Friday, April 27, 2007

An update on all my boyfriends

Although I've been a bit quiet on the subject recently, I'm still seeing various guys for fun :-). Back in February, including boyfriend number 1 there were six guys that got some kind of Valentine's day wish from me. Since then I've met all of them at least once, except boyfriend number 2 because he lives in a different country. But if all goes well I hope to visit him soon.

Boyfriend number 3 has been getting on well with the guy that he's been seeing on and off for ages now, so unfortunately he's had less time for me. But I did see him last Wednesday :-). He was in quite a horny mood because almost as soon as I got through the door he had me strip off, so we had a fun time together as usual. He's always really anxious in case his main man finds out that he plays around, even though it quite a casual arrangement, and even though they've never agreed monogamy. I told him that he should just tell this guy that he's committed to him, but on a 'non-exclusive basis'!

I still see my gorgeous Japanese masseur too. Sometimes we go running together along the river, but I'm never quite sure what the situation is with his business partner who's also gay. I'm sure they've been boyfriends in the past, and somehow the business partner makes me feel that I'm intruding on his patch. But the last two times I saw my gorgeous Japanese masseur we had very enjoyable sessions, although I won't see him for a couple of weeks now because his family will soon be visiting him from rural Japan.

Unfortunately I've only seen the cute Chinese guy once since last November. We hooked up a few weeks ago after work. On that occasion, he told me that he's working very late most weekdays, and also going abroad on business a lot too. I can imagine that I'll carry on seeing him occasionally, on a very irregular basis.

The last guy that I sent a Valentine's day wish to was the wonderful guy that I first met in mid-January. In total now, I've only seen him three times. I think he's more interested in finding a full time boyfriend, rather than hooking up with guys like me. I last saw him in mid March, and since then he hasn't responded to my occasional txt msgs. Perhaps I'll send him one more txt msg, and if he doesn't reply to that one either then I'll have to assume that he's not interested any more :-(.

Apart from that, I've also met a few new guys of course :-). After all, variety is the spice of life!

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S said...

So glad to hear you're still up and running, so to speak! I've got two new things...a blog and a cute Australian guy, (jealous? =)) and to find out about the second one you must visit the first one! Check this blog for the link to my new blog.

XoX S.