Saturday, May 17, 2008

GB is watching you

In the privacy of their own homes, people will type quite interesting things into Internet search engines, thinking that no one can see what they're doing. But of course, people like me who have web sites can see! Thanks to, which is the web tracking service that I use, when someone lands on this blog from a search engine I can find out where in the world they are and what it was that they typed in that led them here :-).

As is usually the way with these kind of things, it's surprising which posts regularly get the hits. For example, my old post about CFNM gets usually gets a few hits a day, as does my old post about pubic hair trimming. provides lots of information, although unfortunately it doesn't tell me the gender of the person using the search engine. In many cases one can guess. Also, although only 28% of my readers are from the USA, that country has provided most of the examples below. The examples are situations were people have typed english sentences into the search engine, and for some reason Americans are more likely to do that. Anyway, here's a selection of searches that led people to this blog:

[Atlanta, Georgia, USA] if i like to eat my cum, does that make me gay?

[Raleigh, North Carolina, USA] does enjoying sex with a guy make me gay

[San Antonio, Texas, USA] can two girls (a lesbian couple) have a child with both of their eggs combined and a sperm

[London, UK] where can i get a gay man to wank me off

[Crewe, UK] i want to wank off my best mate

[Edmonton, Alberta, Canada] i don't think my boyfriend is perfect

[Boca Raton, Florida, USA] how i can test my boyfriend to see if he is gay

[Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA] how to make love to a gay man when you are gay

[Scottsdale, Arizona, USA] peeked at penis in boarding school

[Chatham, Massachusetts, USA] this guy was looking at my cock in the gym shower

[Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA] can all men twitch their dick?

[Sydney, Australia] i'm moving in with my partner and we are buying a bed together, who should get it if we split up

[Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania, USA] i'm 13 years old. should i cut my pubic hair?

[Camarillo, California, USA] i hope my boyfriend is bisexual

[Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA] my boyfriend keeps making the excuses that he doesn't want to have sex. is he gay?

[Manchester, UK] gay man 27 looking for a woman for session with another man

[Englewood, Colorado, USA] do men with big dicks prefer gay sex?

[Sacramento, California, USA] phone numbers and addresses of guys wanting their cock sucked

I can't help wondering whether any of these people found any answers on my blog, or anywhere else on the Internet? Certainly for some of those questions, writing me a Dear GB email might have yielded better results!


Jay said...

Hilarious post!

Keep it up

Anonymous said...

ha ha !....really love this one...especially; " does enjoying sex with another man make me gay?"...yeah...and enjoying wine makes me an alcoholic!
have a fab. day

Anonymous said...

Well, as an American, a wave of shame swept over me to see the queries you've posted here.

However, I note that these are all “Red State” locations and no doubt voters who are responsible for our last eight years of “government.” (I use the term loosely).

Humming Bird in Hyde said...

LOL. My previous blog had some searches like this. I won't tell you what I searched for when I found your blog :P

Anonymous said...

I've just added that Statcounter to my blog, it's brilliant! I just wish i'd known about it sooner!

null said...

this is my favorite part about blogging. My last one was "my eyes become itchy after drinking a protein shake"

The Honourable Husband said...

Statcounter gives hours of fun on a rainy afternoon!

Even better fun if you click on the link to the search page, and see what other sites it lumps in with yours. Or Google's helpful suggestions, like "Did you mean public hair?"

The internet is a technical marvel. Yet its biggest use is as a dirty Yellow Pages. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

The largest hit magnet on my blog was a post where I've embedded a picture whose file name is "naked_gay_2a.jpg". As you'd imagine, the pic is quite innocent, but it yielded a brace of hits from Google Images.

I use the past-tense because for the moment, I'm Google-blind. Little known fact: you can write to Google to ask them to remove a cached copy of your page from their server, thus getting rid of it permantly. But you'll serve some time in the cyber-doghouse. For six months, your site won't appear in Google searches.

NaijaScorpio said...

Interesting stuff.

close encounters said...

hey GB, how about an update ??