Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A memorable encounter in mid July

On the first Saturday in July I ended up having a bit of fun with a guy who I met on, but overall it was quite a dull occasion. The following Saturday however, I get chatting to a guy on gaydar, and the visit was much more memorable. But memorable for a rather unfortunate reason!

"Come in :-)," says the guy, opening the door to his apartment. He's got a cute smile on his face, but he looks a bit tired.

"Where do you want me then?" I say smiling back.

"Let's go into the bedroom."

I follow him into a room containing a big double bed. Inside the room, the blinds are drawn so that compared to the rest of the apartment it seems quite dark. The guy sits down on a chair by the side of the double bed and slowly begins to take his shoes off. Since there's no other chair available, I sit on the side of the bed and do the same.

"Actually I'm a bit hung-over," the guy admits, standing up to slip his trousers off. "I often feel horny when I'm hung-over, I hope you don't mind?"

"That's OK," I say, "I often feel horny when I'm hung-over too!"

But in truth, I am a bit disappointed. For example, my experience kissing guys who have recently had too much alcohol is that they tend not to have the freshest breath!

None the less, he's got a reasonable looking body, and before too long we're on his bed getting to know each other :-), although I do avoid kissing him.

Just take a little sniff, where's the harm in that?"Do you like poppers?" he asks after a few minutes.

"No actually, but go ahead if you want to use some," I say.

The guy reaches for a small bottle by the side of the bed and takes a big sniff. Not a huge number of the guys I've met over the years have used poppers, but naturally I do get asked that question every now and then. I did try them once, and although orgasm was more pleasurable, I've always attributed the nasty headache that I got afterwards to the poppers and I've never used them since.

"Oh my god!!" the guy says desperately, with panic in his voice a minute later. But this isn't his finale! He jumps off the bed and runs out of the bedroom leaving me feeling confused. I don't normally have that effect on guys when I'm naked!

I hear a rather unpleasant sound, then the toilet flushing, and a couple of minutes later the guy returns looking highly embarrassed.

"Errr, sorry about that," he says with a pale face, "I've just been sick :-(."

"Oh dear, perhaps I should go if you're not feeling well?"

"It's just the hang-over mixing with the poppers, I'm really sorry, but I'm sure I'll be OK in a minute. Nothing to do with you, just let me rest."

He lies down next to me, and I reach out to touch him gently on his elbow, to reassure him. To the touch he feels cold and clammy.

"Do you like being cuddled?" I offer, thinking that a bit of TLC might help.


I can't help thinking that his reply is a bit unfriendly. Perhaps I should leave after all? Having reached this point though, and with a good looking guy lying naked in front of me, I feel the need to complete what we started. Within a few minutes the guy seems to have recovered, and once activities are resumed we both end up reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

Ever since I got that headache I've been a bit suspicious of poppers. Being with that guy taught me another reason to avoid them!


close encounters said...

that all sounds a bit grim !

i can't believe that you've only ever taken poppers once - that is quite revealing ...

hope for your sake that you have some better experiences soon ... and that for your readers sakes, that you keep having the interesting ones !

Pete said...

Wonderful story. Wow, how callous really, especially the puking...

GB said...

Interesting comment close encounters :-). So can you expand on "quite revealing", what does the fact that I've only used poppers once tell you?

GB xxx

gayboydiary said...

That's pleasant! lol! I hope he brushed his teeth before joining you in bed again!

GBD xxx

pentimento said...

I was once offered popper long time ago. He kept sniffing it and kept telling me to sniff it. I didn't know what it was at that time and I was too scared to try it so I just pretended to sniff it. Nobody ever asked me to sniff it again. Am I missing something good here?

Sir Wobin said...

I'm only tried it once and it was horrible. Made me dizzy and my plumbing went all soft. Horrible stuff.

Our bodies don't all work the same. Poppers sound great for some. Not gonna work right for everyone.

What does one time usage mean CC?

GB said...

Some guys like it pentimento, but it's not for me or bwave sir wobin so be careful!

Who's CC sir wobin?

GB xxx

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

I've only once had poppers - and a big headache afterwards as well. His exact words were 'go on, try it, I know u will like it'...what a turn off :-(

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

yes used twice = Massive headache and never used again. Tho it sure did relax the Ring muscles!!

Sir Wobin said...

Err.. Blonde moment. CC in my dull confused state => Close enCounters.


Still wondering what it reveals to only have tried it once.

Anonymous said...

poppers turn mean into a dick sucking bareback butt sex whore, and i love it. yeah... the headache afterwards is a downside.