Thursday, May 29, 2008

A couple of glasses of Pimms

A bottle of CristalA few days ago, I met up with HBH at the regular drinks event for gay bankers who work in London. We hadn't seen each other since last December, so it was good to catch up with him.

We arrive relatively early and decide to sit at the bar where we're given a drinks menu by one of the bar staff.

"We've got some good promotions on tonight guys, :-)," says the barman eagerly.

Indeed, it turns out that the drinks menu is only a list of the drinks that are on special offer. I'm always suspicions of things that are on special offer on the basis that it's often things that they can't otherwise sell, or in supermarkets it's food which is at the end of its shelf life. So I make a different suggestion:

"Since it's just about the start of summer," I say to HBH, "why don't we go for a couple of glasses of Pimms?"

"OK," he replies with a cute smile on his face, "actually I've never had Pimms so it'll be good to try it :-)."

We get ourselves a couple of glasses, full of all the usual mint and fruit that a good glass of Pimms should have, and settle down into an easy conversation. As the evening progresses I notice that HBH is actually drinking him Pimms quicker than me! A little later and we're into our second glass, and soon he has a question for me:

"So what do you think will happen with all your boyfriends," he asks, "now that you've bought boyfriend S his own house?"

"Oh I don't know," I sigh. "Actually I think I should probably stop calling boyfriend S a boyfriend because there haven't been any activities for ages."

"Well," says HBH with another cute smile on his face, "perhaps activities would be more fun if you had fun with both boyfriend S and boyfriend P at the same time :-)?"

I look at him blankly, completely stunned by the suggestion.

"Wow," he laughs, "you look COMPLETELY shocked!"

"Errr, well ... it's just that that's a thought which is so far from reality for me!" I explain. "They've never met each other of course, and judging by what both of them say they don't much like each other either."

"Well it was just an idea :-)" he replies sweetly.

I'm still thinking about the suggestion of a threesome between myself and boyfriends P and S when another idea comes into my mind:

"You know that I'm going to have to blog about this don't you!" I say, laughing now.

And in fact we've both blogged about the evening now! Judging from what HBH said on his blog, I think he quite likes Pimms :-). But of course, a glass or two of Pimms is always much better when one has the company of a charming guy like HBH!


Monty said...

Hmmm, now Pimms sounds like a great idea...much better than 'warm' beer! Methinks it'll be Pimms on the cards if/when we meet up in July GB! Maybe you'll have had your threesome with S&P by then and you can report back! LOL ;-)

thoroughlymoderncolin said...

I'm just wondering how many glasses/jugs of pims you would have to give your bfs to entertain such a move!

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

I had a lovely time GB. I still think it's an idea of ideas :-)

Anonymous said...

Now this post is more like GB's style! He's back to his good old self! Btw would P and S ever meet properly?

damien whitfield said...

that would be great to have a threesome with p and s,but i think they would kill each other before that ever happens.

SubtleKnife said...

I've never had Pimms. You make it sound great, though.

Where do you and S stand with regard to threesomes in general? Perhaps together you could find somebody (other than P)? Just thinking out loud...

closetalk said...

hmmmm.... for ure non-brit readers, wat in gawd's name is a Pimms? and why does it seem so iconically (i know that's not a real word, sorry) brit?

GB said...

Thanks for all the comments guys :-).

I don't think there's any quantity of Pimms, thoroughlymoderncolin, that would make a threesome between myself, and boyfriends P and S possible. Indeed, as damien whitfield says, there'd be blood before that ever happens :-(!

Actually SubtleKnife, boyfriend S has always been against threesomes, he always says he's a "one guy guy"!

Pimms No. 1 is a gin based cocktail that you buy in concentrated form in a bottle, closetalk, and then dilute with lemonade and add fruit :-). Although there are theoretically other Pimms (No.2, No. 3, ...), it's the original Pimms No. 1 that everyone normally thinks of. I guess it's because it's been around for so long that makes it quintessentially British, and also because it's got a reputation for being an 'upper class' drink.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, not know anything about HBH do you think he was hinting he would like to get involved in a threeway with you and one of your two bf´s? Its the first thing that came into my mind. When ever a freind brings up threeways, I immediately think he is hinting to get together with me and my bf.

I lived in London for a year while working for my bank, I loved Pimms.