Friday, August 23, 2013

An enjoyable 24 hours

Shortly after I posted about the possibility of finding a new boyfriend via this blog, I received a cute email from a guy called R with the title "Boyfriend application! :-D". The email started as follows:

Hi GB,

So GB, I came across your blog post on 'Might I be able to find a boyfriend via this blog?'. I have been reading your blog for years now passively and always wanted to meet you but never thought it would be possible until now. I don't want you to dismiss me as I write no blog but I do have Gaydar and Facebook. I have no idea what type of men you go for but I get the feeling I am probably too young for you, having read your post as I have no idea how old you are!

In my post 'Might I be able to find a boyfriend via this blog?', I wanted anyone who was interested in meeting me to have a good idea about how I can find out a lot about them in advance of any meeting. Otherwise a meeting is unfair, because someone who's read my blog obviously knows a huge amount about me. So it was good that R had thought about that, because the last section of his email contained links to both his Gaydar and Facebook pages. I visit both pages and immediately see that he's a lovely looking Indian guy :-). However, he is quite a young guy, so I send him the following reply:

Hi R, thanks for your email :-).

Nice profiles, although as you suspected, if you were my boyfriend it would unfortunately break the N/2+7 rule that I mentioned in my recent post about moving on. However, I don't see any harm in meeting up at some point, because now that I'm single again, I think it's good to keep myself busy etc and I always enjoy chatting to new people :-).

All the best for now, GB xxx

It wasn't possible to meet up before I went on holiday to Italy, but on my return, I contact R again and we agree a day when we can meet up for dinner.

The day arrives and at around 9am in the morning, while I'm wondering what will happen when I meet R in the evening, a txt msg arrives from a Chinese guy that who'd contacted me via Jack'd about three weeks earlier. We hadn't ended up meeting each other when we'd been chatting previously, but for some reason, today the guy wants to try and meet me so I agree to meet him for a mid-morning coffee. We get on OK, although it turns out that he's got various things that he has to do that morning. However, he suggests that I accompany him on all his errands, so we spend around an hour wandering around together. He even ends up holding my hand at one point, ostensibly to stop me crossing the road in front of a car.

"Can I visit your place briefly?" he says, resurrecting a suggestion that was made during the mid-morning coffee, "it would be nice to see where you live :-)".

As he asks me the question, he's caressing my waist underneath my polo shirt, and as I turn round to face him he gives me a long sensual kiss on the lips, even though we're in public with lots of people around. Wow, although I've given guys little pecks on their cheeks in public places, I've never kissed like that in public before! With all the errands that he'd been doing, I'd hadn't been sure where everything was headed, but now I start to think that perhaps I'm going to get to know him better after all :-). We take a short tube ride to get to my house, and as soon as we get inside my front door we kiss each other again, this time much more deeply. I pour two glasses of orange juice, and sitting on my sofa to drink the juice and chat, he starts to rub me in my trouser region.

"So are you interested in dating me?" he asks, unbuttoning the waistband of my trousers and pulling the zip down.

"Errr, yes of course," I say, slightly distracted by what's going on downstairs, "you seem like a very genuine guy to me :-). But I only split up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. At this stage I'm not going to commit to date anyone exclusively. In fact, I'm actually meeting another new guy for dinner tonight :-)."

He frowns, as though he was hoping for an exclusive dating commitment. However, he then suddenly reaches inside my undershorts and gets my willy out!

"I'm really looking for a boyfriend at the moment," he says, randomly caressing my willy as it hardens up, "and I don't want to waste my time with someone if they're not interested in me as a potential boyfriend."

"Let's go out for a nice dinner soon," I say, now almost completely distracted by what his hands are doing, "I think that's the next step, is that OK?"

"OK sure :-)," and with that he puts my now erect willy back in my trousers!

"Sorry to tease you," he continues, "but you know that I've got a lot to do today, so I really need to get going. This guy that you're meeting tonight, are you having a date with him?"

"Actually I'm not really sure how best to define it," I answer honestly, "although I suppose that it may turn out to be a date!"

A short while later, standing just inside my front door, we kiss each other deeply again. But then he opens the door and we say goodbye to each other. His manipulation of my trouser region was a bit bizarre and leaves me feeling mildly frustrated, although I decide not to finish off the job that he left undone!

A few hours later, and I'm in a taxi on my way to meet R. We'd exchanged a couple of txt msgs during the day to confirm all the details about when and where we're meeting. However, I deliberately hadn't sent him any pics or links to any of my online profiles, so that I could keep some mystery about what I look like until the last possible moment.

"Hi, I'm GB :-))," I say, walking up to R with a big smile on my face, "I hope you're not disappointed, now that you know what I look like in real life?"

"I thought you'd be probably dressed a bit smarter," replies R, looking me up and down, "since you're a banker!"

"I've been reading your blog on and off for years," he continues, as we walk towards the restaurant that he's booked, "so I had built up a mental image of you. The reality is different of course, but reasonably in line with what I was expecting :-)."

At first, conversation is a bit difficult, but it gradually becomes a bit easier as we get to know each other. Once seated in the restaurant, we order a bottle of wine, and soon we've ordered some food as well.

"You're a bit of a snob about wine, aren't you GB," says R with a grin on his face, "telling that waiter that the wines on the wine list are a bit 'young'!"

"I'm sorry," I answer defensively, "it's just that I keep a wine cellar at home that's got red wine that's much more mature than what's available here. But I'm just joking around, if mature wine had really been important I'd have suggested a different restaurant :-)."

To start with he's got quite a lot of questions for me, wanting me to fill in some of the details that I deliberately leave out of my blog posts.

"You never say what kind of activities you get up to!" says R, looking at me inquisitively.

"Well I'm not a fan of all that Top versus Bottom terminology," I answer, "because I'm far more interested in the guy's personality than what role he prefers for anal sex. Orgasms are great but they don't last very long. However, you can cuddle a nice guy all night :-)."

"I know what you mean!" answers R, "I'll try anything once, but sometimes it's the spooning that I'm really looking for :-)."

We take a long time over dinner, and as we gradually get some of the wine inside us, the conversation flows much more easily.

During the course of the evening, I get a couple of txt msgs from the Chinese guy that I had met for coffee in the morning. First it's simply

How is the guy

and I excuse myself briefly from chatting to R to send him an answer

Fine, having dinner now :-)

but then he asks:

U like him or it's OK or it's not ur type. Lol

What on earth is going on? I know that this guy held my willy briefly, but we've only spent about two hours in each other's company and he's asking questions like a jealous boyfriend.

"I met a guy from Jack'd for coffee this morning," I say to R, "and I told him that I was having dinner with someone tonight. I'm pretty sure that he wants to be my next boyfriend, because he seems to be worried in case I like you!"

"Wow, but how do you get all these guys falling for you?" asks R, with a bit of a jealous tone in his voice.

"Don't ask me, but I don't think I'm interested in guys like him. He's trying to rush into a relationship at a ridiculously fast pace, and it's VERY uncool!"

At several stages during dinner I notice that our knees are touching under the table, sometimes for quite long periods of time. That kind of touching can sometimes be the precursor to a lot more intimacy, and if either of us were straight we'd almost certainly change our position to avoid that kind of touching. However, as gay guys who're slowly becoming comfortable with each other, neither of us feels the need to behave like straight guys.

"I'll pay for dinner :-)," says R later, when it's time to leave.

"Oh you don't have to do that," I protest, "I'm more than happy to pay half, or all the bill …"

"No," interrupts R decisively, "I chose the restaurant so I'm going to pay!"

"OK, but shall we go for another drink somewhere?" I ask.

"Yes sure, that would be nice :-)"

"In which case, let me pay for the drinks at the next place!"

We find a nice bar just around the corner from the restaurant, which has great views of the river.

"I wonder if they do cocktails here?" I say out loud, as we find a table, "Perhaps mojitos would be nice? Anyway, what would you like to drink?"

"Surprise me!" answers R, "as I said earlier, I'll try anything once!"

"OK, let me go and see what they've got :-)."

It turns out that they don't do any cocktails, so I end up getting a bottle of Chablis.

"We don't need to drink it all," I say when I get back to the table, "after all, a bottle of wine each is quite a lot in one evening!"

"We're certainly both going to be a little drunk if we do," replies R, but he's smiling so he doesn't seem to care.

As the second bottle of slowly wine slips down, we find ourselves becoming slightly more touchy-feely with each other.

"You'd look good if you shaved your head," says R, rubbing my hair all over with one of his hands.

"I don't think that's my style," I say, "I've certainly never imagined myself with a shaved head."

"Well I think you'd look good anyway!"

And then, shortly afterwards:

"Why don't you grow your sideburns a bit longer?" and as he asks the question he strokes the side of my face where he's suggesting that I don't shave.

"I suppose I could do, but I guess I've just got used to having them short like this :-)."

Looking up, I smile and look into his eyes, and find that he's doing the same to me. No doubt all the wine has had an effect because our heads are suddenly quite close, and then it happens. We kiss each other deeply! Before today I'd never given another guy a proper kiss in public, but now I've done it twice, and with two different guys as well!! I look round but no one seems to notice, and if they have noticed, they certainly don't care.

"Would you like to see where I live?" I ask, smiling at him. I know that it might not be a good idea inviting a blog reader back home, but thanks to the wine, I don't care.

R nods his head and smiles at me.

"It would be nice to have someone to cuddle tonight :-)," I say still smiling, although I'm thinking that if I do get him into bed with me, I'll probably find it impossible not to touch his willy!

"Yes it would," answers R, "as you know, I do like spooning :-)".

Within half an hour, we've taken a taxi together and we're back at my house. I give him a small unused toothbrush to use, that I'd been given by an airline at some point when I'd been flying business class, and soon we've both used the bathroom and are climbing into bed wearing just our undershorts. Immediately R moves into a spooning position facing away from me, so I wrap my arms around him tightly around his chest and kiss him gently on the back of his neck.

"This is nice," I say quietly, "I really miss going to sleep cuddling a nice guy like you!"

We lay like that for a couple of minutes, with one of my arms resting under his neck and curling up to hold his chest, and the other arm lying on top of him and reaching down to hold his stomach. But I can't resist, here I am with a gorgeous young Indian man in my bed, and there's no reason why I can't try and take things a bit further! Slowly the arm that's lying on top and holding his stomach reaches further down to investigate what might be inside his undershorts.

"Mmmm :-)," I say, feeling the outline of his hardening equipment through his undershorts, "that feels very nice :-). Perhaps it would be even nicer to sleep without wearing our undershorts?"

I move to remove mine, and without a word, he does the same. Soon we're kissing and cuddling and starting to play with each other. We don't hurry, and nature gradually takes it course :-).

"I guess I was a bit naïve!" says R afterwards, "to think that we were just going to cuddle all night!"

But I don't feel at all guilty, because R was a very willing participant :-). We spend the rest of the night cuddling each other, with either my arms wrapped around him, or his arms wrapped around me, or cuddling each other face to face, or just lying by each other side by side gently touching one another.

"I'd be happy to date you," says R the next morning over breakfast, "if our ages were a bit closer."

"Well indeed," I reply smiling at him, "I think that's an accurate assessment of the way I feel about it too! But in any case, I hope we can be friends :-)."

He smiles back at me, but then I notice something.

"Oh no," I say, looking at my mobile phone, "I've got yet another text message from that persistent guy that I met for coffee yesterday morning!"

I send the persistent guy a bland reply while R goes to have a look in my wardrobe. He doesn't want to go to work wearing the same shirt as the day before, but luckily he manages to pick out a shirt of mine that fits him sufficiently well that it won't be obvious that he didn't go home last night.

"It's been good meeting you GB :-)," says R as he's leaving, "and have a good day!"

"You too!" I say, giving him a peck on the cheek, "take care :-)."

A little later, shortly before 9am, I hear my mobile phone ringing. I pick it up, and I'm amazed to see that it's the persistent guy that I met for coffee yesterday morning.

"… so did you sleep with him last night," the guy asks.

It's absolutely none of his business!

"But did you?" he asks again, after my first attempt to evade the question.

"But I thought you were a shy guy!" he says, once I've admitted the truth.

So as well as asking inappropriate questions, he's a bad judge of character too!

I manage to end the phone call after a couple of minutes, and then I reflect on everything that's happened over the last 24 hours. Overall it's been very enjoyable :-). I've given two different guys proper kisses in public for the first time. The gorgeous young Indian guy definitely more than made up for the intrusive behaviour of the guy that I met for coffee. But in one way it was also good to meet that guy for coffee. I now know that at least there's one guy out there who would be prepared to be my boyfriend!


Anonymous said...

The other guy is a stalker! I would be freaked out!

GB said...

Possibly, recent anonymous commenter (whoever you are). But I think that my theory, that he's an intrinsically nice guy who's got no idea about how to get a boyfriend, is still most likely!

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

yes you're right he's an intrinsically nice guy probably , though he needs to take things more slowly and casually if eventually he wants to grow on you, especially given the emotional place you're at right now. well done for the public kisses ! it is becoming easier these days isn't it ?

GB said...

Exactly, recent anonymous commenter (whoever you are).

In fact, the day after this all happened, R asked me by email what I was going to do about this guy. I told him "I think I'm going to go out for dinner with him sometime and give him some dating advice", to which he replied "Ahahah, you are too funny GB, I can't stop laughing in the office!" Anyway, as yet there's been no resolution of the situation.

GB xxx

Joe said...

you seemed to mistype your age formula. as it is, you won't be able to find anyone ;-)

GB said...

Thanks Joe, you're quite right, I had N/7+2 when I meant N/2+7 LOL! Although in fact, the formula with the mistake means that much much younger guys would be allowed. But I'm definitely only interested in men, not boys, so I've corrected it now :-).

GB xxx

Unknown said...

GB, quite enjoying the re-invigorated blog ;-)

GB said...

Thank you for your support, Praneil. When I was with ex-boyfriend T, a succession of posts saying "Another nice night cuddling boyfriend T in front of the telly" would probably have annoyed readers a lot more than my lack of posts! In any case, all of a sudden I've got a few things to write about :-).

GB xxx

Cody LeChat said...

GB--what about your shirt? Did the guy return it, or did you keep his as an even trade?

GB said...

Good question, Cody :-). Actually, since R is a blog reader, I guess I can ask here, LOL:

"R, can I have my shirt back at some point :-)? But no immediate hurry!"

If you trust someone enough to engage in activities, and to sleep naked with them in bed overnight in your house, I think you can trust them with a shirt :-).

GB xxx