Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A busy lunchtime in early July

After fretting about what to get boyfriend number 3 for his birthday, I eventually managed to find something nice for him. But would he be able to make time to see me for me to give it to him near his birthday?

Because he doesn't want the guy he's seeing to find out about me, I'm not even allowed to send him txt msgs unless he sends me a txt msg first. Luckily though, I spot him on gaydar a week or so before his birthday, so I tell him the good news:

GB: so I've got you a nice little birthday present :-), when can I give it to you
bf#3: hmmm, what is it please

I knew I was going to have trouble!

A bit ostentatious perhaps?GB: well, it's a surprise :-)
bf#3: I'd like to work out whether I can accept this present. Is it a Rolex watch or anything like that?

At least he knows that I'm not cheap.

GB: no actually, but is that what you really want?
bf#3: No definitely not! I could never accept something as expensive as that. Seriously though, did you spend more than £50 on it?
GB: you don't know the rules about birthday presents do you!
bf#3: what rules would those be ... ?
GB: well, you're not allowed to ask what a present is in advance, that's for sure. But then, even if you've found out in advance what a present is, you have to pretend to be surprised when you open it. Either way, you have to say that it's just what you've always wanted and pretend to be grateful, and afterwards you can never let the person who gave you the present find out that you gave it away as soon as you could!
bf#3: LOL, but what would you do if I feel I can't accept the present? Promise me that you'll take it back to the shop for a refund
GB: no, I'll find someone to give it to who won't be so ungrateful!
bf#3: LOL

In fact the present did cost more than £50, but not much more. Anyway, I feel certain that he'll like the present so I'm not worried.

Since my original meeting with the Mediterranean guy L, we'd been in occasional txt msg contact, and had been trying to arrange another liaison with each other. Checking my mobile phone on the way into work on the first Tuesday in July, I spot a txt msg that L had sent me late the previous evening:

L: Hi there. I'm off 2morrow if u wanna meet up lunchtime.

What a nice idea, although I'll have to check my work diary to make sure there's time. But before I reach my desk, another txt msg arrives:

bf#3: is early lunchtime today good for gb to visit? x

That's txt msg I wanted :-), so I guess L will have to wait! However when I finally get to my desk, I realise that I've got a problem. There's a lunch with my colleague P in my diary. P's been wanting to introduce me to a friend of his for a while now, and the last time this meeting was planned I had to postpone so I can't really postpone again. But it's an early lunch, so I might just be able to have lunch with P and his friend, and then visit L afterwards :-). Although that would mean missing the opportunity to give boyfriend number 3 his birthday present :-(.

Reluctantly I decide that this is the best course of action. I keep telling boyfriend number 3 to give me a bit more notice of times when I can visit him, and out of these three lunchtime appointments both the others were suggested a day or more beforehand. L's a great guy too, and to keep our friendship alive I should go and see him again. So with a heavy heart I send a txt msg to boyfriend number 3:

GB: Awwww, I've got a lunch today that I can't move :-(, soz, might it be poss to visit 2mrw? GB xoxox

and another txt msg to L:

GB: Hi L, it would be nice to visit you again, I can probably visit late lunchtime today, is that any good? GB xxx

and wait for the replies. I get bf#3's answer within a few minutes:

bf#3: No worries :-) not here tomorrow :-( will buzz you when i get back ;-)

and a rather shorter one from L:


Hmmmm, L's not exactly bursting with enthusiasm but never mind, I guess he's just one of these guys who think it's cool to keep txt msgs as short as possible!

Everything goes according to plan. I manage to start the lunch with P slightly early, so just after 1pm I'm looking for a taxi to take me over to L's. And when I arrive, he's happy to see me.

"Come in," he says smiling as I follow him upstairs into his flat.

As soon as we're inside he turns to me and gives me a kiss. And L's a great kisser!

"Nice to see you again too," I say smiling at him.

Edging into his front room, I sit down to take off my shoes and socks. L looks down at me approvingly.

"You told me last time that you've got a boyfriend didn't you," he says smiling.

"Yes," I reply looking a bit sheepish.

"Well, don't you think that us Latin guys make very sexy lovers?"

"Yes, definitely," I say smiling back at him now.

"So why don't you let me be your boyfriend instead?"

Looking up at him now, he looks adorable and slightly vulnerable. But I what on earth can I say?

"But I've been with my boyfriend since 1989, I can't leave him just like that, even if I wanted to, which I don't."

"WOW," he says looking surprised, "that's a long time! Well, it was just a thought ..."

He looks slightly rejected, so I stand up and go over to him and put my arm round him. He smiles at me kisses me again, so hopefully he doesn't mind that much. And just like the Sunday a week and a half previously, we have a lovely time together.

In the taxi on my way back to work, I think back to what L said, and wonder whether I should have been more honest with him. Although I do have a boyfriend that I've been with since 1989, maybe I should have told him that I've also got other boyfriends as well!


Sir Wobin said...

Time to call a spade a spade GB: you've got a harem! :-)

Masturbedroom said...

I like the number 7. Drop me an email when you've amassed 6 boyfriends. xxx

close encounters said...

you gave him the important information - no need to overload him with the detail !

Superchilled said...

Is he aware that he is being interviewed for the potential role of Boyfriend #4 ?

Enjoy the interviewing process...

Tales of the City said...

And L becomes the number 4. Do you think it was a bit mean to No 3 Birthday and all...? So old adage about men thinking with their c*cks seems to rings true.

GB said...

But I've stopped numbering boyfriends. It's not fair to any of them, and creates what might be an inappropriate order. (If anyone's wondering though, if I was still numbering, L would actually be #5 because B, my Gorgeous Japanese Masseur, would be #4!)

Anyway cuteCTguy, I don't think I was being unfair to boyfriend number 3, because I do keep telling him to give me a bit more notice. Sometimes he'll even send me a txt msg around 11:30pm wanting me to visit almost immediately! I guess I'll have to do a posting about what he thought of his birthday present when I was finally able to give it to him.

GB xxx

Tales of the City said...

GB - am confused - you have a boyfriend (And I mean no1) and no 3 has a boyfriend too.. surely the basis of your "friendship" is on its casualness and the fact that its on a short term notice basis?

indian18 said...

i have to agree with the bit about casualness. thou i do wonder u must not feel the same about all ur bf? and u must rank ur bf's in order of whose the most important even thou it must be unfair? do u understand or is it just me?

ps...can i be your 6th bf, by any chance? LOL

Sir Wobin said...

Sounds to me like bf numbering is according to chronological order of meeting, not the harem hierarchy level number.

GB said...

Both myself and boyfriend number 3 enjoy seeing each other cuteCTguy, so a bit of planning to make sure that we do get to meet up occasionally makes sense. It's not as though boyfriend number 3 has got a list of phone numbers where he starts from the top and works his way down to the first guy who's immediately available! Our friendship is deeper than that.

Actually I don't think it's necessary to rank boyfriends indian18. If you're eating at a restaurant, is Spanish tapas always better than Japanese sushi? It depends on the situation doesn't it?

You're quite right Sir Wobin, this boyfriend numbering system is chronological, which is another reason I don't like it. It suddenly came into existence when I did a post referring to a guy as boyfriend number 2. So I've only got myself to blame!

GB xxx

Superchilled said...

But we see them as individuals, and we don't rate them according to number!... Although, it does seem that hierarchically, the distinction seems reasonable. You live with No.1 , No.2 seems he would like to live with you, and No. 3 is keeping you in the closet...