Sunday, September 25, 2005

Internet cruising guys are still as unreliable as ever

Amazingly, over the past month I’ve been too busy to find anyone to meet from gaydar or What on earth has happened to my sex drive? I’m starting to think there’s something wrong with me. Hopefully the reality is just to do with the fact that I was away on holiday in late August, then off to France to be best man at a wedding, as well as being busy with other stuff. There’s also part of me that’s trying to focus on boyfriend number 1, as we continue the wait for our relationship counselling to start.

In the past, for some inexplicable reason has been a fertile hunting ground early on Monday mornings (Fun before work on a Monday morning (again!)). Other mornings are dead quiet! So last Monday I try logging into to see if I can a bit of fun.

It takes quite a while but eventually I’m contacted by a guy from South London

guy: hi
GB: hi
guy: how r u?
GB: just woken up, u?
guy: woke up at 3am. u going to work soon?
GB: I don't need to be at work for a while
guy: ok. looking for?

I’m never sure if this is a good sign or not. Certainly it’s only the most cruisey guys that ask such a direct question so quickly. But given that the guy knows that I have to get to work this morning, it’s good that he’s not wasting any time. I answer his question, then he wants to see pictures of me. And then he asks me how big my cock is! We exchange pics (and the other details). But whereabouts in London is he? All of this could still be for nothing ...

GB: so where r u?
guy: camberwell, can u travel to me?

Damm! It’s not a very long way, but being honest with myself it’s just not going to be feasible to visit him before work.

GB: would be nice to meet u sometime, not sure about going all the way to camberwell before work
guy: like to meet u too sometime.
guy: :-)
GB: ok, I work in the city, perhaps I could visit you lunchtime or early eve?
guy: cool
GB: would it be OK for me to visit lunchtime today then?
guy: sure

Great! We exchange mobile phone numbers

guy: i might be sleeping lunch time but call me b4 ok
GB: I'll send u a txt

So maybe I’ll get a bit of fun today after all :-)

But it wasn’t to be :-(

I send him a txt msg at 11:30am, and another just before 2pm, but no reply. Finally, around 6pm I get a reply

guy: Sorry was sleeping like a log. Really like to meet you. Will let you know again. regards

So what exactly does that mean "Will let you know again"? The possibility of a meeting with a guy like this at some indeterminate time in the future is like a broken pencil – completely pointless! I try and pin him down with a couple of txt msgs but he doesn’t reply to my second txt msg.

I bet I know what happened. He’ll have carried on cruising while I went to work. So he probably had a shag, and given that he was up at 3am he would have felt tired after the shag and fallen soundly asleep, just like he said. Not exactly the same as the wank-factor, but the effect is very similar!

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