Monday, August 20, 2007


Who understand google's PageRank? I used to have a PageRank of 5/10, which I guess meant that the main page on my blog was of 'average' importance on the internet. But all of a sudden, according to my google toolbar, it's now only 2/10. Of course I don't really care (OK I'm lying *sob*!) but it would be good to understand what's happening!


Howard James Hardiman said...

I've no idea how things like that work - I'm sure your blog is more important than mine, but my pagerank thing seemed quite healthy. I've been reading lately but am totally failing to take their advice about getting my blog to a professional level, but it is nice to read some of their tips about how to understand what works and what doesn't for building up your blog.

Rob said...

The page rank of a web page (say A) depends on how many times it is linked by other pages and how 'important' these pages are from google's point of view. Another web page (say B) that has a web link to A is essentially casting a 'vote' for A. When working the page rank, google assigns different weightings to different websites. The link by an 'important' web site (e.g. BBC) has a much higher weighting than say my own blog which is totally unknown. A score is then calculated for each page. Google then gives a relative page rank on a scale of 0 to 10, depending on how your score compares with others'. This is the basic concept for page rank, but the real algorithm employed by google is a lot more complicated.

So there are several reasons for a drop in page rank:

1. Some web sites might have removed their links to your page.

2. The web sites linking to yours might have seen their page rank dropped, so the weightings for the 'votes' they cast dropped as well.

3. The page rank of other pages increased significantly while yours stayed the same. So comparatively, your page rank dropped.

4. I noticed that you have a lot of reciprocal links to those web pages that link to yours. You are effectively boosting the page ranks of others, since you have quite a high page rank to start with. So removing your outbound links might help. But I presume you are too nice to do that, right? hehe

Hence, if you can increase the number of incoming links from other important web sites (i.e. those with high page rank), you will see an obvious increase in your page rank. Sorry about the long post, but I hope it helps =D

Monty said...

Well, I have no idea about Google's PageRank, but your page ranks very highly in my books!!! :-)

Techstickle said...

I dont think it matters that much. Our SEO consultant for my company at work calls the green PR charts "little green aliens". My blog ( suffered the same fate too but the traffic didnt drop off at all. At the end of the day its the traffic that counts, not the PR. Hows the traffic.

GB said...

Thanks for the info guys :-). My traffic is less than it was in February (when I did the post that mentioned Daniel Radcliffe LOL!), but I still get an average of 360+ unique visitors each day, so I guess things aren't too bad!

Love and kisses, GB xxx

stan said...

You currently have a Pagerank of 4. You can check it here:

GB said...

Yes I know Stan, it magically jumped from 2 to 4 about a couple of months ago! In fact I have something that displays it for everyone to see in the 'Blog directories' section at the bottom of my side-bar on the right!

Anyway, Happy New Year, GB xxx