Saturday, July 19, 2008

The new gym sauna

In spite of the extreme heat in the sauna in the men's changing room at my new gym, I have now observed some activities :-). But I'm convinced that the gym management are deliberately keeping the sauna temperature high as a deterrent :-(. As sort of proof of this, I recently discovered that there's another sauna next to the swimming pool which is used by both men and women, and that the temperature in that sauna is much more comfortable!

Anyway, I spotted a guy that I recognised from my previous gym, seated outside the sauna last week and looking a bit hot. Although this guy never featured in any of my previous gym posts, I recognised him as a guy who had sometimes participated in sauna fun. No doubt he was feeling a bit horny, but was feeling too hot having been waiting for a willing participant inside the sauna.

I catch the guy's eye and it's clear that he probably remembers me too. I decide to go into the sauna and see whether he follows me in. Of course he does! And as he's pulling the door closed behind him, another guy grabs the door from the outside and follows him in too. The two other guys quickly arrange themselves so that their towels are barely covering their essentials, while I sit down on my towel, naked as usual in these circumstances.

Having settled down, I find myself watching the other two guys, and I note that they're both watching me as well as each other. In spite of the heat, I gradually find myself becoming a bit excited, and can't help noticing that the other guys are having a similar reaction. Before too long, the guy seated closest to me who I'd recognised from my previous gym bends forward and lifts his towel to wipe his forehead, revealing a huge erection underneath. Catching his eye, I smile a big smile at him, and we both look over at the third guy who moves his towel to reveal his own contribution before smiling back.

After about another minute, we all move a bit closer to each other, with the guy that I'd recognised in the middle. Then suddenly, before he can refuse, the third guy leans over and takes the middle guy's cock in his mouth! No time to waste I guess, in case someone comes in and interrupts us. The middle guy leans back smiling, and stretches out his arms on either side resting them on our backs, before moving his hand up the third guy's back so that he can push the guy's head down onto himself a bit more. Not that the extra encouragement is required!

"Are you gonna cum for me mate?" asks the third guy quietly, taking a breather before eagerly resuming his activities.

The middle guy just nods his head but suddenly he's pushing us both away. Surprised at first, all too soon I realise that there's another guy entering the sauna, so I hastily cover myself up and try to look as though butter wouldn't melt in my mouth which it obviously would given how hot the sauna is. The new guy doesn't take any notice and sits down on the opposite side from the three of us. After what feels like ages with nothing happening, which in reality is probably less than a minute, the third guy gets up and leaves.

There's an unwritten rule that one doesn't talk in cruising situations like this, because somehow talking destroys the atmosphere and prevents activities from starting. However, with the new guy clearly not interested in activities, I figure that there's not much to lose.

"I think I recognise you from another gym mate, have you been a member here very long?"

The guy that I'm talking to is looking the other way and it takes him several seconds to realise that I'm trying to talk to him.

"Errrr, what, um, yes I think I recognise you too :-)," he replies looking extremely surprised that I'm talking to him, "but I think this gym's much better, don't you?"

We have a short amicable conversation about the relative merits of the two gyms. Before too long though, with the new guy looking extremely unlikely to leave, we both make our way to the showers.

A very very long time ago, in the dim mists of time when I'd only been blogging for a couple of weeks, I did a posting titled How gay men cruise gym saunas and steam rooms. It still attracts readers who no doubt somehow find it via search engines, and recently a guy left a comment there asking me a question:
I have a strange request... Would you be able to write a guide on post-sauna activity etiquette? That's the one thing I'm struggling with...

The people I've met in the sauna haven't usually been regulars at the gym, but what if they are? What if you see them working out, or in the changing room? Do you say hello? Are you friendly? Do you ignore them? Any advice appreciated GB!
It is indeed very rare to talk to another guy who one only knows as a result of sauna activities, which is why the guy didn't think that I'd be talking to him last week. In most situations, such as when one sees another sauna participant working out or in the men's changing room, one doesn’t talk to them. However when I've seen guys that I recognise from sauna activities I find myself smiling knowingly at them, and they usually smile back knowingly too :-). I think it would be extremely rude to completely ignore them. In any case, the advantage of discretely acknowledging them is that it does make it easier to start activities with them the next time you're both in the sauna together!


Jay said...

Hot story! I think i've gotta change gyms ;)


Anonymous said...

Good story GB - I definitely haven't found the right gym yet - only a mixed sauna by the pool in mine!!! Any suggestion where to sign up would be gratefully appreciated... ;)

Anonymous said...

Gosh,... I need to change gym!!

close encounters said...

good to hear that your gym fun can resume ... although in this instance it sounds like you were left out - hope that doesn't happen too often !!

btw, another twist on the "how do you greet prior sauna encounters", is that i sometimes see guys in the gym that i've met through gaydar ...

GB said...

Are you based in London Jay, your profile suggests NYC?

Hmmm anonymous, whoever you are, I don't think it would be wise to mention specific gyms in public, do you?

I think there are several gyms around London that would make you say 'gosh' jop LOL, but I wouldn't recommend mine on that basis because the sauna really is too hot!

Actually close encounters I honestly wasn't looking for any action, you should know that I only have eyes for my boyfriend P :-).

GB xxx

bentham said...

Hey GB, I've been reading your blog for quite a while now (probably a year!) and have found it very informing and interesting - especially as a young (21) gay guy who has only started "coming out" recently.

Whilst the details of your activities are extremely funny, it is your thoughts on fidelity and monogamy that I find most interesting. My first bf was a few years older than me, and did not subscribe to monogamy particularly, whilst I was devastated to realise that it could be so flippantly disregarded. You state you "only have eyes for my boyfriend P".

I find this perplexing - have you given up on polygamy?

keep up the good work, i look forward to more posts... :)

GB said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying reading my blog bentham :-). If you've been reading for a year then no doubt you'll recall the fact that boyfriend P is also a reader of my blog, including comments like yours I'm sure! In fact, apart from a very small number of other bloggers, he's the only friend who knows about my blog. So it's very liberating having a boyfriend like him because in spite of what I write here I think he still loves me :-).

GB xxx

Jay said...

Hey GB. The answer to that question might be neither :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah!..seems as though saunas & steamrooms are little "bubbles" of escapism. had a similar experience...a very "str8" guy ( medical doctor) came and sat on the top bench of the steamroom at my gym. He proceded to play with his cock under the towel.Of course I responded with a huge boner! he then lay down and started wanking...looking at me all the time. Didnt take me long to respond to the invitation which ended in a 'steamy' blow-job..Afterwards he got up with-out saying a word.
In the changeroom he avoided eye-contact and left as though nothing had happened.
Mmmmh makes you wonder......

Anonymous said...

Hello GB,

Thanks for the response! I find that the people who I've met so far at the gym tend to disappear for a while afterwards, which makes things easier.

I had one guy wait for me and follow me out recently. He chatted to me for a while, which I found rather awkward.

I like your opening story though. Shame you couldn't end it the way we all wanted it to!


Anonymous said...

I go to the gym regularly and peek in the sauna to see if any hot guys are in there. My only problem is that there are never any guys in there. What do I do? There are alot of guys that look into the sauna but never enter. Should I just go in and wait or am I just at the wrong gym? Please help.

GB said...

Well recent anonymous commenter, whoever you are, you may well be in the wrong gym. But perhaps you're just there at the wrong time of day? The fact that other guys look inside is a good sign though, so perhaps you should try going inside and waiting if you think a few other guys might check out whether there's anyone in the sauna.

Good luck, GB xxx