guys after a bit of fun!"

"But unfortunately I DO have to leave at 2:00 PM to catch a flight back home," he says, releasing me from the hug, "but I come over here regularly on business, so maybe you'll be able to visit me for a longer session on my next visit."

I smile at him, and give him a gentle peck on the lips before siting down to take my shoes and socks off.

"Is it OK if I take some photos?" he asks while he watches me undress.

"Sure no problem," I say, "but can you avoid pics with my face in please?"

"Yes of course, in fact it's other bits of your anatomy that I'm more interested in!"

Once I've stripped down to my undershorts, I stand up and kiss him again. Gently I lift his dressing gown off his shoulders, and underneath he's completely naked.

"You look great," I tell him. "Hmmmm, and that's nice too," I say as I reach down and caress his undercarriage, "I can see that you're pleased to see me :-)!"

A bit later and we're both naked on his bed, enjoying each other's company.

"Oh be careful," he says suddenly, "we've got until 2:00 PM so lets make the most of it :-). I don't want to cum too soon, please don't touch me down there too much just yet!"

Gradually we get even more involved with each other. But soon I've forgotten his recent request, and as he starts to remind me its

"Hmmm nice but don't do that I'll, um, err, oh no, oh YES ..."

We both end up in a rather sticky situation, but it was very enjoyable :-). And it's still not quite 1.50pm yet!

"Lets take a quick shower together," I suggest as we lie there cooling down, "and can I have a quick glass of water as well?"

We chat a bit while we're showering. It turns out that he's also a banker, but working in NYC most of the time.

As I'm leaving, we swap email addresses, and I make sure that he's got my mobile phone number.

"It would be great to see you for a longer session on your next visit," I tell him as he lets me out of the room.

"Yes definitely, let's keep in touch :-)."

Although it was a rush, I'm glad I made the effort because he was a lovely guy. Even if he'd called for a rent boy to visit him, at such short notice I'm sure he couldn't have gotten a better service!


Jeremy said...

enjoying the different flavours huh? though i must say, doesn't the taking picture a bit of a put off? haha...i suppose its an asian thing.

GB said...

The photo thing might put some people off Jeremy, not not if one has an exhibitionist streak LOL!
GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Yay, there's the GB we've missed!!! Glad to know you're still in top form =) Thanks for entertaining us all at work!

cuteCTguy said...

Sex under pressure... and within time constraints. God like being in an exam... surprised he did not give you marks out of 10. :-)

EmmaK said...

I bet what made it so hot was the time constraints. Enjoyed reading that.

gayboydiary said...

Sounds like organising a military operation! So much pressure!

GBD xxx

Snoskred said...

Hi, it's Snoskred here. You may already know this but I'm just dropping by to let you know that I read your blog with google reader whenever you update, and that I enjoy your blog. I'm re-doing my links on my blog, and I have linked to you in the sidebar.

It's my task for the day which I've been meaning to do for a while.. ;)