Sunday, April 02, 2006

An entertaining session before work

I don't often meet guys for fun before work, but when I do I always think I should try and do it more often because it puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. In February I visited a "straight" guy for a bit of fun before work on Valentines day, and last month too there was one occasion when a bit of fun before work was possible.

It was on the Tuesday morning almost three weeks ago. I'm logged into gaydar while eating my breakfast when I receive an online message from a guy who's looking for someone to visit him as soon as possible. So I reply to him saying that I'm interested, but tell him to contact me in the gaydar chat system. The chat system is a much more immediate way of communicating, and since this meeting needs to be arranged quickly if it's to happen, much more appropriate for the present situation.

But then I see that he's already in the chat system, so why did he send me an online message? Perhaps because with online messages you can ask to be notified when the other person reads the message, whereas in the chat system you can't get feedback like that. Anyway, I decide to take the initiative so instead of waiting for him to contact me, I use the chat system and contact him

GB: hi mate, I just replied to the online msg you sent me, I could visit you before work if you're not too far away from my office
guy: sounds good, where's your office?

It turns out that he isn't too far from where I work so it's very feasible. After exchanging pics and mobile phone numbers, I get his address before logging off and heading for the bathroom. Twenty minutes later I'm in a cab on my way to visit him.

When I arrive though, it's not obvious where to find his apartment block so I give him a call on his mobile

"Hi this is GB, I've arrived at the road you said but I can't find your building."

"OK, see the tall tower block?" he says.

There's only one, so its not difficult. "Sure."

"Well my apartment is on the 16th floor! See you soon :-)"

Wow, he must have some good views. In fact the entrance to the tower block is on a different road to the road he told me about when we were chatting on gaydar so I have a short walk to reach the entrance. But within five minutes I'm in the lift on the way up to the 16th floor. Once I've rung the doorbell it only takes him a few seconds to answer.

"Hi come in, don't mind Rover."

He's got a dog! Once I'm through the door Rover pounces on me, jumping up trying to sniff my crotch and check me out the way dogs do, although I guess his owner might be doing something similar soon. In fact I've always liked dogs, and although in many ways I'd like to have a dog myself, I wouldn't like the responsibility of looking after it so I doubt it'll ever happen.

"He seems friendly enough", I reply smiling. Face to face Rover's owner seems very friendly, and a reasonably good match to pic he sent me on gaydar too.

"Actually he's a 'she'. Let's go into the main room."

I follow him along a short corridor with Rover in tow. There are two black leather sofas in the room, but nowhere obvious to put my suit that will be safe from Rover.

"Can I borrow a hanger for my suit?"

"Yeah sure, let me fetch one."

While he's getting me a hanger I admire the views.

"Here you are", he says.

"Is Rover OK in the room with us?" I ask.

"Don't worry, she's used to me having visitors. Now that she's got to know you she should just curl up in her basket."

Rover's owner is just wearing a dressing gown, so I guess that underneath he's already naked. As promised, Rover seems to have lost interest in me, but her owner on the other hand watches me closely while I undress.

"I always enjoy watching guys strip", he says casually.

Actually, so do I! Soon I've placed my suit carefully on the hanger, hopefully out of Rover's reach, and I'm now just wearing my undershorts. I smile as I walk over to where the guy's sitting.

"Can I help you with that?" he says, reaching out to feel me through my undershorts. Neither of us are in a hurry and gradually we start exploring each other's bodies.

A short while later I'm lying naked on one of the black leather sofas, enjoying the attention that I'm getting, when out of the corner of my eye I spot Rover playing with a black sock.

"Where did your dog get that sock from?"

"Don't worry, even if it's yours she only wants a bit of a sniff."

A bitch with a male sock odour fetish! Well I guess as fetishes go it's relatively harmless. Relaxing a bit more I manage to put Rover's antics out of my mind, and with each of us playing with our chosen objects, all three of us have an enjoyable time.

"Can I get you a drink", he offers afterwards.

"Thanks, a glass of water would be great."

"Yes I think I need to drink a lot of water too. I was out drinking last night and I need to re-hydrate."

Returning with a couple of glasses of water, he hands me one of the glasses before sitting down on the other sofa.

"So have you lived here very long?" I ask.

"A couple of years now I guess".

And with that, I end up getting virtually his whole life story! He was born in Cambridgeshire but his family moved to London soon after he was born, first Kilburn then Bow where he went to the local grammar school. But with musical talents he then ended up getting a place in a specialist music school in central London, where he learned to play the violin. And so on.

"So what do you do for a living now?"

"Actually I'm a headhunter".

"Really? I sometimes get involved in recruitment for the bank that I work for. Do you ever handle finance candidates?"

"It's not really our speciality to be honest. We focus on high calibre senior management for some of the smaller listed companies. FTSE 250 companies, that kind of level. Be careful, once you get me talking about work I can go on for hours!"

Well if you ask me you're pretty good at talking whatever the subject is, I'm not sure it'll make any difference!

"Human resource departments!" he continues. "If only I could do my job without having to go through human resource departments!! If you ask me they're there to prevent good recruitment. They'll obstruct me by saying that I'm not on their PSL. No, I don't want to be on your PSL, that's for run-of-the-mill recruitment, not the kind of candidates that I represent."

Luckily I know that PSL means Preferred Supplier List, i.e. the list of recruitment firms that a company or bank prefers to deal with. Even though he obviously likes the sound of his own voice, listening to him is very entertaining. But eventually I need to leave, otherwise I'll be late for work. I have to retrieve my sock from Rover's basket of course, but it's still in tact so no harm done.

Sometimes I wonder whether I enjoy the random social contact of these situations almost as much as the sex. It was certainly fascinating talking to him.


Legal said...

It was certainy fascinating reading about it as well!!

Legal said...

Question: If BF#1, 2 or 3 found out about this blog (which is possible, we both know the world is just too small)and he confronts you like a raging bull in a matador ring. How and what would you say to him? Would anything change?

czechOUT said...

also professional support lawyer, but in the context obviously not!

Gay banker said...

For all I know Legal, they're all avid readers already! GB xxx

PS: If you're going to leave comments, why don't you get yourself a blogger login? Anyone can have a blogger login, you don't have to write a blog. Blog authors like me usually prefer attributable comments instead anonymous ones!

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patita said...

your final comment reminds me of a story I read in the late 1980s, titled "How I Stopped Having Anonymous Sex and Started Watching Cagney & Lacey".