Friday, April 21, 2006

A bit of fun with a young Malaysian guy

On the Saturday almost three weeks ago, a few hours after I wasted my time talking to an oriental guy, I’m logged into when a guy starts talking to me:

guy: hi there....
GB: hi
guy: how u doing?
GB: fine, u?
guy: good thx, where r u?

We exchange our general locations. It turns out that he’s from Malaysia, and if his profile is to be believed, he’s only 21 years old. As I chat to him, he seems quite focussed, going through all the standard questions that normally precede a meeting. Given the problems that I had with the oriental guy earlier, it’s all very refreshing.

guy: what u looking for?

The usual! You do things to me, I do things to you, we both seem to know the score :-)

guy: do u have any face pic?

Since I don’t show my face on my profile, I send him a couple of pics which do show my face. While I’m waiting for a response, I look again at the pics displayed on his profile. Yes, he’s definitely a gorgeous looking Asian guy :-)

guy: do u accom?

I can't let him visit me of course. Under the provisional terms of the arrangement under discussion with boyfriend number 1, I must never use the home we share together to meet other guys.

GB: sry m8, can't accom
guy: ah ok np
guy: travel?
GB: yes, sure, can u accom?
guy: well my flatmate still here, he will leave around 2
GB: ahhh, so you can only accom when ur flatmate is out?
guy: yeah kind of, i have to respect him
GB: well perhaps I could arrange to visit around 2.30?
guy: ok cool
GB: do you have a mobile phone?

We exchange mobile phone numbers, but he won't commit to a time when I can visit, presumably in case his flatmate alters his plans. Eventually we decide that he'll send me a txt msg around 2pm after his flatmate has left, then I can head off to visit him while he gets ready for me. The only problem with this plan of course is that meetings that rely on future messages being sent tend not to happen.

GB: anyway I'm gonna go to gym now :-)
GB: would be polite if you could text me around 2pm to update me, and even if its not poss to meet today
GB: so hope to see you later :-))

I don't get a response to any of this but I'm not worried. In theory everything has been agreed so I just need to be cool. I log-off and head to the gym.

I get back from the gym just after 2pm. Still no txt msg, but suddenly I have a thought. Perhaps the guy is still logged into, in which case I can contact him again online. I log on, but as soon as I enter the chatroom, I get the txt msg I’ve been waiting for

guy: Hey u can come here if u want

Scanning down the list of people in the chat room I can see that the guy is indeed there. So simply entering the chat room was probably enough to prompt him to send me the txt msg. That's a good sign, he's still keen, so it should be a good session! I send him a txt msg reply

GB: Great, i will be there b4 3pm, xxx

Even though he's further away than I would usually travel for a meet, for a good-looking guy like this I’m prepared to make a little extra effort!

Soon I'm in a cab. The roads seem quite clear so it takes much less time to get there than I had anticipated. As the cab driver enters the road where the guy lives, it's barely 2.30pm.

The address is in a tall block of council flats. I buzz the guy's flat number and wait. But no response. Well I am quite a bit earlier than I said I would be, perhaps he's in the shower, or perhaps he's even gone out briefly. I try again. Again no response so I decide to call him on his mobile. Luckily he answers


"Hi, it's GB", I start, but he interrupts.

"Was that you buzzing?"

"Yes sorry, I got here quicker than I expected."

"Errr, OK, no problem, buzz again and I'll let you in."

His flat is on one of the lower level floors so it doesn't take long to find it. I knock at the door, and after a short wait, he answers.

“Hello, Come in”, he says, with an indifferent kind of smile on his face.

“Thanks”. Face to face he’s quite a bit shorter than me, which I guess is usually the case with Asian guys. But he’s definitely a lovely looking guy, and he could well be only 21.

I follow him into his bedroom. There are clothes scattered everywhere, books, papers, and by the window there's a messy mattress which is clearly where he sleeps. Can he really be gay? Most gay guys are much neater than this! Peering over at his laptop, perched on the far side of the mattress, I can see that he’s still tuned into

“Can I get you anything?”

“A glass of water would be great”. [ In future of course I’ll try and ask for fruit juice, but this session predates that request.]

While he fetches me some water, I start stripping off. I’ve got my shoes, socks and shirt off by the time he returns.

“Thanks that’s great.”

As I gulp down a few sips of the water, he looks me up and down. Then, slowly, he walks over and presses his firm body up against mine. As he rubs his groin into my leg I can feel that he’s very hard. I’m going to enjoy this.

“Come on”, he says smiling a bit more, “lets go over to the bed”. Of course, ‘bed’ means ‘messy mattress’, but I don’t complain. On my way over to the ‘bed’ I lose my trousers so that I’m now just wearing my undershorts. We don’t bother to draw the curtains.

As we go to lie down I pull his top over his head so that he’s bare-chested too. Then I lean down to suck his right nipple. Soon we’re both naked but then, suddenly, everything seems to happen very quickly. A couple of minutes later and it’s all over!

Almost without thinking, he moves over to check his laptop for messages, and starts typing. I'm still naked on the mattress of course. Hmmmm, this wasn’t exactly the satisfying experience I was looking forward to.

“Any chance of another glass of water”, I say as I get up off the bed, competing with his laptop for some attention.

“Yes of course”, he says, looking up momentarily, “where did we put your glass?”

Walking over to the bedroom door I see it on the floor. “Ah, here it is, don’t worry, I can get some myself”.

He’s still kneeling naked on the bed with his laptop when I return.

“Have you been in London very long?” I ask casually.

“Hmmm, what”, he says, not paying much attention. “Errr, a couple of years now”.

I chat to him a short while as I gradually put my clothes back on. It turns out that he works for some kind of television company. However, since it’s clear that he’s much more interested in his laptop, I decide it’s best to go.

Although orgasms are always fun, perhaps in future I should avoid guys who are so young. I think it makes for a more enjoyable session when guys know how to do a bit more than just ejaculate!


Max said...

That's not about experience, that's just someone who's plain rude.

Anonymous said...

GB, mind me to ask how young are you?


Legal-ize-IT said...

It would be nice, in some small way, for a brief micro-second, to be connected to all your dear readers. I wish I were a fly on the wall as well :-)

* gene * said...

I feel for u, since I've had my share of these surreal and fleeting sexual encounters, but I can assure you it's not an age thing.

GayBoyDiary said...

How rude :-( I hate it when people send text message when out with me. Had I been in your shoes (or out of them ;o) ), I'd be really pissed off. GB(D)

Gay banker said...

I don't usually pay much attention to 'anonymous' comments but on this occasion I guess I can answer the question. I'm as young as the man I feel, 21yo in this case!

GB xxx