Wednesday, June 06, 2007

An early bit of fun with a Pakistani guy

The day before I met the Asian guy who was in London on business, I had been chatting to another guy online:

guy: hi, u look interesting man
GB: hi :-)
GB: u got any pics mate?
guy: yup
guy: i am pakistani with a thick dick wanna chat?

Clearly he's a guy who goes for the direct approach, which is fine with me! But sometimes guys are just after a horny chat with someone, while they satisfy themselves. That situation doesn't interest me, so since he's mentioned 'chat' I have to check:

GB: ok, but I don't do cyber though - I like to visit guys instead!
guy: i am free till 4 pm
guy: have accom
GB: ok
guy: whats ur email and i can email u my pic

Well, I guess I didn't expect a guy who was so upfront about his attributes to be shy about meeting me! He emails me his pics, and when I get them it's clear that he's quite a cute guy, so a meeting with him would probably be good fun :-). So I tell him where he can find my pics.

GB: you can see pics with my face in on that web site
guy: wow i lov it
guy: wanna come over now
guy: i dont have much time
GB: where are you mate?

Unfortunately though, he doesn't live that close :-(.

guy: do u wanna come now?
GB: Hmmm, I think it's too far for me at the moment, soz, would early eve after work be any good ever?
GB: would love to visit you for a bit of fun :-)
GB: but just can't travel that far now
guy: no man i am free only on sat
GB: ok, well could visit on another saturday perhaps, if we arrange in advance

Often the conversation fizzles out at this point, when one guy suggests NOW but the other guy can only do another time. Unusually though, things work out differently this time :

guy: if u dont have car then take a tube
GB: I will, but 2 get 2 u and back will take too long, I've got commitments too!
GB: so I'll look out for you
GB: and visit u another saturday
guy: oh
GB: and give you a good seeing to :-)
guy: u can call me some time
GB: ahhh :-) ok sure

For some reason he seems quite keen! He gives me his mobile phone number so I let him have mine too

GB: just sent u a txt msg, did u get it?
guy: yup got it will save ur number. we can meet here next sat
GB: ok, next sat i'm leaving London early afternoon, can I visit around 9am?
guy: yes
GB: ok, I'll send u a txt msg on Friday to check
GB: have a good Saturday today mate
GB: and c u next Saturday :-)
GB: xxx
guy: great bye for now
GB: bye m8 x

So I've got an early appointment for the following Saturday, which is something I'll look forward too all week. However on Tuesday, I get a txt msg from him with some bad news:

guy: can you do 7am on sat, i will not be free at 9

Damn! To reach him for 7am I'd have to leave home much earlier than I'd want to :-(. So I suggest 8:30am, and he then suggests 7:30am or 4pm. But on Saturday afternoon I'm going to visit my family with boyfriend number 1 for an overnight stay, so 4pm is not going to work for me. By the end of Friday afternoon, we still haven't resolved the situation, but I tell him that if I'm able to get up early enough, I'll try and visit him before he has to leave on Saturday morning.

Which is what happens :-). I wake up reasonably early, and feeling mildly frisky, I send him a txt msg while boyfriend number 1 is still snoozing in bed

GB: can reach u for 7:45-8am, any good?

I get a response almost immediately

guy: great man, see you 745

Just before 7:55am, I find myself standing in front of his house, in a quiet little leafy suburban London street. It doesn't take long for him to answer the doorbell:

"Sorry I couldn't get here earlier," I start when he opens the door, but now that I'm here he ignores the time issue.

"Good to see you again," he says in a business like voice, putting on a show for any twitching net curtains along the street, "come in."

Face to face he's a bit more cuddly than his photos suggested, but it's clear that he's a lovely guy so it doesn't matter. He also wears glasses :-). As I've said before, I always enjoy a bit of fun with a guy who wears glasses, and especially if I can strip him naked myself!

Once inside, he smiles at me and gives me a peck on the lips.

"Thanks for coming earlier than you wanted to," he says smiling, "lets go upstairs :-)."

I follow him upstairs into a back room, which doesn't look like it gets much use. There's a rather uncomfortable looking bed along one wall, and various cupboards along a couple of the others.

"Lets do it in here," he says as he starts undressing, but I walk over to him and hold him gently on his upper arms.

"Why don't you let me undress you?" I say seductively, giving him a kiss on the lips.

He seems to like the idea and lets his hands drop to his side while I take over unbuttoning his shirt. Soon he's standing there bare-chested, so leaving his glasses on, I loosen his belt and unbutton his trousers. I rub his crotch gently before pulling his trousers down, to reveal a clean pair of bulging white undershorts.

He looks so helpless with his trousers round his ankles, still wearing his undershorts, and still with his glasses on. His apparent helplessness makes the situation seem especially naughty, and that makes me feel even more frisky than when I left home! I kiss him on the lips again before getting him to walk out of his trousers. Next I attend to his undershorts, and I have to pull them a long way out in front of him to avoid hurting him as I pull them down. WOW, he lets me examine his equipment and I realise that he's probably got the biggest helmet that I've ever seen! He doesn't have a long one, but as he'd originally promised me in our initial online chat, he's certainly got lots of girth.

Finally I gently remove his glasses, and I realise that without them he looks very cute indeed, and all the more so given that he's completely naked :-). I start to undress myself, but now he insists on doing it for me. It turns out that he's loves sucking another guys nipples, which always works for me, and we have a lovely time together.

"Do you meet many guys like this?" I ask him afterwards.

"Actually you're the first over here," he admits, "but I've had fun with a few guys back home."

"So you've only just moved over here from Pakistan?" I ask.

"I'm just here for a few months to study," he says, "then I'll be back in the summer for some exams."

We chat for a short time while we're putting our clothes back on. He tells me that his mother knows that he's gay, but that it's too hard to tell his father at the moment. After my customary glass of water, I wish him luck with his studies and head back home to go to the gym.

It's only when I'm showering after my workout though, that I realise just how much he'd enjoyed sucking my nipples. The area around my left nipple is slightly bruised, and the area around my right nipple is very bruised indeed. Oh dear, although boyfriend number 1 knows that I see other guys, he always wants me to be discreet about it. I'll suppose I can try telling him that I accidentally bumped hard into some gym equipment, but I'm not sure that he'll believe me!


Anonymous said...

Salacious indeed! I find such encounters daunting - now you must tell us some 'pervert' stories can't be that great all the time mate!

GB said...

Not sure what you mean by 'pervert' stories hadi, but I only tell stories that happened to me. And you're right, sometimes it's not that great!

Take care, GB xxx

Anonymous said...

lol. trust us subcontinent boys to be direct and know wat we want!!! :)

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

'Cuddly' is such a nice way to say 'it'..but, I get the pic :-)

close encounters said...

what about a follow up ... did BF#1 notice the bruising ? did you bother with your gym equipment cover story ?!

GB said...

No close encounters, boyfriend number 1 either didn't notice or didn't ask, so thankfully I didn't need my cover story.

GB xxx