Saturday, October 11, 2008

My mobile phone

Early one evening last week, we're sitting in the bar of a top hotel in Singapore and my new mobile phone is out on the table.

"Why's my picture on your phone, GB?" asks boyfriend P.

"It's my new HTC phone :-)," I answer, "and it lets me set up all the most important guys in my life on that contacts page. When I need to phone one of them, I just choose the right picture and it'll make the call. So of course your picture is on that page!"

"Sounds cool :-)," says boyfriend P smiling at me, "let me see."

I pass the phone over to him to let him have a look. But as I turn to our Mexican friend N to ask her what she'd been doing that day, he interrupts me.

"I KNEW IT!" exclaims boyfriend P with exasperation in his voice.

"What's the matter?" I ask calmly, even though I think I know! He's bound to have spotted ex-boyfriend S's picture there too, and given that he'd prefer me to sever all contact with him, it's presumably that picture that he's objecting to.

"That's M isn't it!!" says boyfriend P taking me by surprise, and holding up my phone so that both me and N can see the pic that he's referring to. Although I'd told him I'd been seeing a guy called M, this must be the first time that he'd seen his photo.

"Errr, yes, ..." I say sheepishly,

"Wow, he's HOT GB!!" interrupts N, while I'm trying to work out how to play the situation, "who is he?"

"Oh, he's just a work colleague," I reply casually, telling the truth, even if I'm not telling the whole truth!

"And how come he's BEFORE me in the contacts list?" says boyfriend P.

"The phone orders names alphabetically," I reply, being completely honest now, "and 'M' is before 'P' in the alphabet!"

"How old is he?" asks N, continuing her interrogation.

I tell her what his age is, and she looks at me quizzically.

"So GB," she says with the tone of a prosecuting barrister about to clinch a conviction, "what's a guy like you doing with one of his cute young colleagues in the quick contact list on his mobile phone?"

"Well ..."

"Let me just say this, guys that age, they're all TROUBLE!"

"I wouldn't let P here date a guy that young," she continues, "and you're older than P!"

"But surely I could meet a guy like that for a bit of *fun* every now and then?" says boyfriend P, grinning now.

"Well maybe," she says, "I suppose they're good for that, but not for serious dating. Take it from me honey, I know, they're just TROUBLE!!"

I hadn't thought about it before, but I suddenly realise that the husband that N was having all the trouble with is about the same age as M.

The conversation gradually drifts onto other topics as we down our Singapore Slings. But overall, I feel satisfied with the conclusion. Boyfriend P definitely knows now that he's not the only dish on the menu!


Anonymous said...

Your only saying these things on your blog as you know P reads it as well. And this is another way of telling him indirecting, but making out "its for the readers".....

I doubt you can be honest and open anymore as P knows about your blog.

SubtleKnife said...

First off, I'm still not convinced this whole post wasn't intended to show off your phone. ;-)

Secondly, I can't really tell from this post how P. is taking your dalliances with M., because N. took over. After the initial exasperation, how is he?

Thirdly, this whole situation between P. and S. reminds me of my best friend K.'s divorce (over a younger man). A few months after there was a VERY uncomfortable meeting on the Zeedijk: we were having a glass of wine with his new boyfriend and another (female) friend, when K's ex walked by. If looks could kill... Of course last month they were swapping stories about K. and rolling their eyes at him. Give them both some time (but don't let P. pressure you into severing your ties with S.)

GB said...

Well Anonymous, whoever you are, it may have escaped your notice but boyfriend P was actually present during this conversation so he has no need to read my blog to find out what happened. Anyway, your English grammar could do with some improvement. The first word should be "You're" and not "Your", and instead of "telling him indirecting" I think you mean "telling him things indirectly".

LOL SubtleKnife, you're quite right that I do like my new phone :-). But I'm not exactly sure what's going on in boyfriend P's mind either. The dynamic of our relationship has changed a bit now that boyfriend S has moved out, because it means that boyfriend P could now move in if he wants to, although he obviously has to relocate to the UK to do that. I have told him that I'm looking for a boyfriend to live with me. Although I'm not in any hurry, I am looking, and M is just concrete evidence of that. It's good that your friend K's ex-boyfriend and new boyfriend are now friends of some sort :-), but I’m not sure that boyfriend P and ex-boyfriend S will ever be able to do that.

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

well less and less of comments on your blog, i guess peolples turn to be bored now, i think its time to get retired and find a new job, or maybe ask one of you ex to help you with his new house....

GB said...

Or maybe I should become an English language teacher Anonymous, whoever you are. I think you meant to write:

"With fewer and fewer comments on your blog, I guess people are bored of it now. I think it's time for you to retire and find a new job, or maybe ask your ex to let you help him with his new house ..."

Looks like I've found a new role already :-)

GB xxx

Anonymous said...

I agree , the blog has become boring....what happened to your adventures? All you seem concerned about is what your different boyfriends think of one another and how you try to keep the peace!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your encounters posts recently. Two things stand out. You always ask for a glass of water and it always ends too quickly. Now, it can't be that all the men you meet are quick cummers, or can it?

If you find yourself much too trigger happy for your liking your doctor might be able to give you something to help. It could be as easy as popping a pill a few hours before sex. Maybe boyfriend S might even come back!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous why you being such a cock for. Grow up! Don't read his post if you don't like them.

GB said...

The thing about my blog first-recent-anonymous-commenter, whoever you are, is that it's all basically true. So you get an eclectic mix of what's been going on in my life, coupled with occasional Dear GB postings. I like having people read my blog, but I'm not going to start making things up just to please readers by inventing stories that I think they might find interesting.

Another thing abut my blog second-recent-anonymous-commenter, whoever you are, is that I don't go into smutty details about exactly who does what to whom when I'm blogging about activities. It might last a very long time or it might be a quickie, but all I'll probably say is something like "... and we had a lovely time together". I just blog about the adventure of meeting another guy, the situation, the attitudes, and what I felt about everything. For smutty stories about who comes quickly, who's a heavy cummer or whatever, please go elsewhere!

GB xxx

GB said...

Thanks for your support Jay :-))

Love, GB xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi GB,

It seems like all is well with M but I am sure you know what you want from your next bf. Making P slightly jealous about M only means you are still in love with P. :) Looks should not be the main factor to choose a partner...well it depends on what you are after at the end of the day. :)

Btw. thanks for the support you have provided abt a year ago and keep up the good work. Whoever wrote the negative comments should just stop reading this blog......

R xxx

GB said...

Thanks vm for your support too, R :-). I think your comment about M and boyfriend P is perceptive too, you're probably right!

GB xxx

benniboi said...

I can see why some people would think the blog is getting boring. In my point of view, the blog wasn't getting boring, it is just less frisky. It is a personal choice, as a part-time blogger, I do appreciate othes comments, but those inconstructive comments are meaningless, if you don't like the blogger or the blog, please leave in peace. In a way, I m glad my own blog is not popular at all.
Get back to the blog. GB why do you want a bf to live with you? Have a bf, yes, but live with you, why? To me, it sounds you have your own life, have work, fun, socialise. It wud be nice to have a stable bf and live close to you, but couples don't have to live together, do they? Especially, you like to keep the relationship open, isn't it better to have more own space and freedom. and also for those guys who doesn't mind to live separately, they are more relax in relationship I found. less clingy, needy or jealous. well that's my opinion anyway. I dunno did you exaggerate the reaction of P, when he took a look of your phone. he sounds so immature, dare I say, 'why is this guy before me...' oh dear...It is like looking to my young-self, and I m glad that I ain't like that anymore. Life is short and a lot easier when I stop being a needy, jealous and suspicious queen.

GB said...

I think I did probably exaggerate boyfriend P's reaction to M in this post benniboi. But it's interesting what you say about relationships where the two guys life separately. That's what boyfriend P and myself have been doing ever since we got to know each other, because we've never even lived in the same country. However relationships where you live separately aren't as deep as relationships where you live together and I do like deeper relationships. I hope I'm not a jealous, suspicious kind of guy, though. In any case, in open relationships suspicion is irrelevant because the other guy is allowed to have encounters elsewhere!

GB xxx