Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dinners and dating

Since I split up with ex-boyfriend T, I've been trying to move on with my life by meeting new guys for the occasional encounter. But I've also now started meeting new guys for dinner too :-). Of course, even if I find someone appropriate, it'll be many many months before I would want to consider calling them my boyfriend. Nonetheless, since I've always enjoyed meeting new people, I figure that it doesn't hurt to meet someone for dinner because it gets me out in the evening and hence stops me brooding over the end of my relationship with ex-boyfriend T!

So far, I have two sources of guys to meet for dinner. One is the Asian dating website fridae, and the other is this blog. A couple of weeks ago, I said that in some circumstances I'm now prepared to meet people who email me as a result of reading my blog, and so far I've had a several requests. Most of the requests are just for guys to meet me rather than a request for a 'date', but that's perfectly fine with me because as I said, it's usually fun meeting new guys socially :-). One nice thing is that some of the guys who've asked to meet me are guys that I've written Dear GB posts for in the past. Over the years I've built up pen-pal type of friendships with several such guys, simply as a result of all the emails about their particular situations, so it's nice to be able to finally meet a few of them face to face.

Amongst all these new guys, there's also my Thai friend B, who I went on holiday with last month. Although I really really like him, and although I think that we've always got on very well together (particularly well on our recent holiday), some of the things that he's done recently suggest that I won't be able to turn the friendship into boyfriendship. That's a big pity :-(, because in my mind there are lots of reasons why we'd be good for each other. However, since there seem to be lots of other guys to keep me occupied at the moment, I'm not going to let the situation with B worry me too much!


Immanuel said...

You have the right attitude. Take dating slow and enjoy hourself and let your heart continue to heal. You will be fine!
Immanuel at

Anonymous said...

It seems your dating preference is mostly Asians. Why is It so? Your first bf isn't an Asian, what prompted you to make the "switch"?

GB said...

Well, recent Anonymous commenter (whoever you are), if you look at the 6 guys that I've met for fun about since I split up with ex-boyfriend T, only two of them are were Asian. But as a general principle, I find it interesting to meet guys from other backgrounds and cultures, so I guess that biases me a bit away from Caucasian.

GB xxx