Monday, April 17, 2006

A very long online conversation

Every now and then when I've been on gaydar or, the guy I've been talking to has suggested chatting on MSN instead. So gradually I've built up a collection of contacts on MSN but there's one problem - for the most part I can't remember who they all are because there's no way of connecting them back to their gaydar or profiles.

On Saturday, just over two weeks ago, I'm signed into MSN when one of these contacts starts chatting to me.

guy: hello
GB: hello
guy: would love a session with u

OK that’s nice :-), but who are you?

GB: gr8. do u have a gaydar profile?
guy: no, do you

Hmmm, strange, how come I have him in my contact list? We must have met online elsewhere. I decide to tell him my gaydar profile name, and continue chatting to get a few more clues. After a bit more conversation everything becomes clear

GB: do u have a profile?
guy: we met through fridae
GB: ahhh ok, whats ur fridae profile name then?

I don’t use fridae much, although I have mentioned it here before. As soon as he answers I know exactly who he is. He’s the Asian guy that I e-mailed last year to say that I’d rather meet up face to face than receive the fridae “hearts” that he regularly seems to send me.

GB: so where r u in London and can u accom, unfort I cant?
guy: yes sometimes, when friend is not around
GB: where r u based?

He tells me where he lives, which is a bit of a trek for me, but to not too far

GB: ok sure, that works, can u accom today?

But he avoids the question

guy: do u have any pics to exchange?
GB: sure, lets swap pics

We use the file transfer system on MSN to send our pictures to each other.

guy: wow, u r very sexy and goodlooking
GB: thanks
guy: u make me very horny now. I want to take your trousers off

I bet he says that to all the boys!

guy: r u married
GB: not married, do have bf though
guy: living together
GB: yes actually

and so the conversation continues. But he seems to ask a lot of questions

guy: is your bf white guy?
guy: u like oriental?
guy: u like younger guy?
guy: do u like older oriental guy?
guy: do u work every day
guy: do u like to meet up after work for some hot fun before home
guy: where is your office
guy: do u finish after 5pm
guy: u wear suit and tie to work
guy: do u cum very easily

Occasionally he seems keen to meet

guy: I want to have fun with u
GB: can u accom now?

But he never answers the question! It’s getting frustrating.

guy: I am just so hard and horny now
GB: me too m8, so would be good to meet
guy: what is m8
GB: m8 = mate
guy: I C, I'm new to this and kind of nervous and hope you don't mind
guy: but want to have sex with you very often though
GB: lets see how we get on when we first meet, might well be poss regularly if we like each other
guy: would you teach me too and we can explore a lot more sexual technique together

Hmmm, suddenly I know there’s one question I have to ask him

GB: ok. Have you been with any guyz before? Be honest, doesn't matter

There’s a small pause in the otherwise fluid conversation, then he answers

guy: no
guy: u will be my first one
GB: I'd love to be, I'd treat u carefully
guy: u don't mind me inexperienced
GB: no, I was wondering why you were asking so many questions
guy: and being a virgin too
GB: don't worry. So you've been with girls before, or not girls either? doesn't matter
guy: don't like girl and never with girl either
GB: so when would u like me to visit u?

I don’t mind being with inexperienced guys at all, but given the way the conversation has gone, I can’t help thinking that he’ll just keep talking without ever committing. Already we’ve been chatting for 40 minutes!

guy: do u like to sleep over sometimes
GB: usually sleep with bf, but love sleeping with other guys too
guy: love to smell your cock and balls and play with it in your sleep
GB: I even went on holiday with a second boyfriend last year
guy: you've two boyfriends?
GB: well I’ve got a main bf, but a few others too
guy: u must be a great lover !

Well, whatever the truth about that is, I’m not going to deny such a nice compliment! But we’re not getting anywhere :-(

GB: any chance of a meet today?
guy: need to see when my friend is going out, he doesn't know I like white guy

And we end up chatting a bit more. So I try to help the arrangements along by getting his postcode

GB: whats your exact postcode, so I can work out roughly where you are using

But he only gives me half the postcode, and it’s inconsistent with the information he gave me earlier when I asked him where he's based!

GB: Hmmm, that postcode isn’t right, or you don’t live in the area you mentioned earlier! Can't you be honest with me?

He gives me the right postcode for the area, but still only half the postcode

GB: and the rest of the postcode?
guy: we can meet in a hotel to start
GB: I guess we could if that’s what you want. I usually meet guys in their homes though
guy: you and I are so horny
GB: I'd like to meet you. Really. But I am wondering if you're one of the guys that just likes to talk and talk and never commits to a meeting
guy: like talking and meeting and playing but I got to feel comfortable first and be ready mentally, GB
guy: I don't want to feel like a whore !!
GB: ok sure
guy: it may be easier for you as you're experienced and had a bf
GB: yes that's true
guy: to me, it's a new step
GB: yes of course
guy: and never try that before, i hope you understand
GB: yes of course
guy: u will be my first guy
GB: my advice though is to meet me (or someone) soon. You can worry endlessly and never get to the point of meeting someone. It's always a step in the dark something like this, so unfortunately you really need the NIKE attitude "Just do it" !!!

We chat a bit about a possible meeting date, but then he’s back to asking questions

guy: do u have any cock pics you can send me
GB: sry no - that would make ME feel like a whore. Lets discuss how to arrange a meeting. Would monday eve be any good?
guy: I'm thinking to book a hotel room for the first time meeting

The dilemma is simple. If the guy is a time-waster and has no intention of ever meeting me, I should just quit the chat immediately because he’s not being honest. But if he is being honest, and all this indecision is because he really hasn’t ever been with a guy before, then the kind thing to do is to try and coax him into meeting me so that he can get his first time behind him.

GB: do you have any idea where?
guy: I want the first time to be special
GB: don't expect too much from your first meeting, as I said, "Just do it" !!
guy: I want fun and passion and good experience and to feel your flesh longer and want to make you cum a few times
GB: ok sure
guy: do u like 69 together
GB: yes, but as I said, we need to work out how to meet, further discussion about activities isn't necessary
guy: what is your stats
GB: stats not necessary since you've seen my pic
guy: is your cock big
GB: if you want to discuss meeting, thats fine with me
guy: want to discuss meeting and sex too. i'm dripping and very horny
GB: ok, but the way it works with me, is that once I've decided its ok to meet someone, there's no point talking about sex any more, because its so much better meeting up face to face. So if you're going to talk and not ever meet, I'm sorry but I'm not interested in just talk
guy: i want both, please don't be so hard on me
GB: it looks as though you can't meet today, but I'd like to meet you sometime
GB: I don't mean to be hard on you, but I've got other things to do today, sorry
GB: I've been chatting to you for well over an hour I think, because I'd like to meet you

There’s a pause, he’s not saying anything. And then

guy: I want to wank off with you online GB

Finally he tells me something I can believe!

GB: I don't do that, I only have sex with guys face to face, cybersex is very third rate
guy: I will cum any min now
GB: well I wish I woz there, but I can't help you at this distance, I wish I cud
guy: love your hands holding my cock and balls
GB: sure, anyway happy to meet but must go now. Let me know if you wanna meet. xxx

And I quit the chat. So it was the wank factor after all! But perhaps he is genuine in that he hasn’t met up with a guy for a session before? Was I too hard on him?


Anonymous said...

I hate guys like that. I get random people all the time who always start the same way, usually just inquisitive guys asking about what I look like and whether I'm involved, and then try to inch their way into hearing all the gory details of my sex life, usually under the guise of "I'm an Indian/Turkish/Egyptian man who is saving myself for my wedding night, please tell me all about how you like sex so I'm prepared!"

Of course, when I tell them that sort of information is neither none of their business nor do I have any intention of answering these questions, their real reasons for chatting with me come out, almost always involving lines like "my thing is got big and hard! I'm taking it from my pants for YOU!!!!" That's when I get very amused and post the logs on my page.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like he was hard on you. What a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading's so funny, really make me


Anonymous said...

i recall that there are many guys who like to talk endlessly and as i was reading your blog entry i kinda agree that it can get quite frustrating ... on the other hand, this kind of talk is enough for most people who never venture beyond the threshold of dirty talking ... if i were u i will do what i think many guys will do - tell him "dun waste my time - if you want to meet, lets arrange something; otherwise find someone else to yak with"! :p

Anonymous said...

That sounds frustrating. Just reading it annoyed me! I'm impressed with your patience! GB(D)

Anonymous said...

You're my new favorite read. I love the juxtaposition of proper english gentleman and hot fuck boy.

Anonymous said...

last i checked 'oriental' referred to a carpet...

would an asain guy call himself 'oriental?
me thinks not!

who the hell is the flake?

GB said...

Actually stevie, I think some Asian guys do use the term oriental, searching on google certainly seems to suggest they do. Why do you think they never do?

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

I think I could have left the office, picked up someone after a few drinks at a bar, taken them home and kinked them out in the time it took to just read about this conversation! LOL

But as always, loved the tale

Anonymous said...

Bit unrelated, but just out of curiosity, Boyfriend number 1... does he know about this site? and aren't you worried about people finding it and linking it to you?

GB said...

For all I know anonymous, whoever you are, bf#1, bf#2 and bf#3 are all avid readers. Of course, they do all know that I meet various guys for fun.

If I carry the site on for long enough though, presumably someone who knows me, or perhaps someone I meet for fun, will indeed make the connection. Interesting times ahead ....

GB x

Anonymous said...

I hate time wasters... There are plenty of areas online, including on for cybersex or phonesex.

You're very into Asian's I noticed. I'm not really, though I was born in S.Korea (not asian myself) I love your blog!