Sunday, January 14, 2007

Should a man trim his pubic hair?

"Why don't you trim your pubes?" asks boyfriend number 3 on a recent visit.

I'm standing completely naked in his bedroom, having just taken all my kit off, and I'm being criticised for having untidy pubic hair downstairs! But I know that he's got my best interests at heart, bless him :-).

"You look pretty good," he says, noticing my defensive body language, "but you'd look even better if you just got your pubic hair trimmed a bit :-)."

In fact, this subject came up last year in comments to one of my postings. In my experience, quite a few gay guys do keep themselves tidy down there, especially Asian gay guys for some reason. In any case, having thought about it relatively recently, I know what to say.

"Don't you think it's more masculine not to worry about it, and just let nature take it's course?" I reply. "Surely real men don't worry about such things!"

"Ooooh," says boyfriend number 3, "I love it when you come over all butch like that!"

Using a cut-throat razor would be much more dangerous"If you want, I could do it for your?" he continues. "I've got a hair trimmer next door."

Actually, I quite like getting my boyfriends to look after me like this. Everyone has different areas of expertise, and getting advice from close friends who know more about something than you do is always sensible.

"But I can't help worrying about what boyfriend number 1 will say," I reply. "Is it really that important?"

"Just tell him that I'd tied you up for a bit of bondage fun and so you didn't have any choice!" he replies grinning.

I'm still standing naked in front of him and I'm starting to get cold, so a decision is needed. And I decide to let boyfriend number 3 have his wicked way with my pubic hair! We head into his bathroom and he fits his trimmer with a relatively coarse attachment so that it won't shave too close, and soon he's kneeling down in front of me.

Buzz - Buzz - Buzz ...

"Can't you keep that thing down?" he laughs, "it's getting in the way!"

But five minutes later and it's all over.

"There," he says with a satisfied tone in his voice, running his hand through what's left of my pubes to get out any stray cut hairs. "That's much better isn't it?"

"Actually it feels a bit itchy."

And it carried on feeling itchy for about two weeks or more :-(.

Anyway, if any guys who know me spot me in the gym showers, do take a peek at my new haircut. And if you think it looks too neat and feminine, blame boyfriend number 3!


muse-ic said...

5 minutes?! you must have had a national park down there ;)

Anonymous said...

ohmygod - you SO have to trim. There is nothing worse than a man unkept. Especially when long stray ones find themselves between your tongue and your gum and you have to stop halfway to fish them out. URGH!

Saddle Up said...

Shave n Bic... it's the new black.

Anonymous said...

You're right, au naturel pubic hair looks butch but then again some people may associate that with sweaty balls! lol! Not me, obviously :-P Welcome to the club ;-)

GBD xxx

Will said...

I LOVE hair on a man. But I do a bit of manscaping at regular intevals and appreciate it when others pay me the same compliment. Stray hair in the mouth gets in the way of the pleasure of the moment.

Tales of the City said...

Too Gay GB... Real Men leave their hair.. or trim a little with scissors... not trim. I'll be avoiding you in the showers. XX

Anonymous said...

If a guy has a small cock, he needs to shave, otherwise it looks like a cocktail sausage on a barber's floor. If he has a big cock, I'm happy to let that slide, as it were.

Reluctant Nomad said...

As you already know from my recent blog entry, 'Do you shave your balls?' was the first thing someone said to me the other night at a bar. My answer, 'I'm far too lazy for that', says all I have to say about pubic shaving. :-)

But, shaved nuts can be very pleasant. Someone else's, that is. ;-)

Nikos said...

I don't shave, boyfriend doesn't really care he loves me anyway :-)

Read my politic related post please!:

Guy In London said...

GB, I'm with you on this one - itchy as hell, but ... once you get become accustomed to it it's hard to stop.

I first shaved down there summer 2004 and now feel the need to keep it trimmed every 2/3 months (number 2 in winter - number 1 in summer) - you may be a permanent member of the club now you've done it once. Please let us know!

Monty said...

Only having come out relatively recently, the issue of shaving/trimming down there never really came up. And so have always let nature take its course. BUT now, I have had a few comments in passing from boys and so have started trimming. But to my way of thinking, I think it still looks better untrimmed. that's a different story - love having smooth balls! It's a bit of extra work...but well worth the effort! ;-)

Ronch said...

You think THATs itchy? try shaving it all off :P

Juan Carlos said...

Its a requirement. a MUST thing to do.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, just trimmed don under and itchy as hell but i hope it will pass!! didnt shave it clean but used a beard trimmer to make it neat. any advice on trimmin balls and beyond, dont wana end up bleedin everywhere. PS hair while workin down under is very annoyin!!

Alfred said...

I think people should stop using being-a-real-man as a really, illegitimate excuse when asked to do things by a partner or society even. It's the same as saying "women should stay at home". Time to move forward. I don't feel that all other men, who are for keeping the pubes neat (however u like to put it), need to live up to what other real men have to say. If you don't like trimming/shaving it, just tell your partner that. But remember, unless you can self-suck your balls, you should actually be concerned about the users instead of just you.

P/S: real men who lived in the jungle 10,000 years ago also didn't visit a hairdresser.

Anonymous said...

Hairy definitely looks more masculine, unfussy, better. Just look at seventies porn and you see the most beautiful cocks and bushes there - that is masculine beauty.
So much of the porn now is shaved and trimmed and so boring. It's as if they want to make me interested in some adolescent cock - I want a mature hairy cock.

Anonymous said...

nothing is more of a turn off as when i yank a guys pants down and he's trimmed like a women. I pull'em back up and walk. they look like women with large clits. No thanks. be a man and leave yourself alone. if you're gonna get hair in your teeth, it's gonna happen long or short. Shaved is even worse. A real turn off. If you're clean, you're NOT un-kept.

Anonymous said...

Can't tell you how much I hate the current trend of trimmed/shaved. Men are hairy, men should be hairy, it's what men are - don't know why that's become undesirable in the last few years. I see a big black bush and I wanna bury my face in it. Who worries about getting hair in their teeth? That is SEX, my friend! I blame it on IKEA, the style everywhere is smooth, monochrome, uncluttered. On a sofa, fine - on my men, no way.