Saturday, April 12, 2008


One of the emails that I got last week was from a New York company wanting me to put an advert on my blog for the Gilt Groupe, who are a company that run an invitation-only web site which is about to start organising sales of luxury designer menswear brands. I was about to hit the 'spam' button when I realised that the guy who sent the email had provided his contact details, which is unusual in a spam email. Furthermore, he must have read my blog at least once because he said "I'm working on a project that would be perfect your blog, especially since I know how much your boyfriend likes to shop". Well indeed, one of them certainly does :-).

The boyfriend who likes shopping is boyfriend P, so I decided to forward him the email to find out what he thought. Within a few hours he'd sent me an enthusiastic reply:

Yeah that email is definitely legit, I've heard of them. Ask him if he has tickets to the next Fashion Week shows at the Tent in Bryant Park NYC! I'd love to go!

As a final check I googled Gilt Groupe and indeed, it seems that they're a genuine company that's reasonably well regarded, see for example this article on One has to register with the Gilt Groupe web site, and then one gets notified just before the sales start.

So boyfriend P has persuaded me to run the advert in an attempt to get him a ticket for Fashion Week in NYC next September! For guys who want cheap designer goods, it does sound as though it might be worth a look. However if any reader registers with them and has any problems, please let me know because I'll remove the advert and do a posting about their bad experience. But perhaps the only catch is that this web-site is US based, so what are the rest of us on this side of the pond meant to do!

On Wednesday April 16th, for the first time ever, Gilt Groupe, an invitation-only "sample sale" website which has
been phenomenally successful offering women's fashion and luxury lifestyle brands at up to 70% off, will launch a store for men! The first men's sale will be merchandise by designer John Varvatos, followed by Hickey on Friday, April 18, Dolce & Gabanna on Tuesday, April 22, and Lambertson Truex on Thursday, April 24.

The sales are first come, first serve, one day only, and the full
collections of merchandise are always available at the start of
the sales which begin at 12pm EST.

To join Gilt Groupe for free and to gain access to the men’s
online store visit:


Brad said...

hey GB, does this mean we're gonna see lots of adverts here :-( ? didn't you say you thought blogs with adverts look cheap??


GB said...

No Brad, there aren't usually going to be adverts here, this is a special case. Also when bloggers do adverts they'll often appear in their side bars, whereas this is in a self-contained post which means it'll drop off my front page after a few weeks. And if I get any commission I'll give it to charity as usual. Anyway, don't you think the male models in those pics are kinda cute :-)?

GB xxx

PS: I see you're a banker in the US, so are you going to sign up for these Gilt Groupe sales?

Anonymous said...

Why would a investment banker want cheap clothing, when they can afford anything they want?

Masturbedroom said...

So that he can go for more exotic holidays, ride more cabs, visit more saunas, give more to charity, drink more wine, gamble more often and buy more presents for his boyfriends.

Besides, his wardrobe is usually filled with boring Saville Row stuff anyway. So going cheap makes him feel a bit more special.

GB said...

Honestly Masturbedroom (and anonymous, whoever you are), just because someone works in a bank it doesn't mean that they're rich, even if it's an investment bank that they work in.

GB xxx

Danny Smith said...

Coooool, but it would be nice to see some ethical fashions. Green can be gay too!