Sunday, April 30, 2006

A bit of fun before a run

It’s late afternoon on the Saturday around three weeks ago, and I’m logged into while working on something else. I’d almost forgotten that I was logged in when a private message box pops up. There’s someone who wants to talk to me :-)

guy: hello
GB: hi m8
guy: nice pics on your profile
GB: thanks

While the preliminary introductions are happening I take a bit of time to look at his profile. He’s a nice looking Asian guy, about 30 years old, with a cute smile. Gorgeous!

guy: got any pics with your face in?
GB: sure, I’ll send them. So where in London are you?

It turns out that he’s about a 20 minute taxi ride away, a bit further than I would prefer to go, but not too far. The only problem is that I’ll be going out with boyfriend number 1 soon, so there isn’t time to visit him today.

GB: would love to visit you sometime, but can’t do now, is tomorrow morning any good?
guy: what time?
GB: I could try and arrive between 9.30am and 10am, would that work?
guy: fine
GB: great, I’ll phone you around 9am before I set off
guy: OK
guy: what will you be wearing?

Interesting question, but why does it matter? Perhaps he’s got some interesting fetish or fantasy?

GB: what would you like me to wear?
guy: could you wear a suit

Sounds like he does have some fantasy about smart English guys perhaps, but I'm not sure I'll be able to help because it would look very strange to boyfriend number 1. I’ll be telling boyfriend number 1 that I’m off to the gym of course, and leaving for the gym in a suit wouldn’t look at all right!

GB: I think that would be difficult
guy: OK no problem, wear whatever u want.
GB: ok thx, look forward to meeting u 2moz

So it’s all agreed.

The next day, and after some relaxing dozy cuddles with boyfriend number 1, I get up around 8.30am leaving boyfriend number 1 in bed. I need to phone the guy to check that it's still OK to visit, so I go to the opposite end of the house where boyfriend number 1 shouldn't be able to hear me.

"Hi, this is GB", I start quietly, "is it still OK to visit you this morning."

"Errr, sure", and he pauses. "Sorry, I'm just waking up! What time will you be here?"

"Is 9.30am to 10am still OK?"

"Fine. Don't ring the doorbell when you arrive though, give me a call and I'll let you in."

It sounds like he normally spends a bit longer in bed on Sunday mornings. However I often go running with some of the other guys from the gym on Sunday mornings, so for me the big question is whether I'll be able to have some fun and make it to the gym in time for the run.

Leaving home around 9am, I manage to find a cab quite quickly. The roads are empty and I actually arrive a few minutes before 9.30am. But when I phone him to let me in there's no reply. Ahhh well, I guess it's my fault for being early.

It feels slightly uncomfortable waiting around in the open, in this quiet leafy suburban London street. I start to wonder whether any of the neighbours will spot me hanging around, and what they might think if they do see me. But before my mind conjures up too many scenarios my phone rings.

"Hi are you outside?"

He must have spotted the missed call on his mobile phone.


"OK hang on and I'll let you in."

Soon the door is opening.

"Come in, be quiet though, I think my housemates are still asleep."

Face to face he looks even better than in his photos. We head upstairs.

"I share this house with five other people", he explains quietly, "so we should try not to make too much noise."

He shows me into his bedroom, which is one of the rooms at the back of the house. Most of the room is taken up by two single beds of different heights, with not much room for much else! But it's cozy enough.

"Are all your housemates gay?" I ask out of curiosity. A lot of gay guys in London don't like having guys round for sex when their housemates are in.

"It used to be 100% gay, but now a straight couple has got one of the rooms", he explains. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Errr sure, can I have water, no actually do you have any fruit juice?"

"Let me see what's in the fridge."

While he's gone I strip off, and by the time he gets back I'm sitting on one of the beds, naked apart from my undershorts. I stand up as he walks towards me.

"Hmmm, nice body", he says, "I bet you go to the gym a lot".

"Yes I do enjoy the gym", I confess, as I take a glass of what looks like orange juice from him.

Once the glass is in my hand, he runs his hand down my body and caresses me gently through my undershorts. "That feels nice", he says, as I murmur appreciatively. I take a quick sip of fruit juice, put it down on the shelf, and sit down on the bed.

"Why don't you come and sit on the bed with me", I suggest helpfully.

Once he's sitting on the bed, I put my arm round him. He smiles as he turns to face me. Gently I lift his T-shirt over his head. "You've got a nice body too!"

"Thanks", he replies.

Slowly we get started. We don't rush, and have a very enjoyable time. Afterwards we just lie there, cuddling each other.

"So where are you from originally?" I ask him casually.

"Well my family is from Hong Kong".

"Really?" I say, "I've been there a few times. So you like 'gwei lo' then!"

When I was in Hong Kong in 2002, L had taught me that 'Gwei lo' is Cantonese 'ghost face', which is the term that all the locals there use for caucasians.

He laughs. "Yes I do like 'gwei lo', can't you tell!"

We cuddle each other for maybe half an hour. Lying in his arms is lovely. But suddenly I remember that I'm meant to be down the gym.

"What time is it? I'm meant to be meeting some guys to go running along the river!"

He calls me a cab, which seems to take ages to arrive. Luckily though, I get to the gym just as they're about to set off, and they're happy to wait for me to change. Feeling a bit frisky after the session, I manage to do one of my better times over the distance!


Anonymous said...

Suitably impressed! :-)

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the energy??

Anonymous said...

I was thinking you were going to find out the OJ wasnt actually OJ the way you said "what looks like orange juice"