Monday, January 08, 2007

My Argentina 2006 photo gallery

Last year I went on holiday with boyfriend number 2 to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. When I got back, I posted the best photos to my Asia holiday 2005 blog, which is a single purpose blog that I set up to display the photos.

I decided to do the same thing again this year after my holiday to Argentina. I've spent a few happy days loading the best photos to my Argentina 2006 blog. It was a great holiday so I'd thoroughly recommend Argentina as a holiday destination. And if any readers go to Argentina, do try and dance some tango!


Anonymous said...

a gay man who works for an investment bank in london? come september and there will be another one! :)
nice blog btw...

Ben said...

It's obvious you had a great time GB. Where will 2007 take you I wonder?