Monday, January 22, 2007

Obituary: Gay boy comes to London

I was looking at GBD's blog at the weekend, when I saw the following comment from GBL on GBD's most recent posting:

GBL: "... Just a quick one, wanted to let you know that GBL is out the door. Over an incident at the hols. ..."

I immediately tried to bring up GBL's blog (formerly at, and as expected, it doesn't exist any more. How upsetting :-(.

GBL was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy from Trinidad and Tobago. The last posting of his that I can remember reading said that he was returning to Trinidad and Tobago for Christmas. Presumably something terrible happened while he was there. I guess we'll never know what that was :-((.

His blog was titled "Gay boy comes to London", with the sub-title "The happenings of a small countryside gay boy from the tropical twin republic, caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago, caught in the middle of Central London traffic". One the most memorable things about GBL's blog was the beautiful pictures that he sometimes posted of guys kissing each other. For me, it was his trademark. I don't know how he managed to find so many good pictures, always high quality, never pornographic, but always somewhat erotic! It was very well done.

Is there life after blogging? Somehow GBL was able to communicate with us from the after-blog-life via that brief comment on GBD's blog. Who knows if GBL will ever read this, or whether he'll have the ability for further communication? But if you can communicate with us GBL, please let us know how you are. The same fate possibly awaits us all one day.


Tales of the City said...

He posted something on my site too... xx

Single Guy said...

is there life after blogging? I am thinking of stopping my blog too!

Ben said...

Is 'obituary' quite the right word, I ask myself. He's still alive, after all. Maybe 'blogituary' is more appropriate?

Anonymous said...

I hope he comes back soon :-( It would be great to hear from him! BGL, get in touch if you're reading this!

GBD xxx

Guy In London said...

I'd only just started reading his blog a couple of weeks ago (it was one photo in particular that caught my eye), then last week I couldn't find his blog. Life before blogging existed so hopefully life exists afterwards (just not sure what my life will consist of :~| by then).

Anonymous said...

wow, I really am touched GB. It was really sweet of you to dedicate a post for me. Sorry I took so long to find it - but I did.

There is life after blogging, just no life for a blog that was discovered by a family.

Is blogging truly anonymous anymore?

GB said...

Well GBL, I was upset to see you go, not only because of the nice pix you often posted of guys kissing each other :-).

I imagine it was a bit difficult having your blogging identity exposted like that. One day something like that is bound to happen to me too, and I'm not looking forward to it!

Take care, GB xxx

Unknown said...

Goodness, I can see that I have been offline for too long. I was just looking through my favourites today and was a bit gutted to find GBL's blog had gone. Thanks for posting about it. It is good to know I am not alone in my grief! B x